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  1. I’m interested as well. Although, if the dash cam is anything like the back up cam, I’ll pass and get another brand.
  2. I have wet okole as well. I use my truck for work and for my lawn business. They still look new! The only drawback is they can be bad about dissipating heat. Not heat from the sun, but from your back and butt. They can be warm. But, they clean up easy, look new still and have taken a little bit of a beating. I would buy them again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I bought a ratcheting cargo bar. Small, stores about anywhere and can block off any portion of the bed when needs be.
  4. Came here to say the same exact thing Bossman did. The only difference is that I had an issue where the adhesion wasn’t secure enough, and I applied 3M VHB tape. Been on for almost two years and holds solid.
  5. Just out of curiosity, why did you go duramax and not 5.3 or 6.2. I’m in the market and am stuck between the options on engines. If this is an HD, and it slipped by me, sorry. Great looking rig!
  6. I think it looks great! Anything that makes you proud to walk out open the door and get in, I say go for it. Like was mentioned earlier, if you don’t like it, remove it.
  7. That is a great looking truck! Love that color and those rims! Sorry. No help on the mirrors. Just wanted to compliment the truck.
  8. It’s only in reverse. You can’t use it while driving forward. And it’s because it’s drawing the reverse light power to drive the cargo lights.
  9. OEM gets my vote. Great looking rims and I almost never hear a performance complaint about stock. You do about aftermarket more often.
  10. Great looking rig man! Welcome to the site! We’re happy to have you!
  11. If you’re doing the reverse and cargo lights mod, you can use a jumper and you’ll have cargo lights and reverse lights any time either are triggered. Or a diode will allow one to work without the other depending on which way you restrict power to flow.
  12. This will show my ignorance, but where can I locate the factory part numbers for the brakes? And do the clips come with the pads or is that a delegate per number as well? Thanks again for the help!
  13. I’m looking to swap out my worn down pads and figure I’ll do the rotors while I’m there. Any suggestions on decent set for decent price? I’ll be doing this myself and am an amateur to say the least. Any tips would be appreciated too. (Save the comments on how many times this has been asked and answered. If you take the time to respond, please make it helpful. I would appreciate it.)
  14. I bought one used. It ended up being damaged and I called customer service. They offered to replace the one I had for their cost of manufacturing. Then offered to upgrade me to the pro, again for their cost, not retail, and I did it! And they shipped it to me, if I remember correctly for no cost.
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