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  1. Thanks David89GMC. Update - fixed this a couple weeks ago. When I removed the fitting, the line snapped off inside. Ended up replacing the fitting with a Dorman and changed the whole line out. All set now.
  2. UPDATE** - it is the rear cooler line. I laid underneath with it jacked up and running, and fluid is coming out of that line. I didn't realize GM uses "line connectors" on their cooler lines. It's leaking right out of the fitting; apparently there is an o-ring inside. My question is...what size line connector is used on this transmission? Autozone shows there are a couple. Thanks!
  3. Thanks Davester. I'll be checking the lines as soon as the weather improves.
  4. Would the transfer case leak only when the engine was running? Once I shut the truck off, the leaking stopped pretty quick. I thought the pump rub problem was visible at the back of the transfer case housing. This leak is at the very front, at the transmission connection.
  5. I’ll take a look again soon and check the cooler lines. Thanks.
  6. It definitely sprayed all over the exhaust. I checked the trans fluid and it appears to be fine on the stick. It’s all wet where the transfer case and transmission meet up. I don’t have another person to help me right now.
  7. 2005 GMC 3500 with gas V8 and 4L80E trans. Truck seemed to be running/ driving fine...but suddenly smoke is pouring out. Smells like ATF. Seems to be originating right about mount that supports transfer case and transmission. Ran down all over exhaust and smoked. Fluid is red. Odometer is 128k miles. Is it the transfer case or transmission? Do the torsion bars have to be removed to get the transfer case / transmission out? Thanks
  8. Check Engine is on, because three of the 4 O2 sensors are bad. It has been on for a couple of years. The Engine Light is not an inspection issue for this class of truck in my state, so I ignore it. I doubt the fuel economy will change much at all. That said, I do have one of the higher-end Actron scanners; I'll see if any trans codes have appeared. I can view freeze frame.
  9. Davester, I know you have a similar truck. Have you ever experienced this issue? I'm trying to avoid the dealer.
  10. I have a 2005 GMC 3500 dump truck, 6.0L engine. I believe it has the 4L80 transmission in it. Pulling the dipstick, the fluid is nice and pink, smells fine, and is in the normal range. However, this is consistent behavior of the truck: start it up, let it warm for a minute or two even in the summer, put it in Drive, and drive to the end of the parking lot. Up to this point, no abnormal behavior. Then I wait in Drive for traffic to clear, and then ease on the gas to pull out on the road. The engine will suddenly rev up like the transmission is in neutral. If I ease off, you'll feel the trans suddenly load up; step on the throttle again and away you go. If you stay on the gas, the trans will abruptly slam and engage, and away you go. The minute I feel it suddenly rev, I get off the throttle. The odd thing is that once this has happened, the truck will go through all the gears as smooth as silk, with no hint of slipping or flaring or any other odd trans behavior. Once in awhile, after you drive it somewhere, it will do this behavior again taking off in first, and then is perfect. Truck has 128k miles on it. I bought it used; have no idea of trans service history. Like I said, the fluid is very clean. I plowed with the truck last winter and all was fine, other than this initial behavior. I have towed with the truck some this summer as well, about a 7k lb trailer. I'm thinking of changing the fluid and filter because it is cheap, but suspect that won't solve the problem. Thoughts?
  11. Well, its got +41HP and +84lb-ft, so it should move better than the 6.0L ! I'm hoping it has a burly sound to it. Although the 10 speed might help in some areas, I'm fine with the 6 speed. They are pretty bullet-proof and smooth.
  12. The Ford has a pretty low compression ratio, down in the 9's. It'll be fine...looks like its designed to last a long time. First year engines can always be hit or miss, but the same goes for the L8T.
  13. Time to revive this topic, as Ford has released numbers for it's new 7.3L: [email protected] [email protected] Those numbers are a lot less than most people expected, although still more than anything else in a gas HD truck. Something to consider though, is the absolutely simplicity of the Ford design. There is no direct injection. Ford is claiming the lowest friction of any engine in the class between the rings and cylinder wall. It uses a simple dual-equal VVT just like GM. It uses a variable displacement oil pump, and the internals appear very stout. I think some people might be surprised at how fuel efficient it could be. But it doesn't shade the L8T by much (29HP and 11lb-ft). One advantage is that it will be coupled to the 10 speed auto in most applications, including all the pickups. But this is an optional, extra cost engine whereas the GM 6.6 is not. Interesting, for sure.
  14. I did that once before replacing the alternator. It truly was high. And the symptoms are the same, even after the alternator replacement...lights won't shut off, etc.
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