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  1. Grill Removal 2019 Silverado RST

    4 bolts then everything else is clips. After bolts are off, lift up on grille top where bolts are, and pull out slightly to release grille from support. Pull hard you won't break it. On some clips, you may have to reach behind grille and use needle nose pliers to release them. The ears around the headlights are white push clips and you may have to use trim removal pry tool between the grille and headlights. If so, put painters tape around headlights if you need to pry. I just catch ear ends and pull.
  2. After Market Grille

    Yea I looked at the T-rex and didn't care for it. Love the LTZ grille. Part number is 84493319. Link listed above. Just enter part number in search bar on the home page.
  3. Chrome Delete

    The chrome looks cool 😎. Love the Cheyenne 👍
  4. After Market Grille

    Thanks, https://www.gmcertifiedparts.com Did you ever get the T-rex grille?
  5. Timbrens?

    Do you have the max trailering package?
  6. After Market Grille

    I put an LTZ grille on my RST to break it up some (used my RST black bowtie). Was a bit too much blue on the front for me. Fixing to put chrome 22's on so it should contrast good.
  7. They've been doing 0% forever... RAM is doing 12-15k off here. I'm not making light of the RAM and to me it's not a bad looking truck. Just saying...
  8. Aw B.S... You gonna keep the '18 forever? You're gonna have too now otherwise you'll be in an ugly truck if you buy GM. When the 14's came out people were saying the same and previous years body style years too.
  9. Yea the angle of the spoke.
  10. BD Trims has them in 16 colors for $49.95 in flat or domed ($10 more). I've seen them in person on trucks and are great quality and perfect fit. My dealer uses them. GM is stupid on their price for these and would never pay that much. Voucher or not...
  11. I've seen wheels test fitted at a shop that hit the caliper and it's actually not the hump hitting the wheel spoke but the caliper body itself.
  12. I've seen RAM's with this pushup orangesicle color. Yuck...
  13. Yea wth... State Hwy. Dept orange.
  14. Very nice. The chrome wheels look good . Same style wheels I had on my '16 except mine were 22's. Fixing to put 22's on my '19.

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