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  1. I don't have any pics but there's not much around the steering shaft just climb under your drivers side dash and have a look around, there is a rubber boot around the steering shaft but its not that hard to peek under it. let me know if you see anything.
  2. I literally noticed this problem yesterday, I do use Key 1 and have since i bought the truck. I think its an update issue (got an update last week) and the triple honk happens a lot when it shouldn't.
  3. might be a park switch problem (like the switch that is on the shifter to know that the shifter is in the park position) take it to the dealer if its under warranty, if not you can try to replace that component in the steering column
  4. I had a rubbing sound coming from somewhere around the steering column when i bought the truck. I took it to my dealership 3 times because the problem was intermittent, the first time they couldn't hear it, the second time they replaced the whole steering column, and the third time they finally found the issue, a part of the firewall insulation was rubbing against the steering shaft. They cut the piece off and i haven't had a problem since.
  5. I found a cheap pair of T1 Power folding mirrors on 1AAUTO (NON OEM) that are meant just as a replacement to the OEM Memory Package mirrors, obviously I don't have the memory package but I really wanted to give this a try and so far I would call it a success! This is what I ordered: P/N: 1AMRP03092 The Mirrors (from 1AAUTO.COM) P/N: 84532268 The OEM Power Fold Switch (from any GM Parts store) 22-20 Ga. Female GT 150 Series, Sealed #12191818 The Terminals (from amazon) 22 AWG 6 conductor wire The Cable (from amazon) And The heart o
  6. Update: I took off the Fakra connectors because they are different and just inserted the coax directly into the radio module and I got nothing. The pair of coax connections on the radio both lead to the very end of the truck, one is going to the reverse camera and the other is capped off under the bed right where the tailgate harness connects, (at least on my 2020 LT Texas edition with no trailering package) if anybody else would like to peak under their truck bed on the drivers side to see where that coax could possibly lead. Maybe it is used on a trailering package? Please let me
  7. would it even fit? or would trim panel modifications need to be made? Sorry i have no clue about programming
  8. GMC Sierra (new body style) https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1290/20_Sierra_1500_Electrical_Body_Builder_2019JUN20.pdf Chevy Silverado (new body style) https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1283/20_Silverado_1500_Electrical_Body_Builder_2019JUN21.pdf
  9. I doubt there is any monitoring for the DRL signal, its 12v on bright mode and 9v on dim mode for night time driving. I've shorted the two right out of the BCM to get rid of the wink (one side turns off when the turn signal is on) and i never got any BCM errors or codes. If I were you, I'd just properly remove the pins according to the GM Upfitter manual as to not damage them and see if you get any errors. If you do get errors or codes then just put the pins back in their spot. Why do you want to get rid of the DRLs?
  10. Might find it in this: https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/99/2006_LD_CKFullSizeElectrical.pdf https://pinoutguide.com/Car-Stereo-GMC-Opel-Chevrolet/GM_2003-2006_UB0_UB1_UC6__pinout.shtml Pin Number wire color UQ3/UQ5 UQ7 1 ORN Radio Class 2 Serial Data 3 PPL N/A Rear Seat Audio Enable Signal (UQ7 w/o Y91) 4 RED N/A FM Composite Signal (UQ7 w/ Y91)
  11. What exactly are you getting voltage drop across?
  12. I Found that other coax cable capped off under the bed yesterday while plugging in my new tailgate harness. I have a feeling its a video input for some reason. I'm gonna try switching the coax connectors to see what that other input is for or if it will even show up on the infotainment center.
  13. Yes that's totally normal, its the shift lock that makes the click sound. only when shifting out of park, it shouldn't be making any other clicks after you're out of park.
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