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  1. Yeah, I got word from the dealer that they can't order it, and have no idea when they will be able to again. Bummer.
  2. I've been thinking of taking the plunge and getting a refreshed truck, but if I do, I absolutely want SuperCruise. I was playing around with the '23 Sierra configurator and it lists SuperCruise as *see dealer for pricing*. That's not an encouraging sign. It has also gone from being standard on Denali Ultimate, to an option. My local GMC salesman said he'd get back to me on how much it is, and if it's still on constraint or not (I'm fairly certain it is). There isn't a single truck in inventory within 500 miles of my ZIP equipped with SuperCruise. So, has anybody placed an order on either one of these trucks, with SuperCruise, and actually had it picked up by GM?
  3. The Limited was just a stop-gap because GM couldn't get the refresh trucks into production until spring of this year (they were initially slated to start in fall '21).
  4. It should unless there's a "not equipped with X - Credit $******" on the window sticker for it. The forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking do not utilize the parking sensors, they use the same camera (located at the top of the windshield - rear view mirror area) as the lane keep assist.
  5. The sales numbers account for more than just half-tons. The HD/Super Duty market is where Ford really cleans up.
  6. The Stellantis dealers lots are pretty full around here. Not just of Rams, but Jeeps, Chargers, everything. They don't seem to be having the same supply chain issues as Ford and GM, both of whom, have dealerships that look like they're going out of business the lots are so empty. When I took my truck in for it's last oil change, they had 1 new Sierra on the lot. A basic Regular Cab Work Truck.
  7. You should get beeping and an image in the gauge cluster that shows you how close you are to the object. If equipped, the safety alert seat will also vibrate. Since your truck is a refreshed RST, it will only have rear park assist. Front park assist is only on LTZ and High Country now (SLT, AT4, and Denali for Sierras).
  8. LOL, they literally roll off the same assembly line one behind the other. To the OP, get a truck with the 10-speed trans, that will take care of your issues. Doesn't matter if it's a Silverado or a Sierra. For the record, I never had a problem with my '19 8L90 (8-speed) aside from the 1-2 clunk when cold, however, obviously many others have.
  9. I can for sure set mine to 80. I'll have to try 73 and see if it works or not.
  10. AT4, SLT, LTZ, Denali, High Country have power folding mirrors as standard equipment. The LT, SLE, WT, Custom had power folding mirrors as an option. GM is withholding the power folding mirrors on those lower trim trucks where they were previously an option to keep the chips/parts for the higher trim trucks that have them as standard equipment.
  11. Yes, I got one a few months back. Threw it right into the trash, where it belongs.
  12. The black wheels look really good against the Glacier Blue. Nice ride!
  13. I wouldn't lower an off-road trim truck, but that's just me. If you like it, who cares what I think.
  14. If they couldn't figure out that the engine was seized up nearly right away, it is their fault. That's just sheer incompetence on behalf of the techs working on your vehicle.
  15. I fold and unfold mine every time I pull into or back out of my garage. Done this for years on multiple different trucks. Never had a problem.
  16. I'm assuming that's for an LTD and not the refresh. Even so, that's a good deal in this market. Nobody around here is discounting trucks, except for Ram (they're advertising up to $8,050 in incentives in the southeast market). Market adjustments are still rare, but you aren't getting anything for less than sticker. 1-2-year-old used trucks are still being advertised for their original MSRP or more in most cases. Some in demand vehicles are going for way more. Somebody mentioned a ZR2 at $84K. There are multiple listed online for over $90K right now. There's even one at a whopping $107K. https://www.carfax.com/vehicle/3GCUDHELXNG573904
  17. To clarify, they removed them on the refresh '22. The '22 Sierra Limited has them.
  18. It's not. It's simply a cost-cutting measure. The 2019 Silverados had the buttons on all four handles, they were deleted for 2020. Well before any of the chip shortage/supply chain issues started. Us GMC guys were lucky enough to keep them through the '22 LTD, but now our time has come.
  19. Is anybody else's DEF gauge all over the place? This morning it showed only two bars remaining but when I got back in the truck to drive home this afternoon it was 75% full.
  20. It seems like the Sierras have a higher percentage of 3 VINs. I've seen a couple of Denali Ultimates with 1 VINs, most SLTs and AT4s I've seen so far are 3 VIN though. The Silverados seem to have a higher percentage of 1 VINs for whatever reason.
  21. I wouldn't worry about it. Just drive it, follow GM's maintenance intervals, and enjoy it. Chances are, you'll never have a problem. And if you do, that's what warranties are for. Congratulations on the new truck and have a safe trip.
  22. I've had the adaptive cruise control brake pretty firmly in this situation. I've never, to my knowledge, had the auto emergency braking activate though. I've had the red icon flash on the HUD plenty of times, but it's never actually applied the brakes.
  23. There's not any performance increases that I'm aware of with DFM disabled. Seeing as how when you'd need the extra power, the truck is going to be firing on all 8 anyway. Sport and Tow/Haul do not disable DFM like they do on some other brands with cylinder deactivation. If you shift the transmission manually, I believe that disables DFM. Don't quote me on that though.
  24. Nope, no button on mine for the windows. Though you can roll them down by holding unlock on the key fob. My '19 SLT didn't have the window button either, and it didn't have power running boards. The buttons on my Denali (from left to right) are - Lane Keep Assist, Parking Sensors, Auto Start/Stop, Tailgate, Hazards, Traction Control, Bed Outlet, Hill Descent Control, and Power Running Boards).
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