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  1. New Purchase

    Welcome aboard!!. Badass project truck you got there.. Can't wait to see how it progresses! Shoot me a PM and I'll get some GM-Trucks.com decals for that back window!!
  2. Welcome aboard! Shoot me a message and I'll get some GM-Trucks.com decals out for ya!
  3. New from SW VA

    Welcome aboard! Congrats on the new truck. Send me a PM with your address and we'll send some GM-Trucks.com decals out for it. Josh
  4. New guy from Mass

    Thats awesome. Yeah, we love it here. We are based out of Henniker, NH! Looks like you are in Texas Now? I was In Austin at the beginning of the year. Had a blast.
  5. New guy from Mass

    Welcome aboard Eric. Mass huh? The site is run from New Hampshire! PM me your address and we will send some decals out for your truck
  6. After you select it, it should remember the selection for you when you are logged in. Does it automatically go back to the chevy one, or does it eventually reset after a few days?
  7. Hi there diyer2, Great question. The background image of all the Silverado's was actually taken at the press release event for the 2019 trucks. However, did you know that you can change the banner? If you click the icon in the top right of the page (it looks like an image icon) it will drop down a list of other backgrounds we have. There is a 2011 GMC Sierra in there as well as a Denali. With that said, I think we need to get a 2019 GMC in the mix. I'll see what I can do Josh
  8. Tapatalk images?

    Tapatalk updates their app and breaks everything like literally every month. We have some maintenance we will be running soon and I will verify the tapatalk app is up to date at the same time. Thanks for the heads up!!
  9. Yes, most cameras these days take pictures that are huge. If we let everyone upload pictures without resizing it would cost a fortune. For ease of use we do allow members to upload directly to the site. But if you want to upload higher resolution photos you may want to look at other options for hosting them. Also, try uploading to the site gallery. I think you get a little more space in there, but I'll have to double check,
  10. Hi There. That is definitely not how it is suppose to function. Even from different computers, while logged in, your background should be remembered. Try clearing your cache. Does this help? What browser are you using? Does it still happen if you use a different browser? Hopefully we can nail the issue down for you. Josh
  11. Josh could you please delete my account. I no longer own a GM truck. I appreciate the information I received while on the forum. 

  12. Wow, nice looking truck. You definitely win first 2019 owner on the site. PM your address and I'll get you some gm-trucks.com decals to put on that bad boy. Let me know your size and I'll send a shirt too.
  13. I 10,000% agree with you. This is how this car should be.
  14. Zane gets first look at the carbon fiber bed:

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