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  1. This is what I did. I also switched it so I can run my high beams without the light bar as well.
  2. If you’re not scared of tapping into the factory wiring most canopy setups run a ground off the drivers side taillight. Just another option.
  3. Find out if the gym performance exhaust is the same pn on the new trucks as the previous. That would answer your question.
  4. How long did you wait? I’m fairly certain that fuse shuts off 5 minutes or so after you power the truck down. I think fuse 42 will do what you’re looking for.
  5. I fly with a table all he time using ram mounts. Have a yoke and suction mount. That suction mount won’t come off unless you put it on a very curved piece of glass. Ram also sells the balls that could screw right into your dash the same way you’re planning with this.
  6. Just to circle back on this. I believe the #4 fuse should work just fine for keyed acc power. The issue that I had was related to a loose ground wire on a canopy install.
  7. So checking back in on this. The issue was definitely caused by my canopy install. They tapped into the positive wires up in the cab down behind the drivers side fuse panel. Those connections all seemed fine. I checked those and on my next drive everything was working correctly except every once in a while when braking my backup camera view would open up on the dash. This led me to believe it was a ground issue. They tapped into the ground behind the left rear brake light. The ground was a wiretap that had a male spade connector sticking out. The female end that was attached to the ground wire had collected some dirt. I cleaned it out and tapped it up this time (the installer hadn't). Everything is working correctly now. One other item I noticed. When I use the trailer connector checking system the third brake light on my canopy doesnt light up. It does when I press the brake pedal however. Not sure why this is but I dont really care all that much so I am not going to dig in on that one. Thanks for the advice and when it doubt check the connectors.
  8. I’ll pop the tail light assembly off when I get back from my trip and check it out. I’ll also check out the trailer plug. The fact that it works fine when the headlights are on and not when they are off seems telling but I can figure out why.
  9. I have a really strange error happening. When my headlights are off (either with the auto headlight selector or by manually turning them off) I get a rear left turn indicator error and a fast flash as though a bulb is out. No lights are burned out and everything seems normal externally. The weird part is that I don’t get the error when the headlights are on. I am assuming this is related to the canopy that was just installed. I know that they went in through that left rear tail light. Any ideas why the indicator functions normally with no error when the headlights are on but not when they are turned off?
  10. Using fuse #4 I get an error when I put my left turn signal on when the headlights are off during the day. It’s strange because that fuse is labeled right headlamp and I don’t get the error when I have the right turn signal on. edit: nevermind I believe that this error is unrelated to the light bar install.
  11. So I finally got around to doing this. Thank you Jflan for getting me 90% of the way there. Ended up setting up a relay so that light bar is only powered when the truck is on. I then set up a relay so that my high beams trigger the light bar to come on. Because youre not supposed to drive on road with light bars I also added a switch on this relay so that I can have my high beams without the light bar on. Both relays are triggered from the fuse box inside the engine compartment. I just used simple add a fuses for this. High beams fuse for the light bar relay and the parking lights for the whole system relay. I slotted the cover so that I can get the wires out of the box. The fuse box covers are cheap if I want to return it to stock. I would prefer to find a fuse in there that is acc power on and not necessarily tied to my parking lights. I would like to keep this so that it can be easily returned to OEM without tapping into wires (I would prefer to use these add-a-fuses). Issue is that during the daylight with my headlights in auto the parking lights toggle off which kills the whole system. Does anyone know a fuse in this box that its acc power on?
  12. Same thing happened on my 2021. You don’t get the trailer profiles, trailer tpms or the downward view in the backup cam. The last one is weird because it wasn’t another camera just a new crop of the same image. I had it on my 2020 and I wouldn’t say it was all that impressive. If you’re going to use the tpms it could be cool but I never got around to installing them on my trailer last go around. I miss the parking Lidar sensors more.
  13. Has anyone added the trailer tpms after the fact to their truck. I still have the sensors from my previous t1 but my new one didn’t have this system due to the IC shortage. Not a huge deal more just curious if it’s a simple install.
  14. Bumping this thread. Fox's website says that they have 2.5's available for the front but that they are not compatible with the rear. Various retailers have 2.5's available for the rear however. Does anyone have any insight into this?
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