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  1. I'll do $150 shipped for this if interested. Thanks.
  2. I'd do $150 shipped, payment via paypal. Thanks!
  3. Have these waiting to go on, glad to hear they work well. Planning to install myself as well.
  4. So, I've searched and found some help. However, are there any tips for connecting a small 6 fuse block near the main battery? I'm not quite sure which of the extra taps under the cover to use for +, or if I should even fuse the 8-10" of 4 AWG going to the fuse block. Plane to mount the fuse panel on top of main battery, and run the negative bus to batt ground post. Which also has me wondering if there are any connectors out there to make it easier to hook into the factory negative batt clamp. The screw on the clamp is pretty short, and I don't want to hack off the factory battery clamp to use an aftermarket one. Also, are there any easier points on passenger side firewall area to push wires through? Ive seen the driver's door point and drivers firewall plug that's a pain. Anyone also know where any grommets are in rear of crew cab to run CB/ham radio antenna wire?
  5. bdbake01, can you provide a little more info on where and how to wire into the factory current sensor? Where is it located. Any pics of your install would be great! Looking to do this too.
  6. If you've found the pillar brackets and ready to sell, send me a DM and I'll take em off your hands.
  7. +1 for Blackbear, used them before and will again when closer to warranty expiration. They are topnotch and their tune will def be noticeable!!
  8. Wondering if anyone has some actual experience with mounting a roof rack on a fiberglass topper? I am looking to mount a rack, possibly the one linked below, on the topper of my 2018 crew cab short bed. A few questions... How did you mount to keep rack as low and close to the topper as possible? I don't like the rails and bars with rack on top, puts way too much up high, limiting parking garage use and adds to wind noise. If I wanted to mount a light bar or lights to the front of the rack, with it being just at the back of the truck cab or maybe extending a bit forward of the back of the cab - would they throw the light forward or wash out on top of the truck cab? I can speculate all day long about the light question, wondering if anyone has any experience with light placement a little further back than front of cab. It's not a necessity, just wondering if it would be a waste of effort time and money. My main reason for the rack is some light cargo, side and rear light mounting point (functional for when I'm working past optimal light and want side and rear lights run off secondary battery), and looks. Here's the rack I think I may use http://www.smittybiltdepot.com/Smittybilt-Exterior-Parts-Accessories/Smittybilt-Defender-Roof-Rack-45555.aspx?t_c=3&t_s=82&t_pt=3426&t_pn=S%2fB45555
  9. Take $100 shipped to 35244? You do have the plates and bolts correct?
  10. I have a gently used, Volant cold air induction setup for 2014-2018 trucks with 5.3. I believe the only thing different for the 6.2 is the silicone piece between throttle body and tube - easy to replace from Jegs or Summit. This kit is the top of the line kit from Volant, with the Power Core filter, good for 100,000 miles. Doing a little demod currently, so won't be using this anymore. Installation is a breeze. These are $341 new from Jegs, looking for $250 plus shipping from 35244.
  11. Amsoil is very top notch stuff for any application!
  12. gmcdawg


    Hoover/Bham metro, just wondering if we can bring this back up to see how much 2014-2018 love we have in the area.
  13. This would be nice, as their shipping charges are ridiculous.
  14. They had a T5, tons of info on the net about those. And I agree, so many of these S trucks still out there, I would find a manual truck to build or piece together the best parts from both if a manual is wanted.
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