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  1. I have had one on my truck since I’ve owned a truck. I’ve had solid fiberglass cover, roll up soft ones and retractable canister held ones. I really like the security of having my stuff out of site. And like @USMC3099 said, it’s balance. When I had the fiberglass cover I couldn’t haul anything very large without removing it. But it was dry and secure when on. The vinyl ones are the least secure but still keep stuff out of site and dry. The retractable ones (I’ve had Retrax and Roll-N-Lock) are my favorite because it’s the best of both worlds, but they do have a canister that takes some space. I’ve never had a backflip style but I see the attraction. It’s hard, dry, secure and can be folded to give you access to 99% of the bed space. It’s it’s a good deal, and you have the cash, give it a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. Once I bought one, I haven’t had a truck without one. good luck!
  2. I have had all three of these. I wanted to have the Retrax pro be my favorite. However, it leaked water at the tailgate and down both rails. Other than that, it was great! It was secure, stayed where ever I locked it down and look as good the day I sold the truck as it did when I installed it. the Retrax that is polycarbonate was my least favorite. Only locked on one side, and didn’t stay put and overall felt cheap. I now have the Roll-N-Lock on my 21 and I’ve been extremely pleased. It locks in 4 positions on the rails, stays closed when installed correctly, and has barely any water intrusion even after a car wash. One final thought, Retrax customer service is great! I had issues with my top and they replaced it. When I brought up the water, l they sent a few different instructions sets to try and reduce the issue. I don’t think you can go wrong with Retrax Pro or the Roll-N-Lock. I went RNL this time because of a 20% coupon at the dealership along with my Chevy rewards making it the least expensive rolling option.
  3. I always start at Pro Clips USA. You can choose the base for where you want it in the truck and then attach any mount you like. https://www.proclipusa.com
  4. 5’8”, $800. Still working on the shipping cost to LA.
  5. I recently traded away the 16 Silverado and now I have a Retrax pro MX for sale. I had a it 2-3 years and it’s in great shape. I had no issues with it and am looking to get it to a good home. I have both keys for it, and all mounting hardware. Feel free to ask me any questions. Looking for $800 and I’m local to Tulsa, OK.
  6. I’m interested too. If someone has the part numbers to add to an LT with the center console that would be awesome.
  7. I’m pretty sure he can use Apple CarPlay wireless in a 21. I’d check out pro clip USA. They have a free options. I use a Quadlock case and mount on the windshield.
  8. The reason to remove the hitch is easy one for anyone who has been rear ended in the truck with the hitch in. Direct frame impact and the back injury that follows will remind you to never drive with the hitch in unless you’re towing something. I agree with the above comment of unhooking the trailer and removing the ball should be one process. I hope you take my word for it, and don’t learn this first hand my friend.
  9. My favorite part of this write up is the garage with “tent!” I’ve got a lawn service and have had to do some work on my mower in the garage in July/August when it’s 100+ out and have rigged up an AC to make it work. Gotta get it done. If you can make it comfortable, you might as well!
  10. I have these. And they’re great! Out the way when not needed and there in every point when you do!
  11. Let me start by saying, I’m no where near a mechanic. However, I’m pretty mechanically inclined. I need to replace the starter I’m my 2016 CCSB, 5.3. I removed all bolts except one. The last bolt holding the starter closest to the block came in screwed from it mount, but won’t slide out of the starter. It’s not stripped because I can tighten it back up. I tried reinstalling the other bolt to get the alignment correct thinking it was caught, but no dice. So, I out everything back together. Any ideas are welcome.
  12. I think that depends on the warranty. I would definitely make them tell me no. It seems like that inverter was going to be a couple hundred bucks. Make them say they won’t do it. The question is free!
  13. I don’t have part numbers. But I went with less expensive options and replaced them for malfunctions in under a year. I recommend Sylvania LEDs. I put them in my reverse lights and my cargo lights. Really happy with them.
  14. I have the wet okole seat covers and I love them! Neoprene waterproof and have handled everything I’ve thrown at them. I have two sons, and golden retriever and a lawn service. They’ve been great! https://www.wetokole.com
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