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  1. Saw one on Autotrader with 45,000 on it. I think that's the highest mile T1 I've come across. Mine is at 7k.
  2. It's worth it for the HUD alone. Wish I had it in my Sierra.
  3. Heated steering wheel is standard on the RST, if I remember right. Safety package would be my big add. The blind spot warning and front sensors are nice to have.
  4. I wish GM would finally figure out how to make them power extend and retract like Ford.
  5. The LT TB is just that, an LT. It doesn't have cooled seats, heated rear seats, power folding mirrors, power passenger seat, memory seats, tech package (360 camera) or HUD available. The AT4 is based on an SLT, and it has all the above features available, and quite a few of them standard.
  6. 3.0 Duramax is already out. Saw a 2020 SLT diesel on the lot the other day. There's also a member on here with an RST diesel. That appears to be correct. LTZ and High Country still have them.
  7. That is correct, back in 2018. Almost the exact same thing. https://media.ford.com/content/fordmedia/fna/us/en/news/2018/09/06/ford-issues-safety-recall-in-north-america-for-select-2015-18-fo.html I've never heard of them holding a truck hostage, unless it was new one, in which case you can't take delivery until the recall has been completed. Mine needs an oil change here in the next week or two, guess I better plant to get a ride back home to pick up my other vehicle instead of waiting on it.
  8. Interesting, mine were laying on the console lid when it locked. The truck didn't do the three quick horn chirps like it usually does, but I didn't think much of it, since usually I have the engine running when it does that. I'm guessing for whatever reason it didn't detect the fob was inside the truck.
  9. Let me preface with the fact that, yes, I feel like an idiot. I had passive locking turned on in my 2019 SLT, and really liked just being able to walk away and have the truck lock itself and chirp the horn. That was until I locked my keys in the thing yesterday. I figured there would be some sort of lockout protection and the truck wouldn't lock with a fob detected inside the truck. Luckily it happened in the driveway and I just ran in the house and got my spare fob to unlock it. Needless to say, passive locking is now turned off. Just a heads up for everyone else.
  10. I put it in the glove box with the owners manual and all the other booklets that came with the truck. I leave it for the next owner when I trade.
  11. I think the Sierra is a good-looking truck, not quite as good looking as the K2 model, but still good-looking. I don't think the new Silverado is ugly, but it's just not for me. They look alright in the RST trim with everything color matched, but the chrome models just don't do it for me. I loved the look of my 2016 LTZ Silverado, even with all the chrome, it was a great looking truck. If it had been more up with the times and had push button start and blind spot monitoring, I'd have probably kept it.
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