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  1. I have experienced the same issue do you have any answer to your problem.
  2. My 2009 GMC Sierra make a rumbling noise when I shift it 4 wheel drive it the makes a thumping sound shortly after when I go into rear drive. Any ides
  3. When I engage the 4 wheel drive on my 09 Sierra 1500 there is rumbling whine from the transmission. Then when i’am on the highway and engage 2 wheel drive the noise continues for about a minute then it disappears...... Any ideas
  4. I have a Code Alarm remote starter. All I want it to do is just to start the truck remotely. Please see the picture. What I want to know does anyone have an electrical schematic for a 2009 GMC Sierra that I can use to tap into for the remote installation.
  5. Does anyone have a contact for a plug and play harness for a remote starter for a VOX CA 5055C to fit my 2009 GMC Sierra 1500 . Or does anyone have the schematic of the Sierra.
  6. Has anyone installed a block heater on a 2009 GMC Sierra. Which make and model. Thanks
  7. I have noticed a gas smell from the driver side. I don’t know where it comes from. I checked the filler cap but I can’t seem to find where it originates. Does anyone have the same problem.
  8. Dose anyone know where you can buy the back end caps of a the running boards for a 2009 Sierra.
  9. My Cruze control seems to work the doesn’t works does anyone have the answer?
  10. After changing my front wheel I Now have this message SERVICE TIRE MONITOR SYSTEM. Can anyone shed some light on this message?
  11. Thanks very much. You said that the GM had gone to a newer diagnosis system. What is the name of the older system ‘knockoff techie’
  12. I have the following tester, it is a Launce Creder VII+. What type of tester would you suggest.
  13. I have a trouble code P0700 which is one of the following Transmission Control System Malfunction. Which could be either 1 Replace faulty solenoid. 2 Replace a faulty transmission valve body. 3 Replace transmission fluid 4 Wire harness issue 5 Replace the transmission control module. Has anyone had this fault?
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