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  1. There may be some truth to that on the high-mileage trucks, for sure. For me, I see every component having all those miles! LOL! Bearings, bushings, seats, springs, etc. Basically, I stay away from them if at all possible. Getting the 100k is one thing, but I'm not into the 200k club unless I've owned it and maintained it the whole time.
  2. That's good to know. I may start an exchange with my dealer. I'll PM you with details. I'd really like to keep using this system, especially if I can do an exchange. That's why I was thinking of going Furrion, I was under impression I couldn't return/exchange the OEM one. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Jay, appreciate the update. Please let us know the new(est) part number when you get it, especially if it works as intended. Also, how did they determine it was a warranty issue for the camera? I was under the impression that the camera purchased through another party couldn't be returned once "opened" or installed, especially since it's an electronic part. I hope that fixes your situation and it helps others with the same issue. In the meantime, I'll worry about the camera once I get the back window leak stopped...
  4. This is what mine has been doing. If you have your dealer look at it, share your findings. Hope is that someone gets it resolved. I surely don't want to buy another camera just to see if it makes a difference. I'll get the Furrion instead, and use it in any vehicle I have.
  5. Hope they can figure something out. Mine is doing same regardless of port plugged into. The inside trailer cam port may work a few seconds more, but that's it. I wonder how well it's working for the 1500 owners of 2019/2020 trucks.
  6. When the unit is powered down, then back on, it works again for a bit. Thinking more an electronic/processor type issue rather than defective cable. I hope they (GM) can help isolate and remedy the bugs in this system. Otherwise, the Furrion wireless setup is an option, if I even bother.
  7. The updates and settings changed didn’t help my situation. Once I started going, the picture froze again. Then worked, froze, rinse, repeat. I’ll let them know next time I talk to them.
  8. Thanks for the review. I agree on the transmission shifting. Generally it does very well and downshifts promptly when needed, without losing so much speed up grades. I've used the grade braking a few times, but not enough to get a good feel of operation. I think something about tapping the brake pedal a few times will engage the engine braking? Many people wonder about mileage and weight, and I always tell them it's more about wind resistance than weight when pulling a camper. Stopping is an entirely different matter. The brakes on these trucks are good and the trailer brake system is as well, as you said.
  9. I do not. I doubt its a cable issue with multiple people having similar issues. I've wiggle the cables on both ends and end to end (when I could) and it never once even had a blip. Only when there's a lot going on does it freeze up. Mine was doing it on the rear camera port and the interior camera port.
  10. They updated the camera system and changed some settings on it last week. I'll find out if it helped the next time I hook up to the camper. I don't believe they have a camera of their own yet, either. Funny thing is, mine always works well when initially hooked up. Then, after a while, it starts freezing up. One of those electronic "bugs" that has to be figured out.
  11. KC, any info on why RAM only gave the HD trucks the new dash layout and left the rest of the interior as carry-over? I thought they may wait a year, but the 2020 RAM HD still has the old interior layout minus the new dash.
  12. Campers can be replaced. Thankful that you're both okay!
  13. My 2500 is beginning to leak near each corner. I took it to the dealer and they tested it and have ordered a new spoiler/brake light/camera assembly. Said once it arrives and gets painted to match, I can bring truck back to them for install. They've been great so far, keeping me informed as it goes.
  14. If you can't see it by adding that screen in your settings menu, I'm not sure where else to look. I know on the digital screens, the voltage gauge changes to trans temp when put in Tow/Haul mode.
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