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  1. My RST Bose has 6x9's in the door. Does the non Bose have 6.5's?
  2. Good to know that OE Wheels has better wheels now. We have a local shop called Rim Pros and have several in stock. I looked at several of the older wheels '14-'18 and wasn't satisfied with the finish. They may have been good structurally but not cosmetic. There were visible machine and tool marks blemishes etc. where the finish was just applied over it. The lug pockets were horrible. They do have nice '19 styles though and a few that OE Creations doesn't and vice versa. When I purchased my wheels in March OE Creations was the only one who had '19 wheels and had just been released. I hadn't seen them in person and was hoping I wouldn't be disappointed with a poor finish on them. Again, very satisfied. Glad yours from OE Wheels are finished well.
  3. Factory Reproductions are great wheels. I've had several sets with no issues. For the '19's, I'd go with OE Creations. They have the new style GM wheels in several finishes. I put a set of the 2019 OE Creations PR196 wheels and I'm very satisfied with them. Fit and finish are flawless and balanced out perfect and required very little weight. Wheel Pros is the distributor for OE Creations and doesn't sell direct but if you call them they'll refer you to the nearest dealer. https://www.wheelpros.com/wheels/oe-creations/
  4. Nice to know for those that don't have it but, can't see having to fork out $400 for something that should already be there when it was in previous trucks.
  5. Aww BS...The dealer is full of it... When they told you that did you say well come show me that on others??? What trim is it LT? I've never seen that before. Looks like it was melted.
  6. You'll get flooded with offers from the satellite access for $4.99 a month for 12 mos.
  7. Magic eraser lol? It's not a scuff it's a "scratch" through the clear an possibly through the base and primer. Eraser won't put color back or fill.
  8. Yea but not the same as having it in your radio and using steering wheel controls etc. But better than though I guess.
  9. Yea but not the same as having it in your radio and using steering wheel controls etc. But better than nothing though.
  10. When I was shopping for a Silverado in March, I was looking at an LT. Looked at many online and drove a few. The radio was always on FM when I test drove. I told the salesman to work up the one I decided on. While he was starting the paperwork, I was playing around getting familiar with the truck. Couldn't find the XM tab. I asked the salesman and he said There's none. I'm like WTF?? No XM? Thought all Silverados had XM. Previous year LT's had it. Took it for granted that the '19 LT had it. Really GM??? That was a deal breaker for me. Ended up going with an RST for not much more with the Bose system and many more features. Glad I did. Very satisfied with the RST.
  11. Ebay usually has take-offs. Try dealers in your area. Several dealers here sell take-offs.
  12. Is it cut into the clear and can you feel it with your fingernail?
  13. I get my accessories from shopchevyparts.com. Prices are below msrp and cheaper than other GM accessory sites.
  14. There's many topics on this and have been since the '19's came out. The offset has changed but that's not the biggest issue. GM went to a larger 4 piston brake caliper and it's now about the angle of the spokes. That's the issue you'll have with '14-'18 wheels. Not so much the offset but the spokes hitting the caliper because of the angle.
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