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  1. Has anyone gotten a notification of shipment for their truck yet?
  2. That's great! I know you're excited. Keep us updated!
  3. Have you heard any updates this week?
  4. The trucks are just starting to be built, so I'd think those who have ordered should be hearing something about pricing pretty soon. Anyone got any firm pricing from their dealer yet?
  5. Figured I'd start a thread for those who have ordered a new-body HD or are looking at ordering one. I ordered a Silverado 2500HD High Country, 6.6 gas, 4x4, CCSB on April 15. Received info this week that I have a TPW of 6-24-19. Really excited, as I've never ordered a vehicle before, so the whole process is new to me. I didn't want Z71, diesel, or a sunroof, so I ordered it like I wanted. Share your orders or thoughts, folks!
  6. AT4 HD

    That is correct.
  7. No, there won't be many deals or $10k off at first, but there will be dealers doing better than sticker. Some will still try to get MSRP like you stated, though. I wouldn't doubt some even have a premium on them when they first arrive.
  8. I've heard some doing only MSRP, while others may do Invoice minus any applicable rebates that may be available at purchase.
  9. When did you place your order? You're the earliest TPW so far. The others have a TPW of June 3 and June 10, I believe, and ordered around end of March. I submitted mine on April 15, but no TPW last I checked.
  10. Radar detector? I thought all the ones left were in the Smithsonian. Couldn't begin to tell you where to find one around me anymore. I had one, but I got a few tickets even still. A highway patrolman told me they're more likely to give tickets to people with them, than without. Once mine crapped out, I never replaced it.
  11. What is the projected price increase for the new ones?
  12. Anyone ordered one yet? If so, estimated production and delivery dates?
  13. GM Financing - Early refinance

    GM Financial is offering 0% in some instances, even on the new T1 trucks. We took the 0% on the new TourX we purchased a couple weeks ago, also. One, it helps get to the vehicle equity if need be and Two, every extra dollar goes directly towards principal.
  14. Aluminum?

    I've found my 2017 F250 Platinum to be as quiet, if not more, than the 2015 Silverado 2500HD LTZ it replaced. Maybe the upper trims have more/better sound insulation, but it's definitely not louder under any circumstances so far. My panels fit well and look fine from all angles, so I can't relate to those issues, either.

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