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  1. the rear shocks themselves don't, and can't, provide any lift at all. They are only meant for damping and don't support vehicle weight Just to clear that up so there aren't confusions. The front is a whole different design since it's a strut, not a shock. Rear shocks can be made to support different heights such as if you see a description say it supports a 1-3" lift, it just means the length of the shock is long enough to be able to fit it, but doesn't mean it will provide any lift whatsoever. For the rear, the lift is usually supplied by adding a block, adding a leaf spring or complete new leaf pack, and/or adding a longer/shorter shackle. With all that being said, I'm not familiar with CST but I've used a few different models of Icon stuff on this truck and my last truck (Tundra) and they are pretty amazing. They also have different levels which offer different levels of performance, especially their adjustable shocks! For me personally, I've had excellent support and customer service from Icon. they were more than helpful building my custom setup for this truck and getting the right measurements etc.
  2. Thanks! That gave me what I needed
  3. Hey guys, Quick question, I'm doing some calculations and I was curious as to the factory tire size and recommended air pressures listed inside the door for 20" wheels on these trucks. Thanks!!
  4. Climate Control Off Msg

    Still getting this for me almost Every day since the last update. It's becoming quite frustrating.
  5. I've been waiting for my custom Icon coilovers for a few months now and they finally arrived yesterday! I'll be installing them hopefully shortly after I figure out how I can lift the truck high enough to put on jack stands The rear was easy since I could lift it from a central low point (the rear diff). I'd really rather not pay a shop to do it since it's a fairly easy swap and I have all the tools I'd need. Just need a hydraulic lift hahaha. Stoked to put these on!
  6. I agree with this. I have the same size wheels without the spacer but slightly wider than average tires and they just barely fit, I still had to do some minor but unnoticeable trimming. I know if I added a spacer I’d have issues.
  7. So it’s rubbing on the rear portion of the wheel well correct?
  8. Thanks for the update! I guess I’ll hold off on taking my truck in for this issue. Hopefully they release a fix for it quickly
  9. Wheels look sweet, I want to see the whole package mounted on the truck
  10. Climate Control Off Msg

    I missed your thread about this, I just posted a thread for the same issue. I’ve seen it 4-5 times now and it’s annoying. No fix that I’ve found. Haven’t taken it in yet, just got my truck back for some recalls and other issues and not ready to give it back to them. I just wanna drive my truck
  11. Hey everyone, I had seen this message once before on my Silverado but it went away after I turned off the vehicle and back on a few minutes later so I didn’t think much of it. I’ve been seeing it again frequently whenever I make any changes to the climate control (fan speed, temperature settings, etc) it will only day “Climate Control Off” instead of what I’m actually changing. It seems like it’s taking my changes though, if I turn the fan speed up I can hear the fan speed increase but the display will only show me that message. This also just “happened” to start again after a recent infotainment software update. So it could definitely be related. Has anyone else seen this before? I didn’t mind it as much the first time because it went away and I didn’t see it again. Now I’ve seen it about 4 times in the last couple of days. The only way to “fix” it has been to turn the truck off for 3-5 minutes then turn it back on then I’ll see all of my changes properly displayed on the screen. Now it’s just annoying.
  12. Looks great! AMP steps are next on my list! Did you get the standard steps or the upgraded beefier ones, XL I think they’re called? Also, got any pics of your coilovers? I’ve got Icons on the way, haven’t seen any coilovers really on these trucks yet
  13. I had all of these issues back in January when I first brought the truck home from the dealer. They never found anything and I never saw the issue again. However, just a few days ago I had some some similar errors, not the exact same as before but some similar. The errors I was seeing on the display were Park Assist Off Service Trailer Brake System Steering Assist is Reduced Drive with Care Service ESC Brought it in to the dealer and they mentioned there were a couple recalls as well and that they'd look into it. Picked up the truck yesterday and here is what they found/did. Service Update Bulletin - Trailer Integration Module Software error: Updated trailer module calibrations Service Update Bulletin - eBoost Control Module Software False Detection with DTC: Updated Brake Module Check engine light (original reason I brought the truck in): 1716 Terminal not fully seated, right front wheel speed sensor internal wire break, confirmed complaint. Check engine light for invalid data received for right front wheel speed sensor, code C0508 Right front wheel speed signal input low. Found no speed reading while driving. Verified wheel speed sensor plugged in. No damage found on harness from sensor to module. Checked connector C140, found male terminal 9 not fully seated on circuit 872, grid B12. Seated terminal & verified staying in connector, cleared codes & spinning wheel in the air right front signal detected, when pulling vehicle out of stall sensor no longer reading again, wiggling harness for right front sensor intermittent sensor reading, ordered right front wheel speed sensor. Replaced sensor & road tested vehicle, all OK. So for me looks like a bad wheel speed sensor was causing the majority of my problems. At this time all looks to be OK and no current errors on the display. Happy to have my truck back.
  14. so far it seems spacers are only needed if you're trying to run a -18/-19 offset on a 20x10" wheel. If you find a wheels with a -24/-25 offset then no spacers are needed. I'm not sure if it's as much of an issue on the 22's. I have 22x10, -25 offset, no spacers. I do have some rubbing but my tires are also wider than most being essentially a 35x13.0r22. My right side clears fully but the left/driver side has a slight rub in the rear wheel well. I only had to do minor trimming so I'd bet with another 10 minutes of light trimming here and there I could get rid of all rubbing. Your tires choice and exact size will play a big role on whether you have slight rubbing. Also keep in mind not all tires sizes are accurate so look at the manufactures website for exact width's and heights. For example, a 35x12.50r20 (one of the most common sizes in a 35) isn't always 35" tall nor 12.5" wide. They could be up to 3/4" off, just have to look up the exact specs on their website.
  15. Whaaaa? Teach me your ways haha. No way I get more than 12

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