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  1. Nope, we did not make this change. It appears to be a change within the forum software itself. I'll see if this is something I can adjust or not. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Something also to keep in mind, is it may be that emails formatted in with smaller quotes may get caught less in spam, etc.
  2. We are working on this and have a fix on the way. Thanks for everyone being patient. We've been focused on upgrading the forum and speeding things up. We have also been working hard on mobility, an incredible amount of people use the forum from their phones are we are having to adapt. This applies to tapatalk as well, however, most users are visiting via mobile browser.
  3. Great to have you back and congrats on the new truck!!
  4. Following. I have been lookin for one as well. I found some under the winchester brand at tractor supply that looked like a good deal. If you have the budget, and are looking for something more high tech, I like the vaultek brand. I will be getting a lifepod, but the bigger safes are pretty expensive. My problem is I'd like it to be fire safe so I can also store some documents inside.
  5. Yes, as Zane has already mentioned, we are very sorry that you guys got these messages. We hate spam, and we hate it even more on this site. We have implemented a few changes that should prevent this from happening moving forward. Thanks to everyone who reported the posts and reached out to me directly.
  6. Hi Fuelie, Lifetime supporting membership does not renew. It is a one time fee and then you have supporting membership for life. There are no recurring fees. Hope this answers your question and thanks for your support! Josh
  7. We This should be taken care of as of last night. If anyone sees this again, let me know.
  8. Hey guys, if you get a server error please post it here so we can see it. We have seen a few ourselves and are working with our host to address it. I have also confirmed there is something going on with mobile/android as you guys have mentioned. We are on it!
  9. I'm an admin. Would be happy to assist you. Please send me a private message or post here.
  10. Pfc1

    Hello, is it normal to have problems trying to use a mobile device when accessing the forum, my android doesn't like it at all. Has anyone posed this question to you before, thanks

  11. Very excited to have Roto-fab as a vendor on GM-Trucks.com Everyone stay tuned for a product review/video of their intake system on our project truck.
  12. You should be able to collapse that ad, but I will investigate this further.. thank you very much! Josh
  13. Thanks for letting us know. Please note, tapatalk was not working for about two days. When we upgraded the plugin yesterday it probably went back and sent out notifications for the past two days. I think this explains your lag issue, so please let us know if you experience this again moving forward. ?
  14. We actually just updated Tapatalk earlier today and it may be a bit behind because of that. Let us know how it goes the rest of the day and tomorrow.
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