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  1. This trim looks nice. The LT, not so much. The LTZ should be interesting, as well as the Sierra. When I bought my Ford, it was mainly for the room and features. These new trucks have the room and some features, but will they have them all, and at what price point? GM doesn't have any trim to compete with a Platinum (Ford) or a Limited (Ram). The High Country and Denali would be comparable to the King Ranch and Laramie Longhorn.
  2. I sure hope the LTZ and High Country have better front end treatment. Like the earlier post, the truck looks good except for the straight-on view. Any news on the GMC yet?
  3. Wonder when they'll put real tow mirrors on the Max Tow? Perhaps when they 2020 2500HD trucks are in production?
  4. Very good point. My current truck is a F-250 Platinum. I went Ford mainly for the room with having kids, plus the added tech and features the truck had. When the new GM 2500s come out, I'll give them a look, but I'm not gonna pay a premium price just because they have a roomier interior. If the new 2500 trucks lack the same tech the others have, the price best be much lower than a comparable RAM or FORD top line trim, or they won't get considered.
  5. 2019 New Model Year Issues

    I've never been too afraid of 1st year models. Bought a 1999 GMC SIerra, then bought a 2014 Silverado in July of 2013. Once I had to get a more capable truck, I got a 2015 Silverado 2500HD and now have a 2017 F250 Platinum. Minimal problems/programming updates to the 1999, 2014 and 2015. None so far on the 2017. I think it's the luck of the draw in most cases. These things are tested so much now that it's more than likely an electronic issue/malfunction versus anything major breaking. Still inconvenient, though.
  6. Once you get used to having tow mirrors, the smaller (regular) mirrors on anything seem useless. I run into that when driving the Tahoe occasionally. I'm like, "whoah", where's the good view?
  7. Considering the whole debut has been a dud so far, it's more than just a "hiccup" it seems.
  8. New Silverado LTZ

    I didn't intend to mean you're always making excuses. You, along with myself and several others, call GM out when they screw up or don't put effort. I just think they need to have these things as options, especially since they already use them in other vehicles across the line. Offer them in every trim? No, but they should be available in top trims. These are features that have long been available in GMs suvs and other vehicles, why shouldn't the trucks have them?
  9. New Silverado LTZ

    Making excuses for GM, when they have had all these options on the SUVs for over 10 years, yet the trucks that cost as much or more in some cases, get the red-headed step-child treatment.
  10. New Silverado LTZ

    Rain sense wipers are great! Enjoy them on the Tahoe and wondered why the K2's didn't have that option. Now, the T1's still don't even have that option. GM skimped way too much on the trucks this debut. Hope they add some of these things to the T1 2500s for 2020 and also put them on the 1500s.
  11. New Silverado LTZ

    There also seems to be less connectivity issues when playing Pandora through the phone on Bluetooth versus the vehicle app, as well. Not having the app on my infotainment wouldn't bother me.
  12. What if...

    Much cleaner look on both!
  13. Yes, makes both look much better! The Silverado with the body-colored bumper looks great!
  14. The styling of the Silverado looks good, except for the silly-looking air curtains. They should've found a way to integrate it like they did for the Sierra. The truck has a nice profile from the side, rear and front 3/4, but the straight-on view is odd. The styling of the Sierra also looks good, except for the ridiculous wheel wells. Either leave them squared off or round them up. They look like a SD card. I've been in the interior of a Denali. I don't mind the new (refreshed) look, but I am disappointed in the features they removed and the lack of adding some they should have. I like the added room in the back of the crew cabs, the USB and USB-C plugs as well as the increased wattage of the 120v outlets.
  15. People expected to be wowed by the new trucks. They just knew that GM would keep the positives of the current trucks, add the features people have asked for and give it a nice, cohesive design. What they found is that GM added some, took away some, and didn't really catch up, but played it safe. Add in the polarizing design, and many GM truck fans are scratching their heads wondering what happened. A fancy tailgate is the main new item, and it's only on the Sierra this time. It could very well be like the Malibu a few years ago, where the MCE was rushed out not long after debut. I'm still interested to see what the HD trucks are like. Perhaps GM will put back features that were taken away for the 2019 1500s. We should know in a couple months.

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