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  1. Agree, anything higher than MSRP is gouging. Market adjustment, etc. is a pile of crap. If MSRP is the highest it goes, it's fair game. The whole buying process would be better if MSRP were adjusted to actual purchase prices and do away with rebates and such. They'd never do that, though, because in normal times you always have some that just pay whatever so they can get it and leave.
  2. Yes, it does. That's exactly how the free enterprise market works. Everything in short supply with a high demand will have a higher price. There's a bit of evidence during this that once the shortages are remedied, production numbers may stay lower than before so that the pricing can be elevated going forward. Maybe not much increased, but more inline with MSRP. We've all gotten used to these large rebates, etc, but they may not stick around.
  3. Normally, I'd say that's kinda crappy on the dealer's part. Not this time, though. The way the market is and inventory so low, I can see them not doing a Friends and Family discount. They know that those vehicles will sell fast, probably at MSRP or above. If they had many on their lot and were trying to move them, you'd get the discount.
  4. See? All suggestions lead to Tahoe... Perhaps the larger underseat storage would work for you. Have you given that any thought?
  5. I pull a Jayco Eagle 355MBQS with my 2500 Denali. The 5er has a Reese GooseBox and pulls great, smooth and very little chucking. Maybe something just needs adjusting to get the balance a little better.
  6. I'd suggest a Tahoe with the rear cargo cover that contains everything behind the 2nd row. We had one and used it all the time, as we left the 3rd row folded anyway. Since you've already got the truck, not sure about a cover for just the crew cab portion.
  7. I have done the same thing towing my 5er. Hard to find a balance between too much slack and not enough, especially using the stock plug in the bumper. I was able to get it repaired, but it was still glitchy. I went back to the Furrion wireless setup. Until GM comes up with a wireless setup that can be integrated into the infotainment center, I'll stick with Furrion setup. Sure, it's not as clear as the GM one, but I don't worry about the cable when turning or backing at angles.
  8. Congrats on the truck and coming back to the States! They are, indeed, very nice trucks.
  9. They need a wireless version that connects to the infotainment system. I've tried a few times and my 5er is just too long and I keep snatching it out of the end. I went back to my Furrion wireless observation camera. On the plus side, I can put the monitor inside and watch what's going on. LOL!
  10. I got tired off all black interior everything. I like the contrast of the dark walnut/slate interior. To add to that, I had a High Country with the dark brown/umber interior and really liked that as well. They're both nice at breaking up the interiors of these trucks.
  11. It has truly turned to the past few weeks. It's just really gotten bad the past few days.
  12. Any notable changes you've found? I'd imagine it'd be 2024 MY before we see any changes for the MCE, especially considering the 1500 series MCE is pushed back to 2023 MY, from what I've read recently.
  13. No, I mean the longer standard bed. It's now 6'9", whereas the pre-2020 was 6'6". The long bed is still 8'.
  14. The longer "standard" bed does help in these new trucks. I have the Reese GooseBox and it works great. No worries about having a slider and conventional 5th wheel hitch, either. Good bed rail clearance as well.
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