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  1. I am too, but when I see an F-150 in there I know I should clear. Another good reason to get the sunroof, I can open the shade and look at how close I am to the ceiling.
  2. First oil change

    I changed mine at 1,400 miles. Well, I had the dealer change it technically. Always have, always will. I'm old-school in that way I guess.
  3. No, If I wanted a Fiat, I would have bought a Fiat.
  4. Extended warranties

    If you are going to get one, get one through GM. Don't bother with some third party warranty that will look for every reason under the sun not to pay out.
  5. ^They probably don't want to step on the AT4's toes by offering a 6.2L LT TB.
  6. The transmission isn't new. Ford has been using the 10-speed since 2017 and GM has been using it since 2018 in the Tahoe/Yukon Denali/Escalade and Camaro. I would certainly hope a brand-new interior is better than one that was designed almost 5 years ago.
  7. Most of them use parts from the same supplier. Brand loyalty is stupid at this point.
  8. What an idiot. Why doesn't he just make fun of the 'man-step' again while he's at it. Ford sales just keep going up while GMs are in the toilet and this mentality is exactly why.
  9. May incentives?

    It's set by GM, but offers differ from zip code to zip code. Some dealers will also only list rebates that EVERYONE qualifies for, while others will list every available rebate to show a low price and get you in the door.
  10. The sunglasses holder and power adjustable pedals are the two biggest things I miss from the K2.
  11. They're a GM Accessory. Sounds like you got some for free.
  12. I'm pretty sure the B&P site did screw up and allowed DC LT TB configuration for a little while, I remember people speculating we would be getting it for 2020. That does not appear to be the case though.
  13. LT all day. No way I could live with the cheap plastic interior in the Custom.
  14. Looks are subjective. Enjoy your Ford.

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