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  1. Make sure the headlight bulbs themselves are tight in the capsule when installing and also that the capsule mounts are tight. If the capsule moves to much, vibration can cause them to burn out sooner.
  2. I believe this kit is easier to work with than other kits such as the Dorman option. All lines are pre-cut, flared with new fittings and labeled as to where they go. The kit includes all the lines for the listed vehicle. https://agscompany.com/ez-fit/
  3. Looks like a good/new idea for brake line replacement! https://agscompany.com/ez-fit-chevy-brake-line-kit/
  4. Something new featured in a trade magazine I get. Sounds like a good idea! https://agscompany.com/ez-fit-chevy-brake-line-kit/
  5. Check this out. https://www.dormanproducts.com/gsearch.aspx?year=2012&make=GMC&model=Sierra%202500%20HD&origin=YMM&q=interior door handle
  6. Why don't you make one out of a couple zip ties?
  7. Thanks Chevyguy, just was about to post the same info. Here's the link. https://mobiloil.com/en/promotion/mobil-promotions/17-off-motor-oil-march-may-2018
  8. Installation instructions for retrofit kit. Pretty straight forward job. http://www.rockauto.com/genImages/348/GMCAFInst.PDF
  9. Do all 2018 Equinox use start/stop technology? Thanks.
  10. More than one model of Huskies. What model are yours Tim?
  11. Go to Amsoil website. Put in your vehicle info and product choices are listed along with capacities.
  12. You're right, but to get the rim really clean remove the tire completely. When clean, apply sealer and reinstall.
  13. There are a number of things that can cause/make this worse. The clamping action on some tire changers is one. Most machines have protective boots to prevent this but many shops don't take the time to use them. Another possibility is where the inside wheel weight clips to the rim. The attaching/removal of the weights chip the chrome slightly and corrosion starts. All this adds to your problem. Road salt accelerates the process. Once you have the rim cleaned as best you can, they do make a rim sealer that works pretty well. It has the consistency of thick black paint. It should be applied either to the rim or tire bead before tire mounting. Any place that does tire work should have some. Hope this helps.
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