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  1. Nope, never heard of it http://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/153186-shake-or-vibration-issues/
  2. Tires are not the only reason, drive shafts can also grenade
  3. I have driven pick ups my whole life, all of them 2 wheel drive until I bought my latest truck an never had any issues in rain . I have these tires on my present truck, no problems with rain . Only put it in 4 wheel drive once this year when I was busting long 1 1/2 foot deep snow in a driveway this year
  4. what brand filters did you do with, are they oiled or dry?
  5. If you are using GM's filter it is disposable and not to be washable
  6. Same set up I have and pleased with it
  7. Others before you have changed their out of rd axles for a fix. Thing is not everyone with the shakes has out of round axles Glad you found a fix for yours
  8. Tube/material , box and filter is different, on the camero I know the tube and filter is different, haven't seen the box
  9. GM certified intake https://www.gmpartshouse.com/oem-parts/gm-2014-18-silverado-sierra-5-3-cold-air-intake-free-ship-84016022?origin=pla&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwdScoOXS2QIV2ISzCh1rMwpVEAQYDCABEgLBt_D_BwE
  10. love it, so far (knock on wood) truck has been flawless
  11. My first car in High School was a 71 Cyclone
  12. a professional installer would steam the wrinkles out. All leathers seats have wrinkles untIl they go out on their own in the heat or they are steamed out
  13. Hurt my feelings, it would take more than you to do that I guess maybe you had to high expectations for the swingbox. Yes a steel box mounted inside the cab is going to be more secure/safe than any metal or ABS plastic box mounted in the bed Mines under a locked tonneau cover so I dont even lock the box. If someone wants to break inside a toolbox bad enough they will do it no matter what its made of . Both types of storage boxes have their place depending on what you want to store
  14. Your underseat box is very nice but there seems to be alot of others who like the swing box, myself included.

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