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  1. Not running a 78mm hub centric bore is likely to cause a vibration. Then you'll have a problem pinpointing the vibration not knowing if it's a balancing, wheel or tire issue. They make hub centric rings but not sure how effective that is. I'd prefer a hub centric wheel. Just saying.
  2. It would help if you'd post a picture but, with a 106 bore, that isn't a hub centric wheel. GM trucks don't like wheels that aren't hub centric. I wouldn't run it.
  3. Thanks. I didn't think they had adaptors for the Bose system speakers or is that just for the tweeters?
  4. You say the dash speakers were marked with +. Were the front and rear doors marked as well? Do you know the color for the + in front and rear?
  5. Be sure they will fit. This is a pre T1 wheel and most 2018 and older wheels won't work on T1's because of the larger 4 piston calipers.
  6. What 7" coaxial did you use in the rear doors? 2 ohm or 4 ohm?
  7. I find the volume in the rears are low. Thinking 2 ohm speakers would be louder. Just thinking out loud.
  8. Gotcha. I see powebass makes a 2 ohm 6x9 in 2 or 3 way. Thinking that would make a difference in the front doors over the 4 ohm idk. You think 2 ohm speakers in rear doors would work instead of 4 ohm?
  9. Wow... thanks for the pics and the update. Was hoping for a better outcome on the PBbusing the 2 ohm jumpers. Is the OEM front door speakers mid bass or 2 way? Can you hear the tweeters on the Kickers or are there factory Bose high frequency blockers? So the Kickers sound better but just not as loud because of being 4 ohm? Maybe a low ohm 2 or 3 way would sound better. PB has a 2 ohm 2 and 3 way which may sound better than the mid bass speaker. Have you done anything with the rear doors? I think those are 4 ohm. I wonder if changing them to 2 ohm would help?
  10. Great. Anxious to see how this setup sounds. Keep me posted please.
  11. I looked at the Power Bass 6x9. Says the 2 way fits but not the 3 way. That's weird... Both are 2 ohm. Did you order the 2 or 3 way? Do you have Bose or standard sound in your truck?
  12. Thanks for the info. Yea I wondered if using 4ohm speakers would lower the volume. I don't know of any 2 ohm 6x9's. Did the dash tweeters make a big difference?
  13. Which door baffles did you get and can you post a link? Also which Kicker 6x9 door and dash tweeters did you use? Did you have the Bose system?
  14. Thanks man. Please take a few pics along the way.
  15. Curious to know myself if he did. I haven't done mine yet.
  16. Nice color choice. That's the color I went with.
  17. My 2019 RST had DFM and my '22 LTZ Z71 doesn't and I'm glad.
  18. Did you add the body side moldings? If so have a link?
  19. They are painted from the factory. I had a damaged one and were paint to match from GM. Paint won't hurt them. No issues
  20. Oh it begins. This punk is gonna attack me just for posting my opinion then turns around and gives his opinion on my post? The same ****** he attacked me for?? Really? And no, no one asked my opinion Tyler I just stated it like others do on a forum. I never attacked the OP and I did say it's whatever one likes. Simple. If "Mr. Tyler" doesn't like my posts move on to another thread. Screw this dude...
  21. And who asked for your opinion on my opinion? So you're in the same boat. NO ONE ASKED YOUR OPINION SO F**K OFF Tyler!
  22. That's right bud. I like chrome maybe he doesn't. I hate black wheels maybe you don't. I'm giving my opinion and that's what a forum is for. If we all had the same truck, liked the same wheels, colors etc. then there'd be no need forum. It's all what one likes. It's all good brother.
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