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  1. Do you know if the Red Tintcoat and Northsky Blue will still be available?
  2. I like my Silverado LED's. My good friend has the Sierra SLT and they are the same. The new '22 looks like it will have projector LED's so that should be interesting.
  3. Any hear of additions or deletions to current colors for '22? The ZR2 looks a brighter blue.
  4. I understand but I think it'll be really close even though it 's a CGI. I'm sure they used the photos between the LT, ZR2 to model it.
  5. My '19 did that and I deleted all user info, reinstalled user and problem was gone forever.
  6. I didn't care for the inserts so I went with the LTZ grille on my RST. It gives a nice break from the all color keyed front.
  7. Yes, there's a thread on this. Majority is GM weather mats are better than Weather tech. I have the GM mats and I can say they're better.
  8. I understand. Lift blocks do require an opposite pinion angle than lowering. My '19 RST didn't have any blocks and only a shim. I don't think the 4X4 has a factory shim.
  9. That thread is for lift blocks and not lowering and shims. Here's a pic of the shim (vice grips shown attached to the lower tie bolt and socket on the top). I have the 2" Wulff shackles on my 19 RST. There's a drop shackle thread on here. I'll find it when I have a chance.
  10. If you're just using drop shackles in the rear, you don't need shims. Just spin the existing shim 180° and that gives you the correct angle.
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