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  1. Wow that was quick and thorough. Thanks a ton. You dont happen to have an image of where you tapped into the high beam harness do you? I am assuming the engine compartments and wiring are fairly close between the AT4 and Trailboss LT.
  2. I am looking to wire my Baja Designs Lightbar to my high beams. I know that its not legal to drive like this on the road so I plan to have a switch between the high beam wire and the relay to shut it off if needed. I have seen that people have done this but I cant figure out how/where people are getting power from the high beams. There are two high beam fuses in the box but they are tiny and I cant find an add a fuse solution. I would prefer not to tap into the wiring but if thats the only option where are you all doing it? The S8 light bar also as the amber driving light portion that I am likely going to delete because I dont want it to be powered on when the truck isnt powered on. Beaming that I plan on having the high beams trigger the relay I dont think this is easily possible. If anyone has any ideas there as well that would be great. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  3. Is the Baja designs light more spot or more flood in its beam pattern?
  4. Did you need to do the hood scoop for this? Also how do you like the bd light bar?
  5. Just had mine replaced this week. It won’t rain here until October so I guess time will tell. I was following this thread closely and it really died off as the virus picked up and the weather got nice. Probably put everyone’s issues in perspective. Also gm plants were shut down so people likely were waiting for windows like myself.
  6. Ive been tracking this thread for some time. Had my truck in today for this issue. Not leaking a ton but more water than I want in my truck. Service guy is telling me its the 3rd brake light. He said that there was a TSB on it. I dont recall reading much on the third light. Just the spoiler getting recaulked and windows. Maybe he was mistaken but it sounds like your dealer told you the same thing. I am not holding my breath on this but I will play their game for now.
  7. Yup. Talking to Green Diesel Engineering (the major EcoDiesel tuner) the EPA kicked down their doors and pretty much shut it all down. I had just down an CPU swap prior to this after the EPA settlement retune with Ram. The EPA compliant options are not really showing that great of gains. I loved my 1/2 diesel but went back to a gasser after moving 10 minutes away from work (the diesel trucks need to be warmed up and run).
  8. This ^. I came to my Silverado (5.3 TB) from a Ram EcoDiesel. A year ago there was a healthy aftermarket for performance tuning. In the fall of this year they were all shut down by the EPA. I dont see this happening without a change in the EPA (not likely).
  9. While everyone is self quarantining they should watch “American Factory” on Netflix. It’s about fuyao glass company.
  10. Got the ARE Z2. I have had z series on my previous two trucks. Really like ARE but not sure how they are justifying the increase in price for these new Z2 models.
  11. The instructions show the 2.5 so they must not be far out. They don’t list rear 2.5 for the tb which seems weird.
  12. Yup, Ive got the same thing. Dealer looked at it last Wednesday and didnt find any error codes and all firmware was up to date. Then they proceeded to scratch my drivers door to the paint and not tell me about it. Luckily I caught it before leaving.... It has only happened to mine while using Car Play. I also had some were stuff happen when using car play and towing a trailer. I dont think your dealer is that out of line suspecting it has to do with your phone. Try using just BT for a while and see if you can repeat it?
  13. I’m in the exact same boat. I was at the dealer earlier this week for a separate electronic issue and the scratched the outside of my drivers door to the metal. I don’t really trust them to not make it any worse. That being said if I was closer to my warranty period being done I would be getting it fixed. Also so asked if they had seen many leaks and they said they hadn’t heard of any....
  14. Except if it’s really only the spoiler I am not sure that explains why it’s only slider windows that are leaking.
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