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  1. Here is what you need. I too was having trouble with those GMUpfitter numbers. I contacted them and got this part number for a terminated lead (wire and connector), for like $11 from the dealership. I used this to tap into the connector and send power to my CHMSL on my topper, worked great. Just use the instructions from the upfitter bulletin and this part will allow you to hook up your topper third brake light properly without splices. GM number 19352764
  2. I've read the dual battery threads til absolute frustration and exhaustion. Lots of different opinions, and I doubt you will get a consensus. Having said that.... You won't find a deep cycle to fit in the second tray location, I don't think. Many say that having both batteries the same size and brand/etc is optimal, but in real world I don't think it's that big of a deal. The second battery tray on my 2018 Sierra doesn't have the lip or the hold down threaded hole, but that's an easy fix with a tiny bit of welding, rather than spend the $$ on a new tray. The part # for the tray with all that can be easily found on those threads mentioned earlier. I'm gonna put a battery in the secondary tray, after mods, and send power to the bed. Using an old fashioned isolater, and a battery that I have, if it dies in a few years no big deal, it isn't cranking the truck and isn't gonna power something I can't live without. I think some folks stress over this too much and overthink it. If it's isolated, it will charge and will be available for powering whatever is wired to it.
  3. Anybody got a part number for the front camera? Dealership said front camera was indeed bad, but on backorder. Been waiting for almost two months.... Wanna call some other dealers or look online to see if they really are on backorder before I complain.
  4. Hey, PM me. Interested in grabbing this and the Corsa stuff from ya if we can make a package deal!
  5. what's the tone/sound diff between the two? Wanting to get a little rumble, but def don't wanna deal with the drone I had on my 8.1 Burb before this truck.
  6. Miles on the tires, and a depth reading on the tread for them please? Thanks!
  7. Haven't had time to pull the cover off the primary distribution block on top of main battery, but it looks to be different than yours. I also read in another post, I think, that the '18 changed. Looks like I have a small ECM on top of my battery, and the cover/charging/jump post looks different. I'll have to get that cover off to verify.
  8. Great write-up Vuk. I only wish my 2018 could use it so I could make my setup OEM like that. Unfortunately, looks like they've made some changes with the '18.
  9. Bringing this back up, as I have the same problem in my 2018. Taking it in this week, as it's still covered under factory warranty. My service guy did say that he has seen non-GM aftermarket windshields cause an issue, although my truck is completely as it came from the factory - so not the problem here. However, I noticed today that a bird has apparently tried to build a nest behind my grill and in front of the radiator on passenger lower side. I cleaned all that out, haven't checked to see if that corrected it yet, but there is some kind of sensor mounted low behind the grill on that side. I too would like to know where and what the components of the system are.
  10. Based on pics from the first few pages of this thread, the only difference in the trays is the hole for the hold down with welded nut on the underside? Correct? Why buy another tray, I can modify my original tray with a nut easy enough. Am I missing something? Place the rubber hold down in the original tray, mark the hole, drill it out and weld a nut on the bottom side.
  11. Sorry, $230 brand new, just can’t do it. Glws
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