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  1. Yes it’s incredibly annoying. I use a standard 1/4” drive socket, a ball universal, and a 10” extension. Works, but still annoying. And kinda ridiculous if you ask me.
  2. Good advice all around. Keep it sensible, watch out for others, plan ahead. Get everythint out of the cab, and skip the cheeseburger for lunch. Maybe even visit the little boy’s room.
  3. Just going with a Bilstien 46/5100 will help this tremendously since as others have said, the factory ranchos struggle to last past 20k, and seemingly have no rebound dampening. Because like I said, the OEM has to choose a spring/shock rate that is a compromise. Our trucks are made to go down the road empty, or fully loaded reasonably well. But, somewhere between those two extremes lies that sweet spot where the suspension rides the best. This doesn't mean it doesn't work for each extreme, it certainly does, but it rides best with some load in the bed because that's the weight that matches best with the suspension's settings. Most leaf springs are progressive. I dare say they may have been the first progressive spring design. But if you want to remove some of the lift, take out the bottom, non-overload spring. Someone correct me if I'm wrong here, I think we have 4 loaded plus 1 overload? Assuming that's the case, take out the 4th from the top and see how you like it. You're probably still going to want a better shock because you really can't get much worse than what you have. When I removed mine, 3 of the 4 were leaking, and two provided ZERO dampening in either direction. May as well have been a dowel rod in a pvc tube. Nice! Love that car. I'm a Pontiac guy, but I may like the appearance of the Saturn Sky just a tad better. But that GXP is sweet.
  4. Those kids over at Bugatti know their stuff, no doubt. And with a, shall we say, relaxed budget, they have created engineering marvels that may never be topped (all details considered). That said, I bet they'd probably struggle to do that with a body-on-frame / "ladder" frame chassis, a small bock V8 and a straight axle out back. Does a Chiron have a Class III hitch??? I honestly don't know. I go back to my original point which was basically set your goals and budget, and we can talk.
  5. My fur stands up when I hear replies that start, "Your asking" (*you're). Just joking dude, I'm cool. That said, my point was that a ~3 ton vehicle will never ride or handle like a ~1,300lb Ariel Atom regardless of the cash you could throw at it. So, temper your expectations. If you ditched every single body panel, sat on a milk crate and limited fillups to 5 gallons or less, it would probably STILL weigh more...and you'd be riding on a milk crate strapped to a chassis. Maybe if you switched to pizza cutters you could save a few more pounds, but then the handling would be sacrificed. Aerodynamics would be the of a milk crate on a chassis, but I suppose you could duck tape some cardboard up front to help. So yes, LOTS of things are technically possible given unlimited cash. But not miracles. And what's more, there's the question of money reasonably spent. If you wanna chase Porsches on the track, get a track tool. If you wanna feel like you're flying sliiightly above the road instead of on it, get a Maybach. If you wanna haul some wood, tow a trailer and maybe take the little lady to dinner, get a truck and make some reasonable compromises.
  6. Well first just to set expectations, it's a truck. Nothing you do to the suspension will change that. What, specifically, bothers you about the ride? Regarding spring rate, these trucks are most certainly NOT oversprung (more on that). Throw a heavy trailer on there, and you'll be nose up real quick. That said, the struggle that pretty much every truck ever made has is that it's a multi-use vehicle. It's made to go safely down the road with nothing in the bed, or 1,000lbs in the bed. An automotive engineer could certainly make either of these ride like a dream, but both? That's a tough challenge. So for the rear specifically, the closest to a magic bullet that you can get is to come up with an adjustable suspension for both spring and shock rate. On the wild end of things that could be a full mag ride setup or a 4 link suspension and airbags with adjustable shocks as well. On the more sane side, maybe something like remove all but the primary spring, add an air ride setup and adjustable shocks. You could get cheap and stick with a single rate shock, but you'd be seriously short changing the investment and won't get the results you want. The front is even more complicated just due to the limited options. The good news is that the front doesn't see the variation on load that the rear does, so you probably don't really need that much beyond maybe a set of Bilsteins.
  7. Dipped mine black back in May, 2014. Still going strong!
  8. Dealer could reprogram the keys,
  9. With that weight and those tires, that gearset is gonna be abused, expect some heat. Also, can’t forget about brakes. The taller tires really works the brakes HARD, even without a heavy trailer.
  10. Corner Weights?

    Just using ROUGH napkin math, 6,000lb truck, 70/30 weight distribution, that’s 4,200 up front, 2,100/corner. You could also check the (stock) tire load limit. That’ll be worst case.
  11. So what’s the theory here? Infrquently portions of the driveline “dry out” and need to be splashed around in fluid on occasion? Not questioning your observations. This seems as plausible a fix as anything else that’s been tried. Just working through the logic.
  12. Condenser is the radiator-like device mounted in front of the actual radiator up front.
  13. Fraid so. It’s likely your condenser, or compressor discharge line, or both. Sorry.
  14. Towing trouble

    Could someone point out where "air bag" or "Timbren" even exists in the GM trailering guide? Asking for a friend.
  15. Towing trouble

    You have the student "prove himself wrong" in front of the class????? WTH man??? This is a truly horrific method of teaching!!! So lemme get this straight. If you're teaching, and a student asks a question or offers an alternative solution (like Canada resides north of the mainland USA), then you would what? Berate them until they agreed with you, and then publicly shame them so that everyone else doesn't get any bright ideas??? WTH?

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