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  1. When I purchased my grille, I searched the part number and compared with several GM parts vendors. You need to add to cart and compare shipping. What are you looking to do?
  2. Yes I put an LTZ grille using my RST bowtie. Wanted to break up the all color keyed front and give it balance with some chrome.
  3. Yea I'm with you. I see more around here are getting away from black and going chrome. Some black wheels on some trucks look good but lots just have that "rattle can" looking vibe.
  4. I put these OE Creations PR196 22 GM style on my RST. They are distributed by Wheel Pros. Fit and finish is flawless and I'm particular about my wheels. I went with the Michelin Premier LTX 275/50/22. I've owned many sets of 22's through the years and these are the best riding quietest 22 I've ever owned. I've always ran Bridgestone and won't be going back. This tire and wheel combo balanced out perfect requiring very little weight. Couldn't be more satisfied. A friend of mine put the chrome 22 PR197 (like the wheel shown on original post) and he loves them. No need to spend stupid money on OEM wheels that are no better.
  5. Heat letters up with heat gun on low or hair dryer on high. Use thin fishing line or a gift card/credit card, use thumb and roll off remaining double stick and spray remaining glue with WD 40 and rub with a soft microfiber cloth. Buff out and wax. If you're not comfortable doing it a body shop will. They'll use an eraser on an air tool to remove the tape and glue.
  6. If the spacer has a hub on it that's ok. The only spacers I've seen with hubs are the ones with lugs on them. Anyway, I'm not a fan of spacers. I always just get wheels that fit.
  7. I wouldn't plus even a 3/8" spacer won't work on that wheel. Running anything larger than a 3mm (1/8") then the wheel becomes lug centric and not hub centric. Lug centric is relying on the lugs to center the wheel instead of the hub. FWIW, GM wheels don't like being lug centric. The hub is around 8mm thick and if you use anything larger than a 3mm spacer, with the taper on the wheel bore and the hub taper, there won't be enough hub left for the wheel to slip over the hub and grab. 3mm is the max spacer to keep the wheel hub centric. That wheel shown by 4x4silverado will need a min. 1/2 spacer. You won't have enough lug left using a 1/2" spacer.
  8. Very few fit. It's not so much the offset but the angle of the spokes. What wheel are you wanting?
  9. Hope you not planning on putting those ugly ass wheels on your truck
  10. If I come across the other thread I'll post it.
  11. There's another thread I can't find. Another option is GEN5DIY who has a harness for radar detector and optional for dash cams. Here's the link. https://www.gen5diy.com/collections/19-20-silverado-products/products/2019-chevrolet-silverado-radar-detector-harness
  12. It's there man just don't have time to look at the moment. When I find it I'll post.
  13. There's a thread and posts on this already. One member has a detailed install on it with pictures.
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