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  1. Tilt steering

    GM dropped the ball on these 2019 1500s so far. De-contenting has never resulted in increased sales. A gimmicky tailgate does not create sales. Nor does omitting the items you mentioned, and don't forget no CD player. Sure, CDs aren't popular like they once were, but many people still have them in their vehicles because not everything they listen to is on their phone.
  2. Disappointed with 2019

    4 free oil changes with my CPO purchase. GM is obviously cutting perks with reduced services and trial offers across the board. It adds up quick when you compound the thousands of vehicles with freebies. The cuts either pad their pocket more..... Are helping them innovate for the future or simply avoid another meltdown as in '08 From what I can tell, GM is only including 1 now, but many dealers are still doing their own complimentary, so that's a plus. There are a few dealers within a few hours of me that are doing the oil change/inspection/warranty for life as long as they do all the servicing.
  3. Disappointed with 2019

    On another thread, they're saying the "complimentary" oil changes went from 4 to 2 to now 1 on a new purchase? Can anyone confirm?
  4. Disappointed with 2019

    It's not okay. For some people this is their "Sunday" vehicle, work vehicle, family vehicle and they want these things. Besides, with what they cost, these options should be available, especially on upper trims and the fact that the SUVs have had them all since 2015 and the competition for several years as well. GM will not gain market share with half-baked efforts and de-contenting of their bread and butter models.
  5. 2019 GMC Sierra AT4 Now on Lots!

    The Trail Boss and AT4 are both nice looking trucks. Only seen LTZ/Denali models so far around here.
  6. Disappointed with 2019

    I also noticed the new trucks still don't have power tilt and telescopic steering wheels.
  7. Disappointed with 2019

    Yes, that's true. Especially when it (you) leaves a space "cushion" and some asshat cuts in front. All-in-all, I do like the feature and towing with it even more.
  8. Disappointed with 2019

    So, after I found something quick on the Adaptive Cruise when towing, I found this piece of info on the Super Duty. This is what I have found to be true, so not quite sure why there are conflicting uses. ADAPTIVE CRUISE CONTROL WITH COLLISION WARNING Available Adaptive Cruise Control slows you down as traffic ahead slows, then resumes the preset speed when traffic picks back up. The Collision Warning/Brake Support feature precharges the brakes for full responsiveness. if you don’t react in time. It’s integrated into the trailer brake controller for added security when you’re towing a heavy load.
  9. Disappointed with 2019

    I did a bit more research and found it doesn't apply the trailer brakes. Many don't recommend using it when towing, because of this reason. I also increase the default spacing when towing, so maybe that's the biggest benefit I see.
  10. Disappointed with 2019

    Correct, it adjusts for what you are towing. You control the spacing you'd like to keep, but it adjusts the braking distance and also applies the trailer brakes, if so equipped. It's not a prevent-all, but it cna be very useful, especially in heavy traffic, when towing.
  11. 2020HD Wish List

    I highlighted the 2 wildcards we don't know about yet. The other things should be available since they're on the 1500s. I purchased a 2017 F250 gas and enjoy the updated tech and features. Hoping GM will add the things you mentioned, along with rain sense wipers, power adjustable pedals and put the turn signals back into the side mirrors. That is also helpful to others when towing or hauling.
  12. Reminds me of the Silverados with Sierra badging and vice versa.
  13. Disappointed with 2019

    I have found it to be especially useful when towing a travel trailer. Though people will dart in front of you in congested traffic, it's nice to have something that may react faster than you can.
  14. Disappointed with 2019

    I hope that GM corrects their blunders on the 1500s for the 2500s coming next year. Adaptive cruise, rain sense wipers, signals in the side mirrors, all of which have been on the GM suv's since 2015. I'd almost bet that sales of these new trucks will be flat, if not less than the 2014-2018 run. Leave it to GM to lay down a bunt when they needed a home run. I've not closely examined the interior in person, but from pictures and reduction of listed features and options, I'm not overly impressed in the 1500s.

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