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  1. Was thinking on buying a new plow for my 15 1500. I'm a new Silverado owner so I'm not sure how these 1500 trucks can handle the workload. Any upgrades I can do to the suspension to maybe make it a little easier on the truck. Also, any recommendations on plow brand or size. Thanks
  2. Could be. I never really thought of that. I’ll definitely take a look at it sometime this week. Thanks for the information.
  3. The truck had about 240k when I bought it a couple months ago. It used to be a fleet vehicle for a rental car company so I'm not to sure about previous maintenance so I'm assuming the worst. I've only done one oil change. I used Mobil one 5w-30 and a Mobil one filter. I also threw in a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer to see if it quiet down the lifter tick (assuming that tick is a collapsed lifter). No real maintence records besides a record of the transmission being changed at around 120k. Besides the ticking noise the truck runs great. The only thing I've noticed is the truck misfires passed 4500 rpm's and I get a flashing check engine light which goes away after a couple minutes. I don't really rev the motor passed 3k if I don't need too. I never planned on buying a truck but I just starting renovating my house so I figured it would be pretty convenient and again, the deal was waaaaaaay to good not to take. I don't mind changing the motor and transmission but if I can drive this thing another 20k miles before any real repairs are needed , that'll be great. I'll link a video to the truck running. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks Video.mov
  4. Appreciate the information Cam. I'll just have to look a little harder for a v6 then. Thanks.
  5. I have a 15 silverado wt with a v6. It just passed over 250k. It ticks like crazy and I don't think this motor is going to last much longer. I wanna keep it cause I got it for a insane deal but I'm having trouble fininng another v6. There is no shortage of 5.3s though. Is putting a v8 a "simple" swap or is there different parts and accesories that are needed. The truck is a base model wt, extended cab, manual 4x4.
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