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  1. Same thing happened on my 2021. You don’t get the trailer profiles, trailer tpms or the downward view in the backup cam. The last one is weird because it wasn’t another camera just a new crop of the same image. I had it on my 2020 and I wouldn’t say it was all that impressive. If you’re going to use the tpms it could be cool but I never got around to installing them on my trailer last go around. I miss the parking Lidar sensors more.
  2. Has anyone added the trailer tpms after the fact to their truck. I still have the sensors from my previous t1 but my new one didn’t have this system due to the IC shortage. Not a huge deal more just curious if it’s a simple install.
  3. Bumping this thread. Fox's website says that they have 2.5's available for the front but that they are not compatible with the rear. Various retailers have 2.5's available for the rear however. Does anyone have any insight into this?
  4. Ended up trading my 2020 TB in for 5k over what I bought it for. After discounts I got the same truck but a 6.2 for a 4K delta. Seemed like a complete no brainer. Today I looked on the dealerships website and they were listing my old truck for $62k. That’s 9k over what they paid me and 6k over what I just paid for a 2021 6.2 TB. This is crazy!
  5. I have zero idea but maybe it’s two valves instead of 4 in case you have a single axel trailer.
  6. If you look at the tread on the tires you’ll see the ridge grapplers have far less siping. It causes them to not have the same traction in snowy conditions as the at/ko or duratrak.
  7. If you ever drive in snow or mud I would steer clear. If you’re on dry road they are fine and look cool.
  8. Zero experience with either so can’t say. Sorry.
  9. I have had Duratracs, BFG AT/KO2, and Ridge Grapplers. The Nitto's look great and are fine on both wet and dry pavement but are horrible in any sort of snow or mud. I live in the PNW and hunt in the mountains of ID quite a bit. The best of the bunch were the BFG's seconded by the duratracs. I bought the Nitto's because they had the size I wanted and BFG didnt. The Nitto have an aggressive looking sidewall but more or a street tire tread. This is their downfall in my opinion.
  10. I have an offer for $52k for a 2020 trailboss that I paid $48 for back in late 2019. Waiting until my 2021 TB arrives before I complete that deal.
  11. What type of times have you seen from the "awaiting shipment" status to arriving at your dealership?
  12. That makes sense. The truck I am waiting for is supposedly complete waiting for shipment. I am guessing that translates to sitting waiting for some chips or components. With the inventory being down I highly doubt shipping is a gating item.
  13. When you say pre selling are you actually completing the sale prior to the vehicle being on the lot? If someone does a presale with you right now are they locking in the June discount even if their truck ends up arriving in August?
  14. Are you giving the rebates/ customer cash? I have a truck reserved right now that is supposed to show up later this morning or early next. Right now I am set to get $3k in customer cash but who knows what it will be next month if the shipment slips to then (probably likely). I am told that the transaction cant be completed prior to the truck being on the lot. Does that seem right?
  15. Just missed the cutoff. My truck was built on 5/26. Bummer….
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