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  1. I already have the power seat and power/non-folding mirrors.
  2. I have a 2021 Trail Boss Lt with power/Non folding mirrors and power driver's seat. I would like to add seat/mirrors memory recall so as not to have to manually adjust the mirrors and seat position when changing drivers. Thanks
  3. The Chevy beds and the GMC beds are not the same. They are shaped differently.
  4. I have the power seat now. Don't know if the memory module is part of the seat. have power mirrors but not folding ones. Thanks Ray Santee, CA 2021 Silverado Trail Boss LT
  5. I have a 2021 Trail Boss Lt and would like to have the Driver's Seat Memory Recall. I'm about a foot taller than my wife and it would be nice not to have to adjust the seat and mirrors when we swap driving on long trips. What would be required to add this to my truck? Thanks Ray Santee, CA 2021 Northsky Blue Trail Boss Lt
  6. Is it possible to add wireless charging connection to a 2021 Trail Boss and how difficult is it?
  7. I have the 2021 Trail Boss with the Multi-Pro tailgate and NOBODY makes a hard Tonneau cover for it. LEER is supposedly working on one. Talked to a dealer last week about the GM offered covers and was told that theirs would not work on the Multi-Pro tailgate. The reason was with the raised section of the cover in the drop down section of the gate. It would be so easy to make a replacement cover for the center section of the tailgate without the raised section and be able to use a cover made for a crew cab truck.
  8. Is it possible to retrofit the driver's seat memory recall option into an existing truck? I have a 2021 Trail Boss without the option and was wondering if it could be added. would be nice to have considering I'm almost a foot taller than my wife.
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