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  1. No direct comparisons side by side yet, but TFL did a towing MPG loop and an empty MPG loop and the GM gas engine fared better in both, also with far more weight in it's test. It will be interesting to see how it does when the IKE video is released, considering how they bashed the GM for it's performance. I'm sure it will be a this one is better here, but this one here type of thing going forward, though. If the 6.6 outperforms the 7.3 in every test (which I doubt), that would make the 7.3 a complete failure. I had a 2017 Super Duty with the 6.2 and was quite satisfied with the engine performance, so I expect the 7.3 to be better than both in most situations.
  2. Actually, only the High Country gets that color.
  3. I agree. The fact that the new 6.6 gasser has outperformed the new 7.3 gasser in tests so far is good for business, too. Powertrain-wise, all the HD trucks have great choices.
  4. The truck and camper is 21,800 loaded up as we travel. The truck's GCWR is 24,000 and max gooseneck/5th wheel weight of 16,600. My 5th wheel is a couple thousand lbs less how we travel. We don't tow with full tanks, etc. Hence, if I were to go to a diesel, I'd get a 3500 for the extra capacity and not be at or over the limits.
  5. I have a 2500HD High Country that I pull my 14,300 lb 5th wheel with. If I were to go diesel, I'd have to step up to a 3500HD due to the reduced payload the diesel results in. My current payload is 3245.
  6. One thing for sure, if many of your friends have a Tundra, they account for 75% of Tundra sales the past 10 years! Keep us posted on your truck order process. Don't forget to post pics when it arrives!
  7. The incentives on these are still fairly slim. Occasionally, you may see a larger discount off MSRP, but I think your 10% is pretty good right now.
  8. Indeed, they both have their place and strengths. I really liked my Duramax, but once it was close to warranty, I decided to let it go and get a gas burner. For what I do, which is pull a 5th wheel and my normal driving, the gasser is fine. If we pulled more in a mountainous area, it'd be a different story. Most of our pulls are in foothills and flatlands and if I use it as a DD, it's a 2 mile each way trip. Hearing the engine turn up, especially at elevation, was the biggest thing I had to get used to when I went gasser. Having been around older gas farm equipment, I knew they liked to rev to do the job. I tell folks that laugh to take the turbo off a diesel or put one on the gasser and then compare. Then you'd have an even playing field! LOL! In jest, yes, but a difference maker for sure.
  9. I had 1500 and upgraded to a Duramax diesel 2500 when we started camping. Then , I traded that for a Super Duty gasser and had that for a while. Now, I have a 2020 2500HD High Country 6.6L gas engine and am very happy. It pulls our 14,300 5th wheel fine. It is also used as my daily driver most of the time, with many short trips during the week. If we were to go camping in the mountains quite a bit, a diesel again may be considered, but our trips are usually east of the smokies.
  10. That's good fuel mileage for that tow. I just returned from a 250 miles trip and averaged 7.6 mpg pulling the 14,300 lb 5er. Most of that was rolling hills and interstate where I kept cruise at 70 when I could. When it go too hilly, I locked out 5 and 6 and let the engine turn a bit more ,so it wouldn't be downshifting, then playing catch up too bad. That may have actually helped the fuel mileage some, in reality. At 70 mph, in 4th gear is 3000 RPM and 3rd gear is 4000 RPM. In 5th at 70, it's around 2300 RPM. Maintained speed very well up and down the hills like that.
  11. I ran mine along the roof until the front cap, then ran it down the side and underneath to hook it up. A wire along the roof isn’t seen often and has a few mounting points with the A/C covers already in place to help the mounting pads.
  12. It comes with sticky pads and tie wraps to secure it. I also got more due to the length. I ran it along middle of roof from camera then angled over at the front cap to go down and underneath for connection. With the wire being along the roof, it's not that noticeable. If you're above the roof height, you see it, but looks good from the ground!
  13. I have the GM trailer camera installed on my 42’ fifth wheel. I mounted it in place of the Furrion camera prep that was on the rear of the camper and ran the cable along the roof and then came down the side of the front cap. Has a nice picture and is great for backing and checking things on the rear of the camper.
  14. I pulled my 14,300 lb 5th wheel over 4 hrs and 250 miles through various conditions and the transmission temp stayed between 195-201. You’ll be fine. Enjoy the ride!
  15. I've heard of some people swapping the bumper connections with the bed connections. Personally, I just plug the 5th wheel into the bed and the camera into the bumper.
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