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  1. Yes you are very correct Dan. I've ran 22's on my 2007-2016 trucks (had many) and yes, the Bridgestone 285/45/22 was a little harsher than the stock 275/55/20's naturally because of more sidewall. I won't dispute that. On my T1, I went with a 275/50/22 which is the recommended 22" tire size for '19. I was expecting a little harsher ride like my previous trucks with these being a 265/65/18 and because of a 4" difference in wheel size . I went with the Michelins, had them road force balanced and couldn't believe the ride. As crazy as it sounds, it actually rides a little better than the 18's. I understand there is more sidewall on the new size 22" but for it to ride as good or better than stock 18's?? Doesn't make sense but it is what it is and I know this for a fact. Here's the kicker; the 275/50/22 has more sidewall than the previous years 285/45/22 but still not as much sidewall as my 265/65/18. So how do you explain an equal or better ride with less sidewall??? I guess it's a combo of new T1 22" tire size, suspension and tire brand? IDK. I cannot attest the ride on a Bridgestone new size 275/50/22 but can on a Michelin. I can also attest the ride on the previous size Bridgestone 285/45/22 which is a little harsher than the OEM 275/55/20's. Don't know what else to say.
  2. You must've read his post wrong. He's saying the 20" rim size rode worse than his 22's. I know for a fact that my Michelin 22's ride better than my stock 18's did.
  3. Agree, no one thinks the Sierra fender wells look good. Except the designers...
  4. There's a thread on this and I believe it was a fuel tank/filler neck vent line issue? There's a service bulletin listed on the thread. Sorry didn't have time to browse through the threads. Someone will chime in on the link.
  5. 2 Window tint, shorty antenna and level. I prefer dropping the rear to level as I don't like lifting the front. I like closing fender gaps and not increasing them. What wheels are you looking at? There are not many chrome 22's that clear the new 2019 calipers.
  6. Yep, looks nice congrats 👍. Please dont start blackening it out, wrapping, putting Grapplers and rattle can looking black wheels lol. It's clean and classy now and I know you'll get many compliments 😉.
  7. Lowering kits or info?

    Did they tell you the one about the 3 bears?
  8. Hmm... What size 22" tires do you have? I surmise 285/45/22?
  9. I've ran 22's for several years on my last 4 GM trucks. Yes, they were a little harsher than the stock 18/20's. Now on the '19? I can't tell any ride difference from the OEM 18's. I have Michelin 22's road force balanced on my '19 RST running 36 psi. They are extremely smooth and quiet at all speeds and couldn't be happier with the ride. The 22's for '19 went from a 285/45/22 to a 275/50/22. Apparently that made the difference. I wouldn't go back to a smaller wheel diameter.
  10. Would it rub?

    A 275/65/20 all terrain has an o.d. of 34" and a highway OEM 275/50/22 has an o.d. of around 33". That's 1" o.d. difference between the 2 which means 1/2" difference on the ride height. The 295/60/20 is 34.3.
  11. True on those points but better looks? Hmm... not so sure about that. Sierra has always been a nice classy truck. I've owned many new Sierra's and Silverado's since 1985 and always had GM trucks. Some years the Sierra looked better and some years the Silverado looked better. I just came out of a '16 Sierra but GM dropped the ball on the '19 Sierra with those hideous sim card looking fender wells. The fender well trim does it no justice and just enhances the ugliness. I hear so many people saying that and even GMC salesman saying what a terrible job designers did on those fenders and is why many didn't buy the Sierra. I don't know what designers were thinking but it is what it is. It would be a really nice looking truck if the wells were either rectangular or round. The way they are now is horrible... I suspect those fenders will change. The "boss" can drive his Sierra and I'll stick with my "crew" RST for '19.
  12. Nope, no change in bore. Still 78.1 and 6x139.7. The offset has changed as well as the angle of the spokes on the wheels to clear the larger 4 piston calipers. Be sure your wheels will clear the calipers.
  13. It's not that bad really. Go a 1/2 turn on each and try it.
  14. I think the op was asking about an auto adjust which unfortunately doesn't have. If you lower the headlights and adjust for towing with a load, when there's no load the aim will be too low. Maybe lower them a little and find the happy medium. I go to my local post office on a level slab and use the brick mortar joints as a guide to get them level. Turn a little to lower then test drive. This is what I've done for many years on my trucks.
  15. Hasn't changed. What thickness spacer are you looking for?

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