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  1. You can go to the GMC site and build an AT4 and put the power running boards on it to see how it will look. As someone said earlier, the only difference between those and ones on a Denali is the chrome strip on them. I really like these power steps, as opposed to the ones on the 1500s. These are slimmer, not as bulky, and deploy farther down. Gives the trucks a cleaner look to them, too. They also still protect your rocker panels like the stationary running boards.
  2. The Reese GooseBox will be a good choice for what you want. Minimal effort taking a ball out of the bed for complete bed use. Also, you retain your trailer's frame warranty in the event something happens related to the connection. I've been using this setup for a while and it's very smooth with little bouncing or chucking.
  3. Verified they can be turned off with the AUTO lighting knob. No where do I see an option about them coming on with vehicle start or taken out of park. Must just be one of those differences between the Chevrolet and GMC. Similar to why the High Country has LED lighting for most of the exterior lights except for front the turn signals. Doesn't make much sense, especially since those lights aren't used for anything but turn signals.
  4. Makes one wonder why the difference, eh? On my High Country HD, they only came on when taken out of park. Now, on the Denali, they are on as soon as truck is started. I thought something was wrong at first, but then noticed the other 2020+ Sierra HD's do the same. They may be able to be turned off when turning off the auto lighting. I will check that to see.
  5. Has anyone ever gotten an explanation why the DRLs in the Silverado come on once the vehicle is taken out of park, yet on the Sierra, the DRLs come on as soon as truck is turned on/started? I know the Silverado has different DRLs dependent on trim level, but what I'm referring to is the illumination sequence between the two models.
  6. Reese Goose Box. Have a full bed when not towing, can remove ball and anchors from bed in less than 30 secs if needed.
  7. Forget the truck's WiFi on your phone, then search and again and connect back to it. That helps sometimes. Don't just disconnect from it, delete it/forget it on phone, then reconnect.
  8. Funny you say that. I also have a 1999 GMC Sierra SLT (new body style) and when I bought it, glass packs and such were all the rage. Hell, even my 1988 Silverado was straight piped and a gutted converter. Sounded great. People asked when was I going to replace the exhaust and I said I'll wait until the original rusts out and then do it. Well, 22 years later, it still looks good! LOL!
  9. Yeah, I had it on my Super Duty. It was nice, but like you said, keyless entry and cell phone apps take some of the uniqueness away. I know some people (myself included) have to pay for the app now, but it's still a good "fob". Works great at the amusement parks, etc where you want it heated/cooled and can't even see it yet, but you know it'll be ready when you get there. Haven't tried to lock while leaving running for any extended period of time, though, with the fob in/out of vehicle.
  10. No, nothing like that, trust me. I was curious as to trade values, and they were way better than I'd ever thought. Ended up getting close to what I paid for a 2-yr old truck. Biggest difference was the upgrade to the Duramax and also a few more options. The power steps, etc. Normally, it would have been way too soon for me to trade, but it was a good, fair deal.
  11. They're all good trucks and also all make a few lemons. I've generally had good service from them all, despite a few hiccups. Nothing major, though. You're not going to be in luck with any HD having a console shifter. Maybe in a MCE coming up someone will, but I doubt it. Haven't seen any spy shots of an HD with a console shifter. The keypad isn't really necessary...as long as the FOB is in your pocket! LOL! You can get a keypad for the GM, but it's kind of clunky looking and definitely looks like an afterthought, not part of the vehicle. I thinks it's due in large part to the strange angle it has. I had a 2020 Silverado High Country gasser and recently got a 2021 Sierra Denali diesel. I, too, wasn't too fond of the GMC lights on the roof and wheel wells, but as I started seeing them on dealer lots and on the roads, they aren't bad at all and I like them. Take them or leave them, I guess. Not a "must-have" for me, but not a "stay-away" option, either. What I've found is the color combinations make a larger difference now with the trucks and trims, than ever before. I almost pulled the trigger on a Denali black diamond, but went with the Denali with white diamond tricoat instead. Yes, the black is a good-looking truck, but too hard to keep as clean as I'd want it where I live.
  12. Nice looking truck! Hope you have many happy miles. Keep us posted on your thoughts after you get some miles on it.
  13. I know the mileage was a little over, but why was it denied a warranty repair based on having a plow attached? Seems like it would be the same pressure on the line plowing, towing, etc. It doesn't look like it was snagged off, looks like a poorly attached from factory.
  14. You'll be fine with the 6.6 gas 2500HD. The stability, braking, etc is what you'll notice the most. For reference, I had a 2500HD with that engine and pulled our 42' 15k 5th wheel very well. The engine revved when it needed to, but nothing unexpected. It never got me in a situation where I felt it couldn't keep up. That's the main thing.
  15. Sharp! I see you kept your wheels and tires. Smart move! Dealers don't offer more more special rims, tires, lift kits, bed covers, etc. Many people are surprised when they're $4000 kit don't get them any extra at trade-in time. Kind of like a deleted truck, except the dealer will still take it on trade! LOL! Keep us posted on your thoughts about it.
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