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  1. The other day I backed my boat down the driveway and stopped on a partial incline to let me 3yo out since he had to pee lol. I put the truck in neutral (with service brakes on), set the parking brake and put the truck in Park. I let the truck idle since it was about a 45 minute tow and went around the other side to get him out of the car seat. He was standing beside me when I reached across the passenger seat to turn the truck off. When I hit the button, the truck lurched backward slightly to rest on the parking pawl. It seems that the e-brake released which is confirmed when I went in and restarted the truck. It was unsettling to have the truck move with my boat attached while standing outside of it. Scared the young lad as well. Anyone else see or hear of this? I have not so far been able to reproduce it which will waste my time brining it to the dealer. '22 2500 Denali HD/Duramax.
  2. My '21 only had the seat vibrate as far as I can remember. I missed the audible beep but don't think there was a way to change it. Still better than my '22, has all the sensors and button but still missing the module to make it work .
  3. Tell us how you are a bot replying with form emails without telling us you are a bot replying with form emails. Nice work NAME.
  4. You do not have dual alternators. The second one would be above the power steering pump which makes checking the fluid a bit of a pain. Had 2 on my 21 and only a single on my 22.
  5. I believe it is. I remember being pleasantly surprised by the price of the oil change though. Definitely way cheaper than the wife's VDub with their specialty oil that goes in it. I can look but I remember it being 150 CAD.
  6. Other than the app to lock and start the truck, I find Onstar pretty useless. If I need directions, I use a nav (of some sort), need to call for help, I use my phone and if someone steals my truck, I don't want it back. In my '16 and '19 Fords, the app function was free. Just bought wifey a VDub and their version of Onstar is free for four years, GM needs to rethink this. On the other hand, I read an article the other day about BMW charging a monthly subscription for things like heated seats in some markets so it is not just GM gouging customers.
  7. On my second Diesel now (had 21, now a '22). Oil changes cost me the same or slightly less than my '19 F150 Limited (Raptor Engine) did and fuel costs me less as I don't need premium and get better mileage. Even the with the added cost of DEF (minimal) I think is the cost of ownership is pretty reasonable. I would not let that be the decision maker. Granted, I have never had one for the mileage you are talking.
  8. You will not regret a 2500 as a daily. It will tow much better and you will be safer doing it. Quite honestly, if you put your existing truck on the scale with it and your trailer loaded for camping, you would probably exceed the payload by quite a bit.
  9. Even worse when the problem was really a loose harness. Time for another dealer.
  10. Agree, I believe that is called Elevated Idle and will only kick in below a certain temperature. Helps heat the oil burner up quite a bit faster, someone with a gasser would have to confirm if that is applicable to them.
  11. Sounds like something is binding or in the way. Check the pivot points and clean them out well.
  12. Is it cold out? Could be frozen which has happened to every vehicle I have owned since 2002.
  13. CamGTP, My curb weight on my short box 2500 is 8,372 lbs. With that said, I agree that you should have 3.5 ton if not higher capacity jack stands as a good portion of stands are rated in pairs similar to ramps. I have never met anyone that complained that they had too much jack stand capacity. Those with too little may not be around to tell the story.
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