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  1. There's nothing to figure out just paint them. They're painted from the factory and come unpainted from GM with paint to match.
  2. When I got new wheels and tires for my '22 refresh I ordered 4 new GM sensors on ebay (correct frequency). Shop who installed them couldn't learn them. I drove a few miles to the dealer and the tech couldn't learn them. Went back to the install shop and they took my '22 sensors out the OEM wheels and "voila". Worked. The '22 sensors are different and look different from the '19 sensors even though the frequency is the same.
  3. No it changed on the '22 refresh.
  4. Refresh also has more standard safety features along with projector headlights.
  5. 2022 had 2 models. The LTD which was the same as the '19-'21 and the '22 refresh. Refresh had a new interior, other standard features and different front end.
  6. I can say is he doesn't stay in an office all day. He's out making rounds in the shop and if there were any failures with DFM deactivated, he'd know. Like I said, anything can happen with any. Most failures were between '19-'21 and even pre T1's. I surmise there's a greater chance of lifter failure with DFM than without. AFM/DFM is junk and GM knows it. Decimal percent when you do the math and it comes out to be in the millions of trucks that have engine failure due to AFM/DFM. Junk technology driven by government demands. Trump on one issue when it came to this topic and he saw the writing on the wall and new that it would do harm more than good and decided to roll back the” ever changing” emissions standards that most auto and even rail manufacturers could not keep up with. If Biden had any common sense, he would have left it alone and there would be plenty of new vehicles in the parking lots of dealerships. I'm getting better mileage on my refresh without DFM than my '19 with it. Yes, believe it or not.
  7. 2022 LTD or refresh? The 2019-2022 LTD has had issues. Haven't heard any issues on the refresh.
  8. Anything can happen sure. I've read tons of posts on many groups and forums and haven't heard of a lifter failure with DFM deactivated. My good friend is the the service Mgr. and he hasn't seen any DFM delete engines come in with a failure yet. Just saying...
  9. Correct, but I think the lifter problem comes from DFM activations. I've kept up with other lifter threads and haven't heard of any failures from one that has DFM deactivated; yet that is.
  10. DFM is the contributing factor to lifter failures. Check if the 5.3 has DFM. I ordered My 2022 in Dec. of 2021, got it in March of 2022 and it didn't have DFM. Doesn't sound like a helicopter with performance exhaust.
  11. Tried Edge again and it worked thanks. It must not like Chrome.
  12. I did that and a few other ways. Says error failed to load PDF document. Tried on 2 different browsers Chrome and Microsoft edge.
  13. Can't get the link to work. Tried different ways.
  14. Man when you start doing high lifts like that and start messing with the suspension geometry and pinion angles all kinda ****** starts happening with screwy noises and vibration. It may be hard to pinpoint it.
  15. I'd somewhat disagree with that. Black has run its course. Many are taking black wheels off and going chrome. I see it often. I don't think black is classy. Looks too "rattle can" and commercial looking. To each his own though. Just my opinion. It's all according to what one likes .
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