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  1. Yesss, since you’re shipped I just called for an update and they said mine has shipped as well! It has to ship to the shop first then they’ll ship it to me, they are guessing I’ll have mine around Tuesday next week, finally! It’s a good day
  2. From a Rebel to an LTZ

    Agreed! I actually really like the interior! The interior was one of the deciding factors for not buying another newer Tundra.
  3. From a Rebel to an LTZ

    Excellent trade UP! never really been a fan of the RAM’s but love the new Silverado’s
  4. Have you heard any new updates on yours? Nothin on mine yet, BDS says they're finishing new kits daily trying to get them out, so hopefully you and I are close on the list.
  5. 2019 Lift Kit realease?

    That's good to know, I'm waiting on a 6" BDS kit, by now lots of 6" kits have been installed and haven't heard of any issues in that regard.
  6. Silverado High Country on new 22s

    Looks great indeed, and love the matte look on the paint
  7. New to the forum

    Welcome! There’s been a lot of great people on this forum in my short time on here, I’m new to the Chevy world as well
  8. Square! It flows better with the lines of the truck/bumper. Square black or square carbon would be epic!
  9. Yes glad it all got worked out. Hopefully others see this who may not know they were supposed to receive them and can get that taken care of.
  10. Yeah I have my wheels and tires ready to go! I'm set on BDS as well, it's worth the wait. Nothing against pro comp though. I called BDS but they couldn't give me an ETA or where at in "line" my order was. I reached out to some other vendors and they told me BDS has "taken the amount of backorders from 700 to less than 100 over the last three months but I cannot tell you if a kit would be ready to ship for you in one week or one month" So not much info, but at least they told me what they know, which isn't much haha.
  11. damn so that means you're ahead of me! haha Yeah man it's frustrating. Just tell me it's on backorder if it is, don't tell me every day "it should go out today" @Eds240z06 who did you order your kit from? was it socalsupertrucks as well?
  12. Hey Ian, any updates you can provide at this time?
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong but BDS doesn't have a 4" kit, only the 6" right now. 6" kits are on backorder right now, found out the hard way. I ordered my kit on 1/31 and almost every day "socalsupertrucks" tells me "it's going to ship out today". Ive been told this for a week. I finally called BDS to find out they don't even have them in stock. pretty frustrating. I don't recommend ordering from them unless you are in no hurry whatsoever.
  14. Yeah I think it's pretty cool that they include FOUR (4) sensors for "free" with the truck, so if you have a single axle trailer you'll still have a pair for another trailer.
  15. Make sure you get them from your dealer. You paid for them!

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