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  1. Is it cold out? Could be frozen which has happened to every vehicle I have owned since 2002.
  2. CamGTP, My curb weight on my short box 2500 is 8,372 lbs. With that said, I agree that you should have 3.5 ton if not higher capacity jack stands as a good portion of stands are rated in pairs similar to ramps. I have never met anyone that complained that they had too much jack stand capacity. Those with too little may not be around to tell the story.
  3. It's like 12 1/2" plus or minus. Factory boards, 2021 2500.
  4. My '21 2500 Denali w/o snow plow prep and with fifth wheel prep has em. After a 50km drive at 0C they are fully closed.
  5. I have those front and back. They are a bit wider and very slightly longer. Put them on a week after I bought the truck (dealer told me they wouldn't work with the power boards but clearly they do). They do not do a very good job at all keeping stuff the truck. They also have very little give. By this I mean I like to give my gaurds a little kick at the mailbox to knock the slush off so it doesn't all melt in my garage but they don't really give to release it.
  6. I am pretty sure that the purpose of the active shutters is to help with aerodynamics. I am not sure how the GM system works but the 19 f150 I got out of for my 2500 Denali actually would prevent the shutters from fully closing below a certain temperature to prevent them from freezing closed.
  7. Are you guys noticing this issue around the 30K mile mark? I'm just over 30K (33K) miles and so far I have not noticed a drop. Mine started sipping oil around 48,000 km (30,000 miles)
  8. Sweet, thanks guys - that is exactly what I was looking to hear(other than you getting keyed and smashing a pole ErickC)
  9. To you Storm Gray guys, how does the colour hold up as far as showing water spots/dirt etc. I have silver now and like how it hides all of this and am interested in possibly looking at the Strom Gray for my next rig (end of Marchish). Any feedback you could provide me would be great. Thanks.
  10. You only need the 40 amp fuse. Thx, that is what I got.
  11. Putting in my Prodigy P3 tonight. These instructions look to pretty much cover everything. I just have one question. I see where it says to install a 40 amp fuse for the power feed, do I also need to purchase and install a 30 amp fuse to power the other stud? If so, where does it go? Thanks for the help
  12. Haven't had this problem, but on a 2010 the repair would be to bring in back to the dealer. Do you have any pics of it? How did you notice the welds had broken?
  13. Sounds like you might be against automation all together .
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