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  1. It's also entirely possible that GM was having issues replacing faulty rear buttons and just decided they weren't needed and you could configure the front button to unlock all the doors. When I was a Senior in High School my daily driver was a '57 Chevy and I know this sounds crazy, but you had to actually stick the key into the door and turn it 90 degrees to unlock your car! Times were tough back then! A friend had a '57 four door hardtop and to unlock the back door you had to reach around in the open front door and pull the button up! By the end of the day, you were totally exhausted. Sarcasm.
  2. Oh God! It's so HARD to unlock the rear doors by punching the front door lock button twice! How will I get by? 1st world problem.
  3. I went from 2018 6.2 L to the "Baby Duramax" and I'm impressed at the power the 3.0 will dish out when asked. Not to mention the mpg. Wind is an issue though. Heading into it, mpg drops to around 22 at 70 mph. With a tail wind, I get close to 30. Still, not bad for a truck. Not missing the 6.2 at all. (Except, the sound. I just loved that sound with a Borla Sport exhaust swap.)
  4. You should hear the sounds my 3.0 Duramax makes when it is shut off. "Clack, clack, clack, clack, weeeze!". Seems there is a valve that sends water to various parts of the engine and passenger compartment at different temps when cooling/heating. After the engine is shut down the valve cycles through several positions for some reason.
  5. Don't "accept it" if it happens again. Have the dealer re-program the computer's software. This fixed a friends Silverado 8 speed with shuddering shifts and failure to go into Park. Your column shift isn't a mechanical lever anymore. It's a switch. The computers in these trucks control more than they did 10 years ago.
  6. A friend had similar issue with shuddering shifts and failing to go into Park in a 2018 8 speed. The "technician" finally re-loaded the software for the computer and it fixed everything. Computers now control too much.
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