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  1. @kfy9r thanks! That’s very helpful! Ok everyone I now have potential plan #1 test fitted: 1. Utilize the access hole noted by @kyf9r on the PASSENGER side to run air hose to exterior 2. Run power and switch harnesses under carpet along door sill to upfitter switches and continue power wires through firewall to battery. 3. I have the standard under seat storage, I didn’t want the larger storage this time (had it on my 2019 1500) but still think I have a good spot. I’ll need to create a bracket that raises the mounting platform 1” off the floor (thanks user manual for the test fit) this looks like I’ll have proper clearance and the seat still lifts up and down. 4. I’d have to relocate the spare tire levers as they were in the way for this option. Test fitting different heights for a mounting bracket Compressor in proposed place Seat down, good clearance
  2. Thanks! I just happen to be out looking for locations right now and looked, so you just drilled this out to suit your needs? @Limelight - what path did you choose for your wires? Did you run them under the carpet up front and then through the firewall?
  3. I need to take a look closer at the firewall, this could potentially work if I can find a good route to get the air line outside. The area I used to run the upfitter switches is already pretty tight, I can't imagine getting a 1/4" hose through the same area though. Inside the cab or the engine bay would be my preference for mounting though to keep it clean and away from the elements.
  4. @blamkin86 - Yeah makes sense, crazy times right now! Thanks for your input, it's sunny today and not raining so I'm planning on trying to locate a couple potential mounting places, I'll look in the area you mentioned. These things aren't fully waterproof, they have an IP55 rating which protects against low pressure water so technically should be sufficient as long as you aren't pressure washing it. But "should" be OK where you mentioned from random spray from rain etc. I won't be driving through rivers or anything so there wouldn't be any submersion. From a wiring and output fitting location it definitely makes sense though. I just finished wiring my upfitter switches last night thanks to you! Although the rocker switch that comes with the compressor is pretty sweet haha
  5. I had these pedals custom made probably 1 1/2 months before I even had the truck haha, finally installed them today. This is my third set of these custom pedals, they’ll do whatever you want, great company (Ultimate Pedals) !! Before After
  6. Thanks! Yeah I saw your thread earlier. I like that spot too and looks like I can make mine fit similarly from the test fitting I did. My only “issue” with that location is I’m not sure how I’d get the air hose routed to the exterior for the air bags. Perfect for air hose for airing up tires or something with it cooled up like you have it, but will have to see if I can find a good route from there to the exterior. Do you use yours just for random fill ups?
  7. @blamkin86 I just finished wiring mine up, instructions were excellent and I now know first hand how much more it would have sucked without your help haha. It was still a pain though. I as well am missing two screws, this bothers me and I’ll order two more on Monday haha. Few things I noticed during install: 1. I had a setback in the early stages. I didn’t have any factory holes on the two middle spots where the main red wire goes across the firewall, so had to drill it out. Due to the angle it was a pain in the butt. 2. Looking at your pics I couldn’t figure out how you had so much slack in your hood latch cable in order to get the knee panel pulled back so far, then I noticed afterwards a note later on where you said yours popped out of the firewall and you just had to put it back in. I ended up disconnecting the hood cable from the latch with needle nose pliers. 3. Your photo with your finger pointing where the red wire came through the firewall was helpful, I did the same as you fishing around for it. I took a photo showing the wire coming through that may or may not help others. This actually wasn’t as bad as I thought. But I probably just got lucky haha. 4. Even with disconnecting the hood latch it was a really tight fit. A short 7mm soccer would’ve helped a ton I think, I only had a long socket. It was quite frustrating. 5. You connected the red wire first to the fuse box, I connected it last after the fuse box was mounted. Mainly just so I was sure exactly how I wanted to route it. 6. You were able to pull the cable across the firewall to gain a little extra length in order to close the battery kid. My zip tie things were fairly tight on the wire so I wasn’t able to do that. I’m going to try to order new zip ties with the little mounts attached so I can readjust it. I got the kid closed but left off the last support screen thing. 7. When I turned on the truck I had an error for the parking brake. I simply pressed the parking brake button to activate it then pressed it again to turn it off and it went away. 8. When I first turned the truck on after reconnecting batteries it the DIC asked me to roll down and up the driver side window then the passenger side window. I thought that was weird but some type of calibration I’m sure. So if anyone sees that nothing to be alarmed of. 9. Super lame about not including the two bolts to mount the new fuse box. I left out two that I thought would be easiest to get to as well so I can replace them quickly and easily. Currently I left the left fuse panel off for easy access, hoping i can get replacement screws in the next few days. 10. Lastly thank you SO much for putting in the effort, it definitely helped a ton!! Everything lights up! Now just need to connect something to it.
  8. Hey everyone, I’m currently debating on where to mount my ARB twin air compressor. The engine compartment on the duramax is already fairly tight but not out of the picture completely, I’d need to build a custom bracket. Somewhere in the cab, under a seat etc Or in the bed/under the bed area - I’d prefer it not to be “outside” more susceptible to the elements. The end goal is I’d like to have an easy external access point for connecting a hose for whatever (filling tires etc) but I also want to use this to control rear air bags as well so I’d need an easy route to the leaf spring area. I’m still investigating routes and locations but figured I’d reach out if any of you have any tips. This will be the first time installing onboard air and can’t believe I waited this long as I’m always needing air. Thanks for any tips!
  9. Thanks, I'm fairly mechanically and electrically inclined and typically do all my own work, it doesn't looks to bad, just patience Btw, I actually just read through everything (just skimmed through it earlier) and wanted to say great job on the write up. It was very clear and I appreciate you including your "mess up" on the terminal. Things happen, we are human, but showing that may help others to see how serious it is and to just take it easy, follow your instructions, go slow, and you'll be fine
  10. Thanks for this!!!! Mine were installed (not wired) from the factory as well and I’ve been wanting to tackle this. Now that you did the write up I may just tackle it this weekend for some onboard air. Thanks again!
  11. Looks great! And I’m assuming you mean Pro Comp? I didn’t know they had a kit yet for these trucks
  12. Nice! Sounds like if it weren't for COVID you'd have a truck pretty quick as getting past 1100 seems to be the hang up. From 2000 on it's a smoother process, usually.
  13. Did you custom order it from the factory? It should be available for U.S. and Canadian markets. If you "build" a truck on the Chevrolet website you should see it listed as an option to select.
  14. This is crazy. Shouldn’t be that difficult to just get your order number. Even with everything going on. It takes them 10 seconds to look it up, literally. Congrats Dan! And with everything going on it’s even better news haha
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