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  1. Hey man thanks! If I recall I think what would hold you back, with my exact setup, would be the 6” BDS Kit, I don’t remember if you can run the stock wheel with it, but I could be wrong, definitely check with them! This is from BDS’s site: 35"x12.50" w/20x9 (Chevy) and 4.5"-5" back spacing 35"x12.50" w/20x9 (GMC) and 5.5"-6.25" back spacing I have 20x10 wheels with the right back spacing, others have 20x12 working. Let me know if I can help with anything else and good luck!
  2. Oh no! And you have the latest software update? I was literally getting this error daily since about February and so far for me I haven’t seen it since the latest update last week.
  3. Software update available!!! Got in the truck today to a message a software update was available. Installed it immediately haha. Fingers crossed it fixes this issue!! So far so good but it’s also only been 5 minutes haha
  4. Looks great for sure and has a good stance with those tires. I have 35’s with a 6” lift but personally, especially with these big trucks, I think 37’s are a perfect look with a 6” lift. Had 37’s on my last truck (tundra) but just don’t want to deal with regearing, even more mpg loss and all that comes with 37’s.
  5. All info is on their website at ultimatepedals.com
  6. Yup same for me, it will definitely get done, but for now other things take priority and I put up with the speedo being 5-7mph off at normal driving speeds
  7. Haha right!? I know what you mean. UCA’s are not required at all, honestly for my purpose it’s purely aesthetics haha. The only off-road a little trail here and there driving up to the mountain or going camping etc, very tame! But damn it looks good ha!
  8. Yup that’s how it was for me too. I worked with them directly on the exact specs, then they created those part numbers I gave you specifically to what we talked about. Then you just order those part numbers through any Icon distributor. Btw, I ended up having the same shop who did my lift install the coilovers and UCA’s, everything installed without any issues and aligned properly etc.
  9. My bad! Yeah took me forever to install them but finally did! So far I’m very happy with them. I opted for the CDCV so adjustable damping which is cool. But I’m very pleased with them. They ride great and soak up bumps really well. The stock suspension was a little bouncy, like it would bounce a couple/few times before settling in over a speed bump. The Icons just soak it up and settle in right away. I’m still playing with the settings but they are easy to adjust with the turn of a knob
  10. I don’t know but to start if you could get full length of the coil over then you could tell if it’s long enough. There’s always Icon unless you don’t want them for whatever reason. Love my Icon coilovers with the BDS kit.
  11. Well now you jinxed it and the whole software is gonna crash on you haha Hopefully it stays good for you!
  12. I haven’t yet, it’s on my short list to buy still. Recently finished my custom coilovers so that took priority
  13. How has it been so far for you? I wish I saw your post earlier, I just had my truck in there yesterday (the 30th) for an oil change, I would’ve had them look at that bulletin. Oh, looks like the bulletin is only for the steering column lock not the climate control errors.
  14. Sick! I want to do something similar! I’m hoping something like that would help my black truck stay cleaner. We all know how much of a pain black trucks are to keep clean!!
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