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  1. Same here, 106k and I swear the pads aren’t even half worn!
  2. This is true. But I could have sworn mine (‘14) only does 6?
  3. Use it anytime you wish, no harm either way. I tow quite often without. Shift points go up, so mileage can suffer a bit, but if you’re pulling something heavy it could actually improve. If I’m heavy, I tend to use it until I get to smooth cruising and then turn it off so it doesn’t hunt as much. One clarification, grade braking is always enabled or at least available. In tow mode it becomes active MUCH sooner. I use this even if I’m not towing but going down long/steep grades.
  4. Interestingly, my local tire shop (very reputable) will NOT use anti seize on hubs. As policy. Dunno why, seems this application is precisely what it was made for, but ok. As others have said, I prefer to clean everything well and then keep the wheels rotated. Simpler that way. I’ve had to replace studs and even use a puller to remove seized wheels before. Oh and a torch. Not fun.
  5. It’s called coincidence. You had just printed a page or three, and after a period of time the printer cycled/cleaned the print heads making those noises in the process. Pixmas, in particular, are famous for using more ink cleaning themselves than actually printing (great when you’re in the business of selling ink). Just so happens that this occurred at approximately the same time that you attempted to print a second document. Do tell, if you’re that paranoid, why do you even have a WiFi printer? Why not use a usb cable or a crossover Ethernet cable so the communication is limited to only the two devices?
  6. Making a lot of assumptions based off of a single picture and the comments of those posting on the internet now aren’t we?
  7. I tried a similar device a while back, and while the USB supply was most convenient (I was even able to finish up a nice breakfast on the subway one morning when I was running late. FYI, you can get some excellent culinary tips on the #7 train around 4:30 am if so interested. Exotic ingredients for sure, but easy to find in virtually any alley.), honestly only ~4 slices every half hour just doesn’t cut it for me. I was really only able to eek out about 3, 3.5 anyway (I know, truth in advertising right?). I was gobbling down that toast with just a slight schmear of marmalade and then just sitting there, salivating, just wondering when I was gonna get my next fix. Not a good situation to be in. Disappointing experience all around. I mean, if you want toast, dangit you WANT toast. Know what I’m sayin?
  8. Glad I replaced all of my TPMS sensors with cheap Chinese eBay knockoffs last go round. Now the only serial numbers that I’m flinging about are encrypted with mandarin hieroglyphics and go straight to the Chinese government so they can better target my Amazon ads. I’ve always wanted a sloth-themed seat back organizer with integrated ice cream freezer and toaster oven. Maybe now I can find a decent price on one! The only ones I’ve found are >$300 and require 15.8-17.43 Vdc to operate and I just can’t swing either right now with this economy.
  9. Clearly great minds think alike!
  10. I only seem to shake around 60-85. Which is obviously most inconvenient.
  11. Now see that’s terrifying to me.
  12. Nice stable! Would LOVE to have an ‘89 turbo myself!
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