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  1. Sadly, isn't compatible with the refreshed 2022 models yet. Wonder what the differences are? Even powered running boards and some bed mats claim to not be compatible.
  2. When my 2020 was new, it sure had a pile of various driving before the first tow. That happened between 500-1000 miles. Towed like normal, normal speeds, etc. Trucked performed great pulling a 42' 15000lb fifth wheel on that trip and multiple others.
  3. I am using a Reese GooseBox for my 5th wheel. It replaces the standard kingpin hitch on the trailer and all you have in the bed is a ball and 2 chain anchors. Smooth ride and a useable bed in seconds without having to remove big, bulky kingpin hitch.
  4. My dad says the only REAL truck is one with an 8' bed. Both your current and ordered truck look nice, Leonardo. I went to crew cab for family expansion, or due to it, I should say. Did think about a crew cab with the 8' bed. I guess not too much longer than the 6'9" bed, but it'd def take some getting used to.
  5. No issues here. Driving a 2021 Denali and using Android Auto with a Samsung Galaxy S20+. Not the same, but no issues with this setup to date. Hope someone can chime in with same phone, year truck to help you.
  6. My experience when I had the L8T was similar to what you say. The grades I climbed, albeit Blue Ridge/Smokey Mountains, the truck never had an issue keeping speed on grades when the RPM stayed between 3000-4000 RPMs. Honestly, closer to 4k and you could really tell it was in the sweet spot. I have no doubt that the engine could keep at this RPM for hours on end with no issues. I'd like to add that I was pulling a 15k lb 5th wheel (parachute) doing these climbs. Engine and transmission temps actually cooled due to the higher RPM and less lugging on the engine. Fuel economy was also slightly better with the higher RPM (on flatter ground, not during the climb)in most cases.
  7. I missed that. Makes a difference in the TPMS warnings. The threshold is roughly around 20% for the TPMS warning, in this instance. Seems about the same from what others have said. Thanks to Another JR for catching my error, thinking he had a 2500 with MAX inflation of 70 psi. I should have looked closer at his sig.
  8. That would indicate the threshold to be approx 10% lower than recommended. More than 10% and you MAY get a warning light. Someone else may have better info than this, but that seems reasonable.
  9. This is very likely a plausible explanation. Heard of it many times in recent years with engine config changes or different engines than usual. Many places/techs get accustomed to Make/Model takes "x" quarts, so it becomes habit and sometimes they don't look it up to be sure. Could have thought it was the regular 6.0 gasser, put in 6 qts and was done. Never realized the new gasser was a 6.6L and took 8 qts. I'd make sure it got 8 next time and keep an eye on it to be sure.
  10. The current setup is easy go get speed/RPM figured out, I will say. When I had mine, I knew that at 70 mph, 4th gear was 3000 RPM. At 70 mph in 3rd gear, that was 4000 RPM. It would keep pace up inclines as well, but you needed to let the engine rev. Many are afraid to do so or simply don't like the noise. I had no issues with mine pulling my 5er. Probably still have it if not for the trade value for it and pricing I got on the Denali. I wouldn't hesitate to go back to that setup, but I do wish for at least a lower rear end choice, such as 4.10 option.
  11. They need more rear gear options. A 4.10 gearing choice, along with the 10-speed, would really wake things up.
  12. This needs to be moved to the 1500 section. Perhaps could help even more customers with similar issues that may not frequent the HD section of the forum.
  13. Rated payload and rated pin weight can also vary greatly between vehicles and trims, options, etc. Around 1600 lbs in the example listed above, for reference of 5th wheel/gooseneck hitches. Just more to add to the confusion.
  14. Interesting. Thanks for the information about that. That makes some sense, if anything from CA can possibly make sense! LOL! I've since purchased a GMC with all the lights. Actually got used to them before the purchase, as they nor the fender lights are as bad in person as they initially appeared. Given the choice, however, I'd skip both if I could. Some people like them, especially the roof markers. I'm more of a take or leave it regarding the. Looks good at night, I will say. The best part is they are black with orange LED, versus those huge orange blobs of trucks from previous years. Hope you are enjoying your new truck.
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