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  1. Beautiful truck, nice trim and wheels but I think it looked better the other way. Too much fender to tire clearance.
  2. You couldn't even put gas from a can without using the included funnel that releases the inner fuel door. Your gas won't be siphoned.
  3. Hmm, I know They're available for the Silverado. Here's factory accessory Sierra fogs. Not sure if they work on the SLE. https://www.shopchevyparts.com/exterior/2019-sierra-1500-led-front-fog-light-package-models-with-task-lighting/84280754-p-92301919.html
  4. Lol wasn't paying attention about it Not being a '19. No wonder he didn't use the Michelob Ultra cans.
  5. You can fit a pumpkin between the tire and fender well. Too big of a gap for those tires..
  6. When I ordered touch up paint for my Northsky Blue, it said Some Kinda Blue Metallic.
  7. So you see a dealer did have a Red Quartz. And? What you think of the color?
  8. Red Quartz/Cajun has been around a few years and is not new color for '19. Hard to believe all the Chevrolet/GMC dealers in your area or neighboring towns have only black, white and silver trucks. It doesn't have to be an AT4 to see Red Quartz in person. It can be a Silverado (Cajun Red Tintcoat), SLE, SLT, Denali etc. so yes, it's strange. When I was looking at '19's in January, I was looking at Cajun Red or Northsky Blue. I already knew what Cajun Red looked like in person. Northsky Blue Metallic was a new color for '19 and when I looked at them online, between a phone, tablet, monitor, pictures on the Chevrolet sight, indoor pics, outside pics, sun, shade they all looked different. Onyx Black is black but you can't accurately visualize these high metallic paints unless you see them in person. I was leaning towards the Cajun Red (beautiful color) but seeing the Northsky Blue in person made my decision and went blue. Just saying, you can take a drive and find a Red Quartz/Cajun Red truck at a dealer to see it in person.
  9. So you ordered a $$,$$$ truck that you haven't even seen the color in person yet? Surely you have a Chevrolet or GMC dealer in your area that you can go see the color in person. Weird...
  10. Great if it comes off that easy. I didn't take my grille off to change the bowtie I changed grilles. Just saying it's easy to remove and the post about breaking push pins, forgetting bolts and breaking the grille is a crock.
  11. It's all simple to do. Removed mine on my '19 and was a breeze. There's only 4 bolts on top so how do you forget a bolt? OMG really? Even if someone was ignorant to not put any bolts back the grille still wouldn't fall off. I've Removed several grilles on '14-'18 Silverados and Sierras and never broke a push pin on the shroud. Never heard of such. They're practically unbreakable. Oh, and you won't break the grille.
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