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  1. I've had mine for about three months and 4,000 miles. Seats look and feel good.
  2. The GMT800 had rear air vents. GM did away with them in the 900 to cut costs, which was a huge mistake. The K2 seats are a lot nicer than the 900s were, they have a whole lot more bolstering and are more cushy. The K2 reminds me a lot of the GMT800, just with a little more tech. The build quality on those trucks is leaps and bounds better than the GMT900, which in my opinion, is the worst truck GM made in a long time. I skipped over the whole 900 generation and went to Ford, the K2 brought me back.
  3. The dealer gave me a little kit with a bunch of the Adams stuff GM sells, so I've been using the Adams interior cleaner to clean and follow up with 303 for some UV protection.
  4. I went from a 16 Silverado LTZ to a 19 Sierra SLT Premium Plus with the X31 package. My 16 rode a lot smoother, but other than that I'm very happy with the 19.
  5. Yes, the 2020 HDs have the album artwork and SiriusXM channel icons. I'm hoping it's something that us 19 guys can do easily, as it really improves the look of the infotainment screen IMO.
  6. Same here. If my 2016 LTZ had push-button start and blind zone alert I'd probably still have it.
  7. The XL with STX package is probably the most comparable to the Custom. Standard XL would be best compared with a W/T Chevy.
  8. I see you've got a weighted tag on there, you tow with it yet?
  9. Where did I say I've got answers no one else has? In fact, I even said it had been said before, as you can see in bold below. You don't like what I've got to say? There's a block list, feel free to put me on it dickhead.
  10. That's nice to hear, maybe us 2019 1500 owners can upgrade without spending an arm and a leg.
  11. My X31 SLT GMC rides harsher than my K2 non-Z71 LTZ that I traded. I noticed it during the test-drive and was okay with it. The ride is on-par with the Fords I've had in the past. GM trucks used to be known for having the smoothest ride out of the big-3, that's not so anymore.
  12. The F-150 has a higher max payload, however, in many configurations the GM trucks have a higher payload than Ford or Ram. Particularly when it comes to high-trimmed Crew Cab 4x4s.
  13. You can turn Auto Start/Stop off, this thread is not about A-S/S though. This thread is about the engine shutdown feature if you leave the truck idling in park for longer than half an hour. As already stated, it's a lawyer mandated safety feature because idiots were pulling their vehicles into the garage and leaving them running, poisoning themselves with carbon monoxide. Most (maybe all?) cars with push button start have this, not just GM.
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