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  1. I like an LTZ and don't like the ZR2; I like the '22 refresh better than the LTD; I like the refresh LTZ so being said, I'd still take the '20 LTZ.
  2. Leaf springs and common. Shake the rear of the bed hard side to side and you'll hear it. Many have went to the dealer and ranges from spraying lube, greasing between leafs and even changing spring packs with only temporary fixes. Truck will sit at the dealer for days and most dealers say "it's normal". BS. That's a bad GM design. I had the same on my '19 RST and '22 LTZ. The only thing that works and the fix is called spring things. I just installed them on my '22. Thousands of GM truck owners use them and is the only product the company makes and for GM leaf springs. Easy install and works amazing and quiet as can be. I didn't even remove the wheels. Spring-things.com
  3. Can't get Bose in an LT. Only the LT TB. Don't think you can get buckets and electronic console shifter in an LT.
  4. If it does it's sure not noticeable. OP says his glitters and I don't see a glitter in Onyx black.
  5. I've had several trucks in Onyx Black and none were metallic. You say your GBA is metallic and my GBA trucks weren't. GBA code has been around for years. GM says GBA isn't metallic so I don't know what to tell you. Why would GM sell a black truck (Onyx Black GBA) and black Ebony Twilight/Mosaic if both were black metallic? The same paint code can even vary. Even though it's black, it may have hues of blue, white mixed in etc. The OP says his Onyx black glitters. Onyx and Twilight in comparison is like Summit white to Iridescent white. IDK Bud.
  6. According to Mr. GM authority know it all GETGONE Onyx does have metallic and I'm wrong. We're talking about new GM trucks in Onyx Black not a 20 year old Camaro. Current Silverado/Sierra Onyx Black isn't metallic.
  7. Absolutely, new trucks still get in accidents and new trucks still break but remember, there's new trucks that have been sitting in the shop for weeks and months now because you can't get parts. Good luck getting new panels right just just because "you want a different look". It's all good brother.
  8. It is worth noting that three of the four new colors are metallic paint options, bringing the total number of metallic paint colors to seven for the 2021 Sierra. With four exterior paint options deleted for the 2021 Sierra 1500, the addition of the four new hues keeps the total number of exterior paint options at 12 for the light duty pickup truck line. Assigned color code GB8 and touch-up paint code WA-384A, Ebony Twilight Metallic is one of two black exterior paint color options available for the 2021 Sierra 1500, with the other one being Onyx Black. The difference between the two is that Ebony Twilight is a metallic color, while Onyx Black is not.
  9. Onyx black doesn't have any metallic. Mosaic black had metallic.
  10. Who's hating? WTF did I say to hate? And if you wanna do a panel upgrade on your Custom TB then so be it but why refresh panels instead of a higher lever LTD? I'm just saying if someone has a 2021 LTZ why put refresh LTZ panels on it for hardly any difference? What's the big difference is what I asked? Plus I said GM probably won't sell any new door panels and are keeping them for new orders and builds. And what does my state and occupation have to do with anything? This is a forum and is where people post likes, dislikes, opinions and views. If we all liked the same truck, wheels, and colors then there'd be no need for a forum. We can agree to disagree on a forum and that's fine but If you don't like my opinions or posts, simply move on to another thread because I'm just giving my view and not personally attacking someone, their state or occupation.
  11. What does it matter to me??? I just made a statement. Why does it matter to put refresh door panels on a LTD? I mean really? What's so great about them? What do you like so much about them? How do you justify something that no one will notice with so little difference? Why don't you change the whole f'n dash while you're at it so it'll match your new door panels. Geez dude...
  12. Why would you wanna spend so much money on refresh door panels? There's nothing special about them, minor difference plus they may not even fit. The decor and trim won't match your current dash. Furthermore, I doubt GM will sell them right now just like all other the parts they're not selling due to shortages and keeping them for current orders and builds.
  13. True but for me, I don't need a slider snd never used it. I don't need the other things in the convenience II package. Question is, does he need and use a slider? He already said he didn't want those steps.
  14. I had a '19 RST with slider and it never leaked but have read of those that did. I ordered my '22 refresh LTZ without the slider to not chance it. My luck this one would leak. Besides, I never use the slider.
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