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  1. Send me your address so i can look up shipping.
  2. I bought my pedal commander here for my 2081 GMC sierra Denali 6.2 liter. i have since just went with tuning. so i no longer need or use the pedal commander. works flawlessly. it is model PC 65 - Bluetooth. I'll ship anywhere as long as you pay shipping. looking for 200 US. I'll get a picture up tonight.
  3. Hi All, I have a 2018 sierra 1500 Denali. the drivers side running board has stopped moving. i took into the dealer and they said i need a new motor and swing arms. the motor is covered nut i need to pay for the swingarms and labor the cost is over 1700. I'm in Canada so that's Canadian dollars. is this the going rate?
  4. ok thanks. i did notice sometimes the tranny was the weak link with the pedal commander installed. engine would rev but took a second for the truck to move and with a slight clunk from the tranny/drive shaft? i'd be off. i'll put it back on and keep an eye on the fluid. i did remove it before i took it in just incase the dealer said it caused the issue. also was there an issue with the type of fluid gm used? or does it need to be replaced every 50 km or so?
  5. hey all, so i have a 2018 denali, bought new. truck came with the 6.2l. so truck seems to vibrate/ shutter, shake when it's changing gears and steady at 100 km an hour. i took it into the dealer and they said my tranny fluid was burnt and changed it. it's now back to smooth riding. my question is two fold, has anyone had issue with the tranny fluid? next i had a pedal commander installed and left it on the sport+ setting, could that have caused the tranny fluid to go bad? i'm not sure i want to install the pedal commander back in the truck until i know why the fluid went bad so quick. oh, i've had the truck for 1 and half years and it's only got 55000 km on it. thanks
  6. Cool, is that the same led as up front? Sent from my S10 using my thumbs, with tapatalk.
  7. Pretty sure it is, you could order one. If it fits then order all of them. If not return it. Sent from my S10 using my thumbs, with tapatalk.
  8. This part? https://www.tascaparts.com/oem-parts/gm-park-sensor-bracket-84167342 Sent from my S10 using my thumbs, with tapatalk.
  9. Money is not an issue, I was thinking everything from HP will run around 1000 at most. I'm waiting to here back from HP. I'm thinking I need the module, tranny unlock and credits. Sent from my S10 using my thumbs, with tapatalk.
  10. Thanks 1slow1500. Would I be correct in thinking I can find people selling tunes and or sending logs to have tunes made? Sent from my S10 using my thumbs, with tapatalk.
  11. Ok I'm now leaning to the hptune, i'm seeing posts on the hptune forum about downloading tunes, is that something for paid customers only? also where is the best place to learn how to tune and understand what each setting does? looks like if i go this route i'll have a new hobby.
  12. I live in canada, I have a 2018 sierra Denali with a 6.2. After reading this thread I'm now not sure what tuner to buy. I was going to pickup the Trinity t2. But now, well I don't know. Sent from my S10 using my thumbs, with tapatalk.
  13. if you would ship, how much to 3909 Witmer Rd, Niagara Falls, NY 14305, United States
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