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  1. The green wire with blue stripe is the +12 volt connection and the black wire does go to ground. Take a look at the link in the second post of this thread for a link to Upfitter bulletin # 157, page four and five have references to the switch connector.
  2. Truck will still make it into the garage, but just. Garage is 23 feet to the step up and 82.5 inches from floor to bottom edge of the weather strip. The light bar deflects the weather strip ion the way in an out. Headache Rack and 52” light bar are from Magnum.
  3. Boredom overcame the fear of drilling a hole to find the beacon, or fifth Upfitter switch, wirers. I used a 5/8 drill, the largest I have, and the smallest I would recommend. I started with a 3/8, then stepped up to a 1/2, and finally the 5/8. I was hoping to avoid chipping the paint, didn’t work, a small hole saw would have done a better job. A 1/4 ID / 5/8 OD grommet hides some of the paint chips, but not all. The two wires, hot and ground are wrapped in BLACK cloth tape making them very hard to find in the BLACK hole. The pliers just slipped on the cloth tape, the brake spring hook worked much better. I included a link to the Upfitter bulletin and a few photos. Switch number five now powers a 52 inch light bar. https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1329/UI Bulletin_157.pdf
  4. I need help connecting to the Fifth, the # 5, Upfitter power wire in the Center High Mount Stop Lamp (CHMSL). I would like to power a headache rack mounted light bar from that switch. I have looked at the Upfitter Bulletin #157, but it does not give me enough information to identify the location to drill in the CHMSL. Has anyone in the forum done this and can add some advice, or pictures? Image below is from the bulletin. Insert other media.url
  5. I just finished installing a Magnum Low Pro rack with existing Bak Revolver X4. I will probably reposition the anchors for the straps that secure the rolled up cover, from the cover to the second rail from the bottom on the rack. They are just too hard the get the strap’s bayonet connectors into right now. The Magnum top is above the camera and third brake light. It does not interfere with the camera view or the brake light.
  6. The 1/4 " ratchet was using what I would call a standard length socket, not a deep well socket. Still a pain to make work. I had problems getting the hood release cable reinstalled. I pull the end of the cable out of the lever and could not get it back in. The lever is an assembly that just clips onto the knee bolster. After I figured out how to release the lever assembly, I connected the cable to the assembly and clipped it back onto the knee bolster. Two documents that will help you, from the GM Upfitter website: Technical Bulletin # 153 Installation of Upfitter (AUX) Switches (9L7) components Preliminary https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1314/UI%20Bulletin%20153_wip.pdf Instrument Panel Knee Bolster Replacement: https://www.gmupfitter.com/files/media/photo/1265/Instrument%20Panel%20Knee%20Bolster%20Replacement.pdf
  7. Make that three. I also ordered a 3500 AT with Upfitter switches. Did the install yesterday. The photos and instructions in this thread helped a lot. I did not take the knee bolster as far off as you did. I only pulled the first screw and clip closest to the door. I used a 1/4 inch ratchet to install the two screws mounting the fuse/relay box. This was the most time consuming part of the job. The ratchet is old and needs replacing. Just another opinion on the extra fuse for the snow plow power. If you look under the battery cover on the drivers side there is another fuse installed, just like the passenger side battery. They are both under clipped on plastic covers and should not present a “short” hazard. Thanks for starting the thread, the pictures and comments.
  8. Not an expert, but this might be the truck's security system just checking to make sure the trailer is still connecter to your truck. The current flashed to the trailer wiring harness may be enough to get the LED trailer lights to flash, but not enough to light up older incandescent bulbs. Just my guess.
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