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  1. The reason to remove the hitch is easy one for anyone who has been rear ended in the truck with the hitch in. Direct frame impact and the back injury that follows will remind you to never drive with the hitch in unless you’re towing something. I agree with the above comment of unhooking the trailer and removing the ball should be one process. I hope you take my word for it, and don’t learn this first hand my friend.
  2. My favorite part of this write up is the garage with “tent!” I’ve got a lawn service and have had to do some work on my mower in the garage in July/August when it’s 100+ out and have rigged up an AC to make it work. Gotta get it done. If you can make it comfortable, you might as well!
  3. I have these. And they’re great! Out the way when not needed and there in every point when you do!
  4. Let me start by saying, I’m no where near a mechanic. However, I’m pretty mechanically inclined. I need to replace the starter I’m my 2016 CCSB, 5.3. I removed all bolts except one. The last bolt holding the starter closest to the block came in screwed from it mount, but won’t slide out of the starter. It’s not stripped because I can tighten it back up. I tried reinstalling the other bolt to get the alignment correct thinking it was caught, but no dice. So, I out everything back together. Any ideas are welcome.
  5. I think that depends on the warranty. I would definitely make them tell me no. It seems like that inverter was going to be a couple hundred bucks. Make them say they won’t do it. The question is free!
  6. I don’t have part numbers. But I went with less expensive options and replaced them for malfunctions in under a year. I recommend Sylvania LEDs. I put them in my reverse lights and my cargo lights. Really happy with them.
  7. I have the wet okole seat covers and I love them! Neoprene waterproof and have handled everything I’ve thrown at them. I have two sons, and golden retriever and a lawn service. They’ve been great! https://www.wetokole.com
  8. I’m interested as well. Although, if the dash cam is anything like the back up cam, I’ll pass and get another brand.
  9. I have wet okole as well. I use my truck for work and for my lawn business. They still look new! The only drawback is they can be bad about dissipating heat. Not heat from the sun, but from your back and butt. They can be warm. But, they clean up easy, look new still and have taken a little bit of a beating. I would buy them again. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. I bought a ratcheting cargo bar. Small, stores about anywhere and can block off any portion of the bed when needs be.
  11. Came here to say the same exact thing Bossman did. The only difference is that I had an issue where the adhesion wasn’t secure enough, and I applied 3M VHB tape. Been on for almost two years and holds solid.
  12. Just out of curiosity, why did you go duramax and not 5.3 or 6.2. I’m in the market and am stuck between the options on engines. If this is an HD, and it slipped by me, sorry. Great looking rig!
  13. I think it looks great! Anything that makes you proud to walk out open the door and get in, I say go for it. Like was mentioned earlier, if you don’t like it, remove it.
  14. That is a great looking truck! Love that color and those rims! Sorry. No help on the mirrors. Just wanted to compliment the truck.
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