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  1. What he said. All I did was to drag the Music folder which is located in the iTunes/iTunes Media folder into my thumb drive. It will take a while to copy if your library is large You need to search for the actual Music folder (there can be more than one labeled "Music") that contains all your music listed alphabetically by artist/album in their individual folders. I might add that not all usb thumb drives are made equal. I found that a Samsung 32G works fine for me. But for some reason a Sandisk 16G formatted exactly the same with Fat32 and loaded with my iTunes
  2. It's always been my opinion that with these computer run vehicles, the computer should always save and remember every setting you change before shutting the engine off. Good luck, I hope it works for you..
  3. You might try setting up a "User" account. I had to do this in order to get Shuffle for my music to stay turned on, but ended up removing the account because I had to choose the account every time I started the truck. I know, it makes no sense if you're the only one driving it. I believe it's a bug in the software since every setting you make should stick when the truck is turned off.
  4. Sorry, I guess I didn't make myself clear. The "fuel pump thing" you talk about is when you "run out of fuel". Not when the low fuel warning light comes on. I guarantee you the fuel pump in the tank will get hot and burn out if you run out of fuel too often. The fuel is used to cool the pump. I worked for 31 years at AC Delco and many of those were in the electric fuel pump division.
  5. You may have a slightly faulty sensor, but I've always understood that when the low fuel light comes on you have about 10% left in the tank which would be about 2.5 gallons and in most vehicles. That would get you about 30 to 60 miles before you completely run out of fuel. I've tested this on past vehicles by carrying a 5 gallon gas can and running until empty to see how far I could go after the low fuel light came on. My 2003 Hemi went over 60 miles before it quit. I had the 26 gallon tank. I was getting about 22-25 mpg so that seemed close enough. Word of warning:
  6. I've been super happy with the new keyless fob and have set up "Passive Auto Lock" (not many people know about this, but if you have the right options it's available in vehicle settings ). My key fob never leaves my pocket so no chance of the truck locking with the fob still inside. 5 seconds after all the doors are shut and you walk away all the doors auto-lock. This might be a problem for women who tend to keep EVERYTHING in their purses and the truck doesn't warn that the key fob is still in the truck. I would try it when setting up Passive Auto Lock and you have the spare fob in
  7. Seriously when did you think this was going to happen? When did you think we were going to move away from oil to electric? In fifty or a hundred years? That's what they were thinking 50 and 100 years ago. That pipeline that was cancelled. Was it really going to be needed in the next 10 years? Same with cattle, pigs and chickens. Vegetable based meats will be the main thing in 10 years. It's time to get out of the meat business. Solar and wind power will advance. Batteries will advance. Tesla Power Walls are already powering homes during e
  8. In my case it has to do with how often I use my truck. Apparently the usage will expire after a year and is not determined by only mileage. I had 2500 miles on the truck after 10 months and the oil life was at 17%. In two more months it would have reached 0%. Most people average 10,000 miles or more and the service manager said the oil life should expire at 5,000 or so. The same thing will probably happen after every 12 months for me since I don't use the truck a lot. I guess I can expect an oil change once a year. Might just trade it in when the electric Silverado comes ou
  9. Yeah, that's crazy. You would think with a new engine like the 3.0 Duramax, which was built completely new from the ground up, GM would send out special training videos or at least must read emails containing pdf files describing any special treatments for the new engine. Oh wait! They did send out a bulletin (#19-NA-180) which is a interesting read, but of course you have to read it and get down to page 12 with the LARGE letters stating dexosD is only to be used. Apparently my Service Tech read the bulletin, but failed to check inventory before draining the oil. Th
  10. If you have the 3.0 L Duramax, check with the dealer BEFORE you have the oil changed. For some reason my oil life was down to 15% and the truck (2020 Silverado LTZ) only had 2500 miles on it. I like to get rid of the factory oil anyway so I took it in for the first (and now only!) warranty service. After waiting about an hour the service manager came out and told me that my truck was the first 3.0 L they had done an oil change on and they didn't have the oil (Special AC Delco DexosD} in stock! Nice. Naturally the Service "Tech" had drained the oil before checking inven
  11. I found some really nice chrome plugs on eBay. A bit more expensive than others (Home Depot), but the quality of the chrome was much better looking.
  12. Silly me. I googled "chrome bumper plugs" and found some on eBay. $5.56 each for 4 or more. Ain't the internet wonderful!
  13. I might have to send them an email. My bumpers are chrome and I didn't see chrome as a listed color. Not sure if matching them to the Cajun Red Tintcoat would look good. And who would have thought there was a website called "bumperplugs[.]com! lol!
  14. Yep. Aluminum pop rivets. I used a 3/16 inch drill to remove the heads. Be careful and drill just enough to remove the head. Too aggressive and you'll hit the bumper. Then I took a small 1/8 inch flat tipped punch and carefully punched out the rivets. Now I'm looking for something to dress up the holes like a small chrome cap. (or maybe a license plate holder LOL!) Not sure what would work.
  15. Extended warranties are for those people who can't save money. Autos, tv and any electronics. Extended warranties make money for the seller. I have money in a bank account for the emergency that may or may not happen. I'm betting that the emergency repair won't happen, but if it does, I'll be able to pay for the repairs. Instead of buying an extended warranty, I've put the money into savings. Chances are I'll never need it.
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