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  1. Here in NC, most dealers are MSRP - whatever rebates GM is currently running. Very few have any sort of markup (outside of the usual BS like tint, nitrogen tires, paint protection, etc). Maybe that will change with the refresh, but I doubt it, as they are having trouble keeping the current truck on the lots.
  2. Mine is garaged and I live in NC, so absolutely zero need to plug it in. I can't imagine it's significantly colder in AR than here.
  3. Anything you buy right now, whether it be a GMT800 or another T1XX, is going to be inflated in price. Buying out your lease is the right call IMO.
  4. https://www.costcoauto.com/new_cars/ Built a 2022 Denali Ultimate LM2 and it's about $10k more than my '21 MSRP vs. MSRP and that's not including the LPO wheels which I couldn't add on the '22 refresh. So there's another $3k or so.
  5. It'll say 'CREDIT - NOT EQUIPPED WITH DYNAMIC FUEL MANAGEMENT - $50' in the options section of your window sticker.
  6. Good looking truck. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Starts at $39,000 for the WT version. I'd hope there's some middle ground in there for a decently equipped truck around $60-$65,000.
  8. I paid $45K (before taxes and fees) for my '19 SLT Premium Plus with the 5.3 back in early 2019. Drove it for almost 50,000 miles and traded it for $43,600 three months ago. I thought I did very well on that truck. Maybe I should have waited a few more months and it would have actually appreciated.
  9. 'Bout time they brought back rain sense wipers. I still can't figure out why they ever got rid of them on the pickups but kept them for the Tahoe/Burb/Yukon.
  10. Same thing happened to me last week. Went in for my first oil change and the dealer didn't have the correct oil in stock for the 3L and had to come back later in the week. Would have been nice if they had called and told me that before I drove over...
  11. Wow, you sound like a total douche. "They already think I have my high beams on, so I'll just blind the oncoming traffic a little further". For the record, never once been flashed in my stock height X31.
  12. I'm assuming these just pop right off and pop right back on? Some milk got spilled in the backseat and it got down into the weatherstripping area so I need to pop this off to clean. Any little tips or tricks so I don't break anything?
  13. Nope, no Lane Keep Assist on the HD trucks. GM has said they have no plans to add Adaptive Cruise to the HDs either, as they claim there isn't consumer demand for it. I find that hard to believe, as both Ram and Ford have it on their heavy duty/SuperDuty trucks.
  14. Just an anecdotal observation - the local Ford store had a row of about 15 new 2021 F-150s when I rode through the lot on Sunday. The Super Duty seems to be hit harder, as they only had one of those and it was a cab and chassis model. GM had about 5 Silverados and 0 Sierras. All the Silverados were 1500s in LT Trail Boss trim, expect for one regular cab Work Truck. These are both large volume stores in a major metro. They usually have over 100 new trucks in stock. I didn't ride through the Ram lot, so can't comment there.
  15. I went from a 2016 Silverado LTZ to a 2019 SLT w/Premium Plus, both 5.3. I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I've had the '19 for almost 2.5 years now and it has been rock solid with the exception of a dealer reflash. My '19 does ride a little harsher than my '16, but I attribute that to the '19 being an X31, whereas my '16 was a regular 4x4 w/o Z71. I haven't had any issues with the 8-speed aside from the harsh 1-2 shift it does every single morning. As a whole, it shifts smoother than the 6-speed in the old truck. I prefer the SLT exterior over the Denali. Only thing I wish I had was HUD and Adaptive Cruise, neither of which were available on the SLT for 2019. I have had the pleasure of driving one of the new diesels, that's probably what I'd get if I did it all over again.
  16. Down here pretty much all of the truck stops have bulk DEF right at the fuel island.
  17. I believe it was added for 2021. My '19 doesn't have an option to turn off the Remote Removed from Vehicle horn chirp.
  18. According to Donlen, GM will accept 2022 1500 orders starting in August. Production start is still listed as September 27th. https://www.donlen.com/manufacturer-updates/build-out-startup-dates/gm-trucks-build-out-final-order-start-up-dates/
  19. Heard from a buddy who works in the business that auction values are starting to come back down. Y'all want to take advantage of these inflated values, you better hurry!
  20. I have an SLT Premium Plus. I'm happy with the truck, but if I did it over again I'd get an AT4 with the tech package. I went SLT because nobody would come anywhere close on price with an AT4 at the time.
  21. You also got 40,000 more miles of powertrain warranty. But, cost cutting rules the day.
  22. I'm going to disagree with you there. The Raptor is the top of the line truck in Ford's lineup, of course the tech will be better than an RST, which is a middle-of-the-road trim. I do agree that the K2XX (2014-2018) platform was lagging behind at the end of its run. There are legitimate criticisms to be made of the T1XX trucks, but lack of tech is not one of them.
  23. You can't turn the auto headlights off on Canadian-spec trucks. Been that way for a while.
  24. The TB also has DuraTrac's, but yeah, that's pretty much it. I agree with you on the second statement. The RST is the looker of the Chevy lineup. If you could get it with a power passenger seat and power folding mirrors, I would have had one.
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