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  1. Can you explain a little more in the fifth wheel and gooseneck portion. Not that I don’t believe you, just doesn’t make sense to me. the truck doesn’t know what type of trailer you’re hauling right, so if you had a shorter gooseneck or 5th wheel I don’t get why it wouldn’t work. Maybe I’m missing something here haha
  2. @rblanch I’m curious on this as well. I’m looking to get a similar size toy hauler and included the aux camera in my truck build. I think I read earlier in this thread there is a max length of trailer in order for the invisible trailer feature to work, but obviously the camera as a backup camera would function so you can still see behind you
  3. I agree with what others are saying, for a 5th wheel definitely go for the 3500!! I ordered my 3500 before even considering a large 5th wheel, now I’m looking at ordering a 5th wheel toy hauler and I’m so glad I went with the 3500. A lot of these 5th wheels can easily push into dually territory really quick, especially with pin weight/payload. Not to say it can’t be done with a 2500, all depends on the size of the trailer and expected pin weights. I would do some research on different 5th wheels styles you’re interested in now then get the numbers to make sure you’re safe. Also new in mind the numbers posted on manufacturers websites will always be less since that’s unloaded numbers and without any additional options you may or may not add. I’ve learned a ton about this in the last two weeks haha. So make sure what you want wouldn’t need a dually, or of course just make sure what you get is within your trucks capacity. I’m in the same boat as you though where I want unloaded ride quality to be good since I’m not towing 100% of the time. I test drive the 2500 and 3500 back to back (on different days) and for me they were very similar and I was quite happy with the 3500 ride quality. It’s nothing like previous years I’ve heard was quite different.
  4. Thanks for the info and awesome you were able to get a deal since you already had the I-dash!
  5. Oooh right, good point! Well, tomorrow is almost here now. Luckily it's only one day of waiting now instead of before when we didn't have a release date, ha
  6. You can also order directly on their website if you don’t want to wait [emoji2]
  7. Wow that’s actually pretty fast! I originally asked my sales lady to send me a copy of the order so I could verify all the options I wanted were there. She took a photo of this and sent it to me.
  8. Thanks, I reached out to my sales lady to get some further info and ask what’s going on since it hasn’t updated. She said she talked to the manager and he spoke with the GM rep this morning to try to get it pushed up in priority. I dunno if that’s true or not, or if that’s possible, but hopefully I’ll see some activity on the order soon.
  9. Badass! I’m so tempted to order one but I’m still waiting on my truck to be built haha. Maybe once I at least have a TPW I’ll order it up so it’s here and ready. I’ve already ordered wheels, I don’t want to get too far ahead
  10. Thanks for all the info!! I appreciate it. I was told they placed the order on 1/18, on the 19th they gave me a copy of the order workbench which showed it being at an 1100 event code and yes it’s set as SRE: Retail Sold. (See attached). However, anytime I’ve checked in with the dealer or online chat they tell me it’s at 1100 still.
  11. Oh sweet, nice you already have part of the kit that crosses over. Haha oh man that sucks, mods just to get to baseline [emoji3525]
  12. I noticed that too! Since engines are the same I bet they can push it a little more with the enhanced cooling? I dunno but either way that’s pretty epic! Which one did you order? The $7 or $800 package? I dunno if I really need/want the DataMonster...? Hmmm
  13. Yes, a +47 will bring the wheel/tire in towards the center of the vehicle. But you tend to get into rubbing issues with lower/negative offsets because it pushes the wheel outward. Think of your driver side front tire. Crank the wheel all the way to the right. Look at your tire clearance, now imagine that tire getting pushed out towards the inner fender an inch or two. This is why the lower offsets rub. However, you can’t just look at offset, you have to think about the width of a wheel. A 0 offset isn’t the same as a different 0 offset wheel of widths are different. 0 offset on an 8” wide wheel, 4” to either side. 0 offset on a 10” wide wheel, now it’s 5” on either side. So same offset but the wider wheel has it’s outside edge effectively “pushed out”. Then there is backspacing. Another number to help with inner clearance. It all plays in together. [emoji2] Btw, diameter of the wheel doesn’t mean much, you’ll want to be looking at the diameter of the tire.
  14. Yeah maybe? Hopefully soon I can jump on the TPW bandwagon with you guys
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