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  1. Agreed. Many times, you can see the ripples on the highway. Just a slight variation in color/shadow on the road is the ripples. I’ve found that concrete highways are the smoothest, but are more expensive and slower to build. Most asphalt highways with a lot of use are repaved every few years. Interstates that are asphalt don’t last long at all.
  2. That's a shame. I wonder how many leak and the owners don't even know?
  3. Mine still leaks after 3 tries. The TSB, new spoiler and new spoiler bolts. Not real sure what to try next. Thought of calling another dealer to see if they've had any success or possibly just trying to seal it myself. Some weatherstripping and silicone caulk may do some good. The frames may get cracks we can't even see that leak. Disappointing for anyone to have this and GM has no reliable repair.
  4. There are 2 possible causes for the leak. One is the window frame cracks, the other is the spoiler bolts. Sometimes the new spoiler bolts stop the leak, other times the TSB to seal the top of the window frame stops it. In some cases, the window needs replacing with the updated frame. I've not heard of anyone who had the window replaced, spoiler and bolts replaced, that still has the leak. Not yet, anyway. Seems the spy shots of the 2022 1500s still show a spoiler. Perhaps they've got it figured out finally? I wouldn't hold my breath, though.
  5. The spoiler bolts were replaced a couple weeks ago. It finally rained substantially, and the leak is still there. I called the dealer and let them know. They are going to see what GM says and let me know. This getting old, very quickly. Seems like GM really doesn't care and is just half-assing repairs and approvals just to get by. A true fix would be far more professional and respected.
  6. I've not had any situations where the truck struggles. Most of my trips have been in relatively flatlands or rolling hills. On a trip home in the rolling hills, I put the transmission in M4 and it performed well at interstate speeds. I have found that keeping the RPM in the 2500-4200 range makes it happy. What I always remember is that in these new gassers, 70 mph is 3000 RPM in 4th gear and 4000 RPM in 3rd gear. Kind of gives you an idea of where you need to be for moderate to steep inclines (and descents). The torque curve on these engines is pretty flat, so you don't necessarily have to keep it at 4000, just keep it above 3000 and you should notice a difference.
  7. My spoiler bolts are scheduled to get replaced next week. Perhaps some silicone or FlexSeal will work for the DIY owners?
  8. Yeah, that's what I do if I want to fold it completely. On another note, as easy as it is to remove, you can also take the whole thing off in a few seconds. This is my third BakFlip, second for this truck, and overall they are pretty good. Customer service is as well. I had an issue with the first one for this truck and they had me do some things and ended up warrantying it and shipping me another. No problems with this one. Currently, I took mine off so the dealer can work on the leaking rear window and it won't be in the way or them try to stand on it for prolonged periods. Kind of odd seeing the whole bed all the time again!
  9. That's what I thought. When I went to build a SLT or Denali, once I added the packages I wanted, I couldn't get rid of the roof lamps. Same with AT4. Didn't know if there was a change in that in the year since or not. Perhaps they can be deleted from the order as a line-item once everything is finalized?
  10. Can you order a new SLT or Denali on the east coast or midwest WITHOUT the roof marker lights? Or do you have to order with Cali emmissions in order to get the lights removed?
  11. I pull a 42’, 14.5k 5th wheel quite often. Over 1/3 of my 10000 miles are towing it. It does fine, no issues. On rolling hills or climbing mountains, just let the engine sing. She makes good power in the 3-4000 range and it will run up there as long as you need it to. The RPM in those type situations will be the biggest difference you see. That was my experience coming from a 2015 Duramax to a gasser. Just have to remember that the gas has to turn up higher to make it’s power. Of course, it doesn’t have a turbo to help...
  12. Nice truck. I have enjoyed my truck with the gas engine so far. It does all that I ask of it with no issues. Let us know how it goes.
  13. The next step is to replace the spoiler bolts with the upgraded bolts and washers. So, new spoiler, sealer, and now bolts and washers. GM knows that the new window is the true fix, but they want to hassle dealers to try things a piece at the time so see if other remedies work. I hate that the service departments and customers have to deal with the drawn-out process, simply because GM keeps trying to cheap out and the dealers don't get paid unless they follow those steps.
  14. The hitch is a Reese GooseBox 16k and the ball anchors are the GM/Chevrolet branded kit made by Curt hitches. The 5th wheel/gooseneck kit is part #84759852. The Reese GooseBox 16k is part #94716.
  15. I have the standard box on my 2020 and use a Reese Goosebox hitch on my 5th wheel. Maneuverability hasn't been an issue and tight turns can be made, if needed. I also have the factory puck system. When my 5th wheel is unhooked, all I have in the bed is the ball and 2 chain anchors, both of which can be removed easily in a few seconds for a completely clear bed.
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