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  1. We pull/camp 8-10 times a year and most of that is in flatland and rolling hills. Maybe once a year to the Appalachian Mountains. If we were in the mountains more, I may have considered another diesel, but no more often that we tow, I went with gas. My F250 had the 6.2 and did great in the mountains, so I have no doubt the GM 6.6 will be fine. At least I certainly hope so. If I worked the diesel more or didn't have so many short (<5 miles) trips, it may be different. The extra equipment on modern diesels and the fuel restrictions, etc are truly hurting the industry. Many farmers already loathe the DPF and such on their tractors and doing regens, etc. Yes, the diesels get better economy on the highway and when pulling, but slower, stop/go, everyday town trips are better with gas. All boils down to the usage. Can't go wrong either way. Best of luck in your decision.
  2. Going on a short trip this weekend, split between interstate and 2-lane roads. Will let you know the results. I'm thinking it may be close to same as TT as the reduction in MPGs is more from wind resistance than weight. The 5er is of course taller, so there is that.
  3. Yes, I have the new 6.6 gas engine. Have a 14k 5th wheel to try this weekend. Interested to see if there is much difference in the pull. Most are saying the 5th wheel will be a far better pull.
  4. If the 7.3 is as good and durable as the 6.2 they run in the SD, it'll be a hit for Ford. I think that GM and Ford have much more potential with these HD gas engines than they offer with them, simply because they designed them more to be daily workhorses and not so much hot rods. I don't think anyone can go wrong with either engine, honestly.
  5. Looking through some specifics in the manual, it states the trailer must be less than 32' long. If any of your information is outside the parameters, the feature will be unavailable. So, I guess one could toy with the dimensions and see if it lets you get a transparent view. Like I mentioned earlier, the 3-camera view that it does give will be fine with me. Heck, even my TT was 36', so that would be out of speck also.
  6. I have it mounted up where the factory camera prep location was. Maybe 5-6" from the top.They recommend not running the wire underneath due to debris, snags, etc. If you have a safe pathway, it may not be an issue, however. My part number is 84580657. That is the one GM has for the 2020 HD trucks. Yes, that is the one I have. It only mentions having the camera mounted up high. They say the invisible trailer feature doesn't work well with 5th wheels due to the tailgate camera pretty much looking directly on the storage hatch. When I have mine hooked up, it had a 3-camera view on the screen. The main view was the rear trailer camera, then it had the mirror camera views on each side of that. Not exactly invisible, but it should do all I need it to do when maneuvering the camper. The true invisible camera feature works best with tow-behinds, per GM. The premise is the same using those same camera views as well as the one of the back of the cab to create the silhouette. I may change some settings to try and get the invisible camera option to calibrate and see what it might look like.
  7. What I did is put one anchor as soon as it turns under the cap and left the rest loose so I have plenty of slack for turning. My 5er is 42', so there is a good amount of cable in the kit. I was a bit concerned about having enough, but it's good. I'll try to get a pic when I hook up next time.
  8. Here's the front cap routing. I have left it loose underneath after fastening at corner with the slack for attachment to bumper.
  9. This is a pic of the back routing, then it goes along the roof and comes down at front cap. I will try to post that pic as well. Looked better than below the gutter, BTW.
  10. I will try and get some pics once I get it all completed. Thinking of running the wire right under the gutter instead of along the roof. Going to do both and see which was looks best and gives better functionality for hookup.
  11. I have received mine and installed on my Jayco Eagle. I haven't completed the cable ties/mounting, but I have mounted the camera. I took the factory camera prep off and caulked the hole for the factory wiring and also put some on the mounting screws before I put them back in. Then, I put silicone caulk on the camper area and the mounting bracket and used the "temp" double-sided tape as a gasket also. Then I fastened the bracket to the camper with screws. The picture looks very good, and have not not yet tried to see if it will do any part of the transparent camera option since it's a 5th wheel and I ran out of daylight yesterday. I did like the view where it shows the trailer camera and both mirror cameras in the same screen shot. Very helpful when backing up the trailer. Hope to get it finished up today if the weather cooperates.
  12. Congrats on the new truck! Did you get the factory 5th wheel/gooseneck package, or will you have to have your new hitch completely installed by a 3rd party? I ask because I got the factory package, then had a Reese Goosebox installed on my 5th wheel, so all I have in the bed of my truck is the ball. Many times, shopping your local auto dealers in smaller areas may not give the volume price, but their attention and customer treatment is worth it. A lot of times you can get close enough on price where it's not worth flying or driving a few hours away. Not always, but most of the time. Plus, service and after-purchase care is usually better when you buy from them. Having a personal relationship with a local dealer has is rarely a bad thing.
  13. The ducts under the seat is where the heat comes out unless you manually set the controls to upper vents. Remote start and/or heated seats work great on those frigid days for sure!
  14. Yeah, it does take some effort to press the button down to make contact. I don't see resting a hand or finger up there making it fold. The power-extend beside it is the same. No light touches will set them off from what I can tell.
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