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  1. I'd stay with the 2019 up OEM 22 which is a 275/50/22. 2018 OEM 22 was a 285/45/22 and are a little shorter. I'm running Michelin 275/50/22.
  2. Looks like a nice set. Should help with dings. Paint match is the key and they claim 100% color match.
  3. I used WULF suspension shackles on my RST. Perfect fit and has 2 holes for 1 or 2" drop and grease zerk fittings. I'm not sure why shackles won't fit the AT4.
  4. Yea must've been used or mounted. Did you send them pics? Try calling.
  5. Don't remember if they said OE Creations on the box. I got mine from a local dealer but they were shipped from the Wheel Pros warehouse in New Orleans. Wheel Pros is the only distributor for OE Creations. Mine where double boxed with no damage. There were thick, hard cardboard strips to protect the rim edges and plastic rim guards. Looks like someone may have sent them back. Did you contact them?
  6. I have none of those issues you mentioned with mine on my '19.. Maybe you got a blem or defective set.
  7. GM factory weather mats is the best you'll get. As said, puts Weathertech to shame.
  8. ^^^^As per above? When using remote start nothing comes on except A/C /heat until you push the start button.
  9. Anything will work; towel like said, a piece of foam, vinyl dinner table place mat, small pillow etc. Or just buy the child seat protector.
  10. Yea like said above, Satin Steel and Northsky Blue hard to find.
  11. What color is your truck? Shop chevy parts sells mirror covers in some colors. Check ebay for new handle take-offs.
  12. I've always had best results with a back up bulb that has a projector as in Hot wheel's post.
  13. It's not just the wheel size but the tire size option. It has to be an o.d. tire size that was an option on that vehicle and not just a 20" wheel with a big tire that wouldn't have come on that truck. You're not calibrating the wheel to speedo but overall diamater of the tire to speedo.
  14. You may get better results in the 2500 section.
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