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  1. It's not just the offset but the angle of the spokes. I wouldn't run a 285/45/22. That's OEM for 2018 down and too short for the '19 up. A 275/50/22 with a '19 up High Country wheel will not rub. Period.
  2. Nope. I have a 2wd, High Country's come in 2wd and many friends have put 22's on 2wd's and no rubs. There's a thread on here of many members with 2wd's that put 22's.
  3. BS... they don't know what they're talking about. Nothing to be confused about. They'll fit. Be sure the tires are OEM size 275/50/22 . A 305/45/22 may rub but still doubt they would.
  4. They'll fit. As long as it's a wheel for 2019 up. 2018 wheels don't work because of the larger 4 piston calipers on the '19. Here's my 22" wheels on my 2019 RST.
  5. That has many variables. Changing it yourself? Brand and type oil used plus prices vary from shop to shop. Not sure how many qts. the 3.0 holds. Is this a deal breaker for you?
  6. How often do you see dirt on the first nozzle door? The outside fuel door does a good job of keeping the heavy stuff out. Do you ever put fuel if you see dirt on the nozzle door? If there's a little dirt it won't fall on the 2nd door because the 2nd nozzle door isn't directly under the first nozzle door. It's at about a 30° angle and several inches away. So, if there's any dirt on the first nozzle door, it will go straight down and not 30° forward several inches. That's how gravity works. If, and if dirt gets through the 2nd door, that's what fuel filters are for. You'll have more trash fro
  7. There's 2 doors. Once nozzle opens the first door it has to open the 2nd door. That's why you can't use a gas can. You need the special included funnel/nozzle if you're pouring from a can. Dirt getting isn't a problem.
  8. What letters? There's only the bowtie that snaps in and the Custom has letters cut-out into the grille.
  9. You're welcome. We'd love to see you in a new GM. Good luck!
  10. But he's talking about lumbar storage so what does underneath storage have to do with anything? And Vinny, you may have better luck posting this in the 2500 section. This is the 1500 section.
  11. Yep, I have to leave my gate down on my RST short box for my dirt bikes.
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