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  1. How much will prices drop?

    I found a dealership local to me willing to do $12,000 off on an LTZ Z71, so the deals are getting better. I hope losing out to Ram in quarter 1 will light a fire under GM's ass.
  2. Interesting, I remember seeing this on Reddit and the poster claimed he was from Mexico. I don't see anything about it on the Chevrolet Mexico website either.
  3. Sequoia will hold its value way better than a Yukon XL/Suburban if that's something you're worried about. If you're planning to drive it into the ground, it won't matter but if you trade every few years it might be a bigger deal. The Toyota will also probably be more reliable since it's an ancient platform. They've had plenty of time to work the bugs out. I'd much rather have the Yukon aside from that. The Sequoia is dated and just not very appealing other than the resale value and reliability.
  4. You can get them in Mexico too. GM won't let their home market have it though.
  5. Safety Package - Aftermarket?

    Safety Package is a must have for me on the new truck. My wife's vehicle has cross traffic alert and it is a life saver. The parking sensors are not a big deal, I've had them on both my '14 and '16, I could live without them if need be, but they are bundled in any way.
  6. If my memory serves me correct, the K2 LS was just a package that added chrome bumpers and power windows/locks to a WT. It wasn't even a trim level like it was for the GMT800.
  7. Build quality by plant?

    There were a few K2 1500 Crew Cabs built in Flint, but they are pretty rare. 99% of them were made in Mexico. Here is one at a dealer a few towns over from me. They actually have three, all Crew Cab Standard Box that are Flint produced (1 VIN). https://www.parkschevy.com/VehicleDetails/new-2018-Chevrolet-Silverado_1500-Crew_Cab_Standard_Box_4_Wheel_Drive_LT_Z71-Kernersville-NC/3246719893
  8. Build quality by plant?

    What's the definition of insanity again? I'm a GM guy, but if I had a truck like you had, I certainly wouldn't have bought another GM. My '14 and '16 were both made in Mexico. The '14 had vibration problems, '16 has been flawless. In my search for a '19, I would prefer a US built truck, but I wouldn't turn down another Mexican made one if the deal was right.
  9. Ram got a lot of things right with their new truck, add in very generous incentives and I'm not surprised it is selling well. I still do not like the looks of the new Ram, and I would be very hesitant to own one with Fiat Chryslers well-known quality control issues. I think the T1 is a major step forward, but GM still screwed up in removing several features like power adjustable peddles and turn signal mirrors. They are both small things, but when you get used to them, they really do make a big difference. The fact that GM still won't offer a larger fuel tank option when everyone else does is also infuriating. GM is finally starting to offer some decent incentives on the new trucks, so I think sales will start to pick up in the next couple of months. It will be interesting to see if GM can hang on to the number 2 spot at years end or if Ram will finally knock them off.
  10. Both Ford and Ram were up, not looking too good for GM keeping the #2 spot.
  11. That's pretty much all they keep on the lot. I don't think I've seen a single new SLE on a dealer lot around here.
  12. Info on ceramic coating

    F11 is just an overpriced sealer, not even close to a ceramic coating.
  13. I've looked at probably a dozen different T1s inside and out, and another 20-30 exterior only. I have never once seen any that look that bad. Most of them, the fit and finish was very good, a few did have some panel gaps that were not as tight as I would like. I've never seen any that had paint that looked like it had been brushed on. Other than the normal orange peel, the paint quality was also very good. He's not supposed to have a bias, but everyone does. The "news" reporters aren't supposed to have a bias either, but you watch CNN for five minutes and tell me they don't. Top of the list is Japanese cars with a few Korean brands represented as well. The Lincoln Continental is the only American car in the top-10 most reliable according to CR. The bottom of the list is mostly Cadillacs, with the VW Atlas, an Alfa and a Jaguar, as well as the Silverado 2500HD and Tesla Model X also being represented.
  14. I don't have a 2019 yet, but I will echo what the other two posters have said. Most satisfied truck owners will never join a forum, they just drive their truck. The only people who come to the forums are either enthusiasts or people who are looking for a place to vent about their negative experience. You will see this is true with the F-150 and Ram forums as well.
  15. Album Art For each Song?

    I agree, the infotainment screen design is a step back from MyLink if you ask me. It just looks really cheap and dated. Small complaint, but a complaint nonetheless.

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