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  1. My mistake. Quote was from TNT. So, curious as to why you hate the truck? Are having problems?
  2. Ok, he won't buy new again and he doesn't want used so WTH will he get? He'll never own a vehicle if that's the case.
  3. What trim level do you have? Apparently it doesn't have passive lock/remote.
  4. Here's what doesn't make sense. OP claims he'll never buy another new vehicle again and won't buy used. So what are you trading on? New? Used? Very contradictory...
  5. So you're trading this on a used vehicle? What are you trading for and why?
  6. We ordered the upfitter switches on our Fire Dept. 2020 1500. They were ordered on the spec sheet but weren't factory installed. They were shipped with the truck but we had to install them. You can order them though.
  7. By the time you do that, you may as well just get a set already done and sell your silver ones. https://www.ebay.com/itm/20-black-2020-Chevy-Silverado-RST-OE-replica-fits-2021-Tahoe-Suburban-6x5-5-28/274581922252?hash=item3fee5ba1cc:g:p6YAAOSw-R9ftg2I
  8. Thanks for the update; keep us posted. I hope the black box tells them something. And no other member on the forum has had this issue?
  9. If you tint them, it's not easily removable. The glue will stay on the lens. When removing tint, you have to scrape the residual glue with a razor blade which will ruin the lens. If you use a solvent to remove the glue, same result. If you wanna tint, that's fine but it's not a put on take off monthly thing and easily removed unless you remove it right after installation before the glue dries. Tint has nasty strong glue that stays behind when cured even if you use a heat gun.
  10. If you're gonna tint the fog lights them you may as well just pull them out and install the plastic blanks. Tinting fogs renders them totally useless. Like wearing a mask around your neck. What's the point?
  11. Yes, there's a Northsky thread with many posts already. Sierras are posted on it as well. Same color as mentioned above.
  12. Here you go. Shipping to my zip code was $23 not sure what it'll be for yours. https://www.gmcertifiedparts.com/oem-parts/gm-grille-84493319
  13. Yep that's what it was. It was a GM parts warehouse site. Don't remember which one off hand; that was April of 2019. I have it somewhere. I'll dig it up and get back with you.
  14. I've tried Dr. Color chip. Wasn't happy with the end result. It's the easiest way but not the best end result. Just puts a little color in the chip but the chip is still there and can feel it with your fingernail. It smears paint outside the chip and if you use the solvent too close to the chip it removes the paint in the chip. It also doesn't build it up to a level with the existing paint. It's just for the amature I guess. I don't use pens. I build up the chip with base and clear using quality brushes for the size chip/scratch, wet sand until flat and buff. Can't tell and looks amazing. Just my opinion.
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