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  1. No you don't need year specific sensors just the correct frequency. GM used 433mhz on many other older models.
  2. Ditto and fob has to be detected inside cab to start.
  3. Guess I don't follow you. If the fob is on your possession or near you how can someone enter your truck and drive off anyway?
  4. My 2019 RST 5.3 sits on 210 and voltage 14v but will fluctuate. Alternator output is computer controlled and will vary accordingly depending on conditions, voltage and what's being used but should operate within the "normal" lines. Voltage will drop when the battery is fully charged. Not sure about what temp the 3.0 should run. Someone should chime in.
  5. Nah it's all good bud. Wish I could see your wheels. All I see is a black blob
  6. What paint did you use on your wheels? Rustoleum or Krylon? If you get your bumper, grille or wheels messed up off roading you can always re-spray for a few bucks . I surmise you don't go mud riding or off roading with that new truck anyway. Pavement queen to look like an off road truck?
  7. Looks nice. I changed my RST grille to an LTZ grille to break up the all blue front end. I think it gives a good contrast with the painted bumper with chrome and paint.
  8. I'm with ya and true about black wheels. Reminds me of wheels without wheel covers and hubcaps. To me black wheels especially flat black just looks too rattle can looking...
  9. Yep I have it crossed. 433mhz for '19. Must've been having a moment
  10. Looks good bud. I'm seeing more people going towards chrome lately. Several here have removed black wheels for chrome.
  11. I only lowered the rear 2" using drop shackles. Now the truck is level. I had to spin the factory pinion shim. There's some threads on here with lowered front/rear trucks and just some with just rear shackles. Some others may chime in.
  12. I see the headlights have some resemblance but the 150 doesn't have the hideous sim card fender wells, cheap looking ugly fender trim and the oversize clown grille.
  13. They may use a different name as GM has alias names on paint. My RST is Northsky blue and is listed as " some kinda blue". There's a GM tag on the back of my grille and front vent shrouds that say some kinda blue. Not sure what the other Shadow Gray name is but will be the same code.
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