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  1. Yup, Ive got the same thing. Dealer looked at it last Wednesday and didnt find any error codes and all firmware was up to date. Then they proceeded to scratch my drivers door to the paint and not tell me about it. Luckily I caught it before leaving.... It has only happened to mine while using Car Play. I also had some were stuff happen when using car play and towing a trailer. I dont think your dealer is that out of line suspecting it has to do with your phone. Try using just BT for a while and see if you can repeat it?
  2. I’m in the exact same boat. I was at the dealer earlier this week for a separate electronic issue and the scratched the outside of my drivers door to the metal. I don’t really trust them to not make it any worse. That being said if I was closer to my warranty period being done I would be getting it fixed. Also so asked if they had seen many leaks and they said they hadn’t heard of any....
  3. Except if it’s really only the spoiler I am not sure that explains why it’s only slider windows that are leaking.
  4. This is super handy. Thanks for the idea.
  5. For snow definitely the K02. The duratracs are heavier and gave me worse mpg. They also didnt do as well in snow. I also tried the nitto ridge grapplers and they were awful (for mileage and snow). I am in the PNW so we have some pretty wet and slick snow that refreezes. Results may very in colder drier snow conditions.
  6. What cnate said. Only think I would add is if you only have one set of chains, putting them on the front if you are heading predominately downhill is a good idea. Towing uphill you will definitely want them on the rear axle. They give you steering traction going downhill.
  7. Apples and oranges but those are roughly the same numbers I got when I lifted my ram 1500 eco diesel. Tires make a huge difference too.
  8. Root cause on this thing would be really interesting. Judging from the fact that most of the fixes don’t seem to be working my guess is that they are fixing a symptom not a cause. With probably close to a million of these things on the street this thread would likely be a 10 times larger if it was around a 1% failure rate (around 10,000 defective trucks). I bet we never get a definitive answer on the true cause. Btw I have a 08/19 born on date with a sticker that says ft. Wayne build. Fuyao window with no leak so far....
  9. Sorry to be late to the game but where exactly should I be looking for this? Does it only show up with water on back seat headrests? If I put a hose to it (not sure this is necessary as I live in Oregon) where are the key areas to check for the leak? I came onto this tread a little late and I am way too lazy to read through all 60 pages.
  10. @Swiftks do you have any more photos of your truck with the spacers installed. Something zoomed a little further back that shows the overall stance? This is the exact set up I was thinking about doing. Thanks a ton in advance.
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