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  1. Ok yes let me know what it turns out reading I'm curious and can relate to electrical problems
  2. No problem. I have heard very mixed reviews regarding both applications. Most common being oil leak in 8.1 and common diesel problems. I use my 2nd 6.0 (01) for plowing. And it is tuned but even untuned it was a TANK Look at my signature to see the POWER of the late model 6.0 Yea I was done with payments. My Advice is you get a 01-06 6.0 LS They are Bulletproof and not too knowledgeable about the Chevy manual but The 4l80e tranny had done good by me plowing heavy duty no problems. I really like the 01-03 years. You could find one under 9k and maybe need to Put a couple 1000 of work in em but that engine'll last ya
  3. Check your crankshaft position sensor. It really gave me a diagnostic pain in ass Its a bitch to replace too gotta remove starter
  4. Have you charged it? Because when it's colder the pressure is lower that's why you have to use gauges in Relation to atmosphere temp. Another possibility is a high pressure cutoff
  5. Easy check if it's HD: Look by radiator. If there's a small block in front that's the tranny cooler equipped on HD Models. Also HD Models gave a Tranny temp gauge on cluster
  6. I had to completely rebuild my 01 ac system. As mentioned high cut off and low cutoff are possibilities. Get a set of gauges from harbor freight. Cheap and do the job. Connect with quick connect to the high and low side (back left of Engine bay) They have black caps. Also when you do the gauges don't forget to open it. There are many other things and I can help but need more info
  7. I have the same control on my 01. What are the symptoms? No functionality , some etc
  8. Something Else to look at is the type of throttle control. Mine is a second cable some are electrical. Check cable would be something easy
  9. You gotta get a wiring diagram to trace the circuit. Something is tripping it it sounds like. Could be a relay or other issue but the service manual is very helpful in these situations and is well worth the 20 bucks
  10. The Alison tranny is a masterpiece so I've heard. I have the 4l80e or something like that. Tow haul mode holds the gears longer hence higher rev limit and the deceleration feeling is because you're in lower gear. Like other guy said mileage is Typical. I have a tune on mine so my tow haul mode is reprogrammed but it won't hurt you Unless you're doing it while moving. I hear that can cause long-term problems
  11. Get the 6.0! I've had 2. No Alison tranny I think I have the 480le or something like that. I've had 2 and they're bulletproof dude. See my signature true story. But this is how I've been screwed on my 01 and 03 2500hd 6.0s (That's all I buy that 6.0 Vortec) • AC - "Blower Motor" pretty sure is the cooling fan because you just have the compressor, accumulator, and some cutoff switches. I had to replace all on my 01 • brakes. Check brake lines for rust corrosion • check power steering pump and water pump for leaks and noises • check for ANY sign of electrical Gremlins • check the frame for severe corrosion (moreso here in NY) • check u joints and axle parts for loose or torn bushings and such • check the tranny: any hard shifting, slipping, etc • check transfer case by going through the 4 hi and low (roll going about 1-3mph and hit button. If it has trouble you will have trouble • check the catalytic converter for a rainbow color indicating rich fuel and It had been detonating in the cat • check exhaust for bad corrosion • check Carfax for maintenance history accident etc • leak around Differential I could go on but those are main ones. It's a great truck I highly recommend the 6.0 See my signature it's a true story
  12. Hey buddy. Glad you're looking in the right area. These are GREAT trucks. I like the 99-06 better than new ones. Less pcm controlling everything. My advice is I've had 2 (01, 03) 6.0 LS Engines the Vortec and the 480le I think is the Tranny. They are TREMENDOUSLY Resilient I plow with my truck and it takes some abuse but it sure can handle it. And as far as the Engine goes I HIGHLY Recommended the bulletproof 6.0 Vortec. It has plenty of power (I added some with a tune) and you change oil every 3-4000 Miles and that Engine will just keep going. No experience with a manual tranny but I really like the 480le or something like that. Definitely Consider the 6.0 LS if you're looking to plow, haul, etc.
  13. Hey buddy. I have had 2 late model Chevy's (01 and 03 2500hd) They are Tanks! But You Mentioned the Differential. 1 thing I would definitely check that came loose on mine is the I wanna say it's a vent hose. It's driver side going back to the Differential and Can come loose and if it does it can ruin your diff. If you see a black hose Connected to it in rear you're good. Other than that you need some tunes!!
  14. See the check I replied to the other guy in this thread and post results please
  15. Did You do a Visual Test or Multimeter Continuity Check? They Don't Always Look Blatantly Blown. Must Check With Multimeter. If Not Fuse You May Want to Check the Socket With a Multimeter. Ground (black) is the Sidewall and 12v (red) is the Back Center. If You Don't Have Ground (Corrosion, etc) you Won't Get a Proper Circuit If You Don't Have 12v and Have Good Ground, Then You're in Need of a Wiring Diagram
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