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  1. I guess it's still a good idea to get the update even if you're not having issues?
  2. I've seen plastic hub rings. I think there's aluminum though which would seem better but I'd rather a hub centric wheel. I'm not a fan of hub rings and spacers.
  3. Not running a 78mm hub centric bore is likely to cause a vibration. Then you'll have a problem pinpointing the vibration not knowing if it's a balancing, wheel or tire issue. They make hub centric rings but not sure how effective that is. I'd prefer a hub centric wheel. Just saying.
  4. It would help if you'd post a picture but, with a 106 bore, that isn't a hub centric wheel. GM trucks don't like wheels that aren't hub centric. I wouldn't run it.
  5. Thanks. I didn't think they had adaptors for the Bose system speakers or is that just for the tweeters?
  6. You say the dash speakers were marked with +. Were the front and rear doors marked as well? Do you know the color for the + in front and rear?
  7. Be sure they will fit. This is a pre T1 wheel and most 2018 and older wheels won't work on T1's because of the larger 4 piston calipers.
  8. What 7" coaxial did you use in the rear doors? 2 ohm or 4 ohm?
  9. I find the volume in the rears are low. Thinking 2 ohm speakers would be louder. Just thinking out loud.
  10. Gotcha. I see powebass makes a 2 ohm 6x9 in 2 or 3 way. Thinking that would make a difference in the front doors over the 4 ohm idk. You think 2 ohm speakers in rear doors would work instead of 4 ohm?
  11. Wow... thanks for the pics and the update. Was hoping for a better outcome on the PBbusing the 2 ohm jumpers. Is the OEM front door speakers mid bass or 2 way? Can you hear the tweeters on the Kickers or are there factory Bose high frequency blockers? So the Kickers sound better but just not as loud because of being 4 ohm? Maybe a low ohm 2 or 3 way would sound better. PB has a 2 ohm 2 and 3 way which may sound better than the mid bass speaker. Have you done anything with the rear doors? I think those are 4 ohm. I wonder if changing them to 2 ohm would help?
  12. Great. Anxious to see how this setup sounds. Keep me posted please.
  13. I looked at the Power Bass 6x9. Says the 2 way fits but not the 3 way. That's weird... Both are 2 ohm. Did you order the 2 or 3 way? Do you have Bose or standard sound in your truck?
  14. Thanks for the info. Yea I wondered if using 4ohm speakers would lower the volume. I don't know of any 2 ohm 6x9's. Did the dash tweeters make a big difference?
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