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  1. I’m not sure about the air bags, as I did not have them. The drop shackles took out the excessive rake and left about 2” of rake which looked better and was pretty level when towing.
  2. I am interested in a High Country with the gas engine. Currently in a Ford 6.2 that has served me well. I went to Ford for my last truck for the features, interior room, etc. Now, that GM has fixed most of those, I want to see how it is. You seem to have enjoyed the new engine, so are there any other thoughts? I use mine mainly as a daily driver, family hauler, and tow a TT 8-10 times a year.
  3. I am currently driving an F250 with the new gen 6.2 engine. Just took a trip to the Smokies pulling my TT that weighs in at 9500 lbs loaded. The engine performed great. Locking out 5 & 6 gear going up and down the grades worked like a champ. The engine stayed in it's power band more and I had no trouble keeping pace with traffic and desired speed. That being said, I'm ready to try out the new GM 6.6 gas engine. For my use which is daily driver, family hauler and towing a camper 8-10 times a year, it should be more than adequate. The Ford 7.3 seems more driven towards people who may tow more frequently (for work or pleasure) or in mountainous terrain, but they may not want the expense of a modern diesel.
  4. My TPW was 6-24-19. Since then, it’s gone through QC and been bayed at the railyard waiting for a train. Others produced before and since are also bayed. Word is GM is trying to get a supply built up to ship at once. There are a few at dealers already, but not many. I suspect it won’t be long before they start moving. Keep us posted on your order.
  5. Same here. I liked the High Country treatment the best. The GMC looks good in all trims, but I can't get used to the lights on each fender well. That should be a delete-able option on the Sierra HDs.
  6. This is quite true. I was interested in going back to GM when they made the CC larger and a few more creature comforts offered on the others. I liked the GMC 2500HD SLT and Denali and the Chevrolet Silverado High Country. Not a fan of the lights over each fender well on the GMC, so I decided to go with a new High Country. The preliminary reviews have been pretty good, also.
  7. Has anyone gotten a notification of shipment for their truck yet?
  8. The trucks are just starting to be built, so I'd think those who have ordered should be hearing something about pricing pretty soon. Anyone got any firm pricing from their dealer yet?
  9. Figured I'd start a thread for those who have ordered a new-body HD or are looking at ordering one. I ordered a Silverado 2500HD High Country, 6.6 gas, 4x4, CCSB on April 15. Received info this week that I have a TPW of 6-24-19. Really excited, as I've never ordered a vehicle before, so the whole process is new to me. I didn't want Z71, diesel, or a sunroof, so I ordered it like I wanted. Share your orders or thoughts, folks!
  10. No, there won't be many deals or $10k off at first, but there will be dealers doing better than sticker. Some will still try to get MSRP like you stated, though. I wouldn't doubt some even have a premium on them when they first arrive.
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