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  1. Chevy Teases Photo of 2020 Silverado 3500HD

    Looks good so far. I'm thinking these will be unveiled later this year and go on sale late 1st quarter of 2019.
  2. Thanks, Crafferty! Glad they updated the site with the correct specs for the bed. Much better now, but the overall length is still messed up!
  3. Only thing I tow is a TT, 36', 9000 lbs in tow trim. We go 8-9 times a year and usually less than 100 miles.
  4. Seems like for what I do, a Max Tow may be the best bet. Definitely would go with the CC 6.5' setup, too!
  5. Great looking truck! I've been debating going back to a 1500 to pull my TT and be a daily driver at some point. We tow 8-9 times a year, usually less than 100 miles away, relatively flat area. The TT is 36' hitch to bumper and around 9000 in tow trim. The stability will likely be much better with a 2500 or 250, but will the 1500 be fine for what we do? I have plenty of time, so it's no rush to decide.
  6. I have a 4 year old Cub Cadet Z-Force S-60 Commercial. It has the Kohler engine and hydrostatic. I liked this line of zero turn because it has a steering wheel instead of the dang stick-steer. It runs great and have a few hundred hours on it with just normal maintenance. We purchased it from a Cub Cadet dealer and not a big box store.
  7. I hope those figures are incorrect. The trucks would be an average of 33" shorter overall. Doesn't make any sense. I hope they correct those figures on the GMC site.
  8. To me, The Sierra SLT looks far better than the Denali. The Silverado High Country is quite nice, though. So is the LTZ. Just wondering if I should ditch a 3/4 ton truck for a 1/2 ton with Max Tow? We tow our TT 8-9 times a year, usually within 100 miles. It weighs 9000 lbs and is 33' long, so the stability of the 3/4 ton tow vehicle is nice.
  9. We got a 2017 Tahoe Premier in Feb 2017. Got nearly $10k off sticker, also. We haven't had any issues whatsoever with it. It's close to 15k miles to date and the wife really enjoys it. I can't comment on the headlights, as we have the HIDs and they have been great. I still don't quite know the reasoning the trucks don't have near the equipment options and features the Tahoes and Suburbans do. I suppose it could be the wiring, etc as some say, but things like push button start, auto high beam, heated rear seats should be able to be added without much change. Honestly, the trucks 1500 and 2500 should have the interiors (options)of the SUVs without question.
  10. It looked like there were vents in the rear console on the photos they showed during the reveal. Surely some press photos will trickle in the next few hours.
  11. Since 1999, I've purchased 4 trucks, and all of them had an "off-road" package. Not by choice, just that the rest of the options on the truck were what I was looking for. Z71, Z71, Z71 and now an FX4. The shielding underneath may help some, but the ride difference in a standard suspension and "off-road" suspension in a factory truck is negligible in most cases compared to the others I've been in .
  12. Congrats on the truck! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  13. Nice truck. That color looks great with the body-colored grill and bumpers.
  14. Finally got my truck fixed. I had to take it back to them once the part came in, as it was no need for it to stay there when I could use it. As it turns out, the problem was cause by a corroded wire coming from the module. Apparently a rodent or other vermin nibbled at the insulation, possibly before I even bought the truck, and the wire finally corroded enough to break the circuit. All was repaired and it's driving like new. Side note, a friend of mine was telling the story of test driving a new truck, and when they opened the hood they found that something had been having a field day with the under-hood insulation.

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