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  1. Today my salesman called me and officially told me that my truck will be a 2023. (no surprise) Also, told me my order was exact as the 2022, except no power folding mirrors. All trim levels, GMC trucks also. Has anyone else heard this? Part supply issue? Huge disappointment...
  2. It was a '22 order, they told me most likely would not make it by the '22 deadline. He was clear 8 - 12 months. Also, told me he has orders from December that still haven't been built.
  3. I placed mine about 5 weeks ago, same deal for me. I was told 8 - 12 months.
  4. I just ordered a new 2500HD Gas. I've been told to wait 8 - 12 months. Most likely will be a 2023. Should I replace the exhaust system with cat-back system? This is something I go back and forth on. https://mbrpexhauststore.com/4-cat-back-exhaust-2020-2022-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-2500-3500-6-6l-t304-ss/ Perhaps someone that already has the new 6.6L could provide some perspective. Thanks, Moe
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