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  1. It would be an option on your window sticker. $545 or so, in believe.
  2. Your concerns are similar to mine. I had a 2015 LML and traded it right around B2B warranty. I got the 6.6 gas engine in my 2020 I had and it performed well. Now, I'm back in a Duramax with the new truck. I absolutely plan on keeping it stock, as you mentioned. For what I'll be doing, I won't notice the lack of "extra" giddy up.
  3. I think you nailed it. No, it's not a big deal, unless you're already used to them. Honestly, they could eliminate all of them and have the doors unlock automatically when the fob is detected close by if they wanted to. Perhaps have it integrated into the handle to unlock as you grab? I think some people are more upset with the fact GM is taking them away like under-hood lights, glove box lights, metal hood releases, etc. just to save a few pennies, than they are the real omission of the buttons on the back doors.
  4. I wonder if you set the option to "unlock all doors", does it really matter, or are people too lazy to walk 2 feet to the door they were headed for initially?
  5. I recently traded my 2020 gasser for a 2021 Duramax, also. I previously had a 2015 Duramax that was trouble-free. Just make sure you use fresh def and follow the maintenance guidlines, you'll be fine. Now, at least you can fill the DEF beside the fuel filler instead of under the hood like the LMLs. Let us know what you decide. Semper Fi! Thank you for your service.
  6. The screw turns in the direction you need the light to go. Clockwise will turn the bulbs down, counter clockwise raises them up. If your getting flashed with brights, adjust the higher one down to equal with the lower of the two.
  7. I've not had that happen to me since I got my Sierra, but I did get it a few times with the Silverado. I think these lights are so sharp and bright, many motorists think they are on high. Most times, it was when pulling my fifth wheel, but once I put the Timbrens on, everything went back to normal. Hope this can be of some assistance to your question.
  8. I just picked up a 2021 Denali HD and it has them on the rear doors. Between reports and articles of them being eliminated from manufacturers, to it happing on only certain trims, I'm not sure anymore! LOL! I'd say it'll start by being eliminated on certain trims for now, then go the way of the under hood light.
  9. I have a Sierra 2500HD Denali are here are my specs on the truck: Payload 2942 lbs GVWR 11300 lbs
  10. My dealer tried a few times and it kept leaking. Since then, I've sealed it twice with good results. I'm certain over time the flexing of the truck and shrinking of the sealant may cause some intrusion. There are some who have use pieces of Trim-Lok at the top of the spoiler and also between the bottom of the spoiler and top of the window. I may try that myself in the future. It's obvious that GM is not concerned with repairing or redesigning these windows. They figure they just have to "try" for 36,000 miles and then it's not their problem...officially. I have thought about going to an independent glass company and have it replaced with aftermarket, be it slider or fixed glass.
  11. I've not tried the double push when they setting is for driver's door only, I need to try that. Then, of course, the kids will be steadily pulling on the handle once they hear the first unlock! LOL! My rear door buttons are seldom used, but I can see where some may use them nearly each time. I guess the research regarding slowly deleting them is across all vehicles and many are 1-person, driver-only type trips that people don't use often when driving alone. Not sure what cost savings are, but surely it's minimal like deleting under-hood lights and glovebox lights.
  12. The RAM Mega Cab is on par with GM and Ford for interior space. Looks different on the outside due to the smaller doors, but the room inside is very similar.
  13. That may have been due to the lock/unlock selections in the settings. They can be changed from driver's door or all doors. Hope this helps!
  14. Manufacturers are slowly eliminating them from rear doors. Their studies and data indicate many owners don't use them. They simply unlock from the front door handle or fob, then open the rear doors. I've seen this discussed on Ford forums and a few others. Must be the latest automotive "trend".
  15. Damn the transmission, I wouldn’t consider one until the fix the back windows!
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