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  1. Remote Tailgate Release

    i have a 2018 denali, if i hold my lock or unlock button my mirrors fold in or out. would this mod still work for me? i read the thread and did not see any mention of this mod stopping other features from working. also did you just plug in the t-connector or did you use it and splice wires? cool, thanks for sharing
  2. that's too bad, really like the functionality of it. played with one before i bought my 2018. deals on 18's were too good too pass up. guess i'm waiting a few years.
  3. i wonder if it will be possible to put the multipro tailgate on a 2018 sierra? or would the whole box need to be replaced? anyone thought of this?
  4. $50 and under modifications

    you still around? i have a few questions. i pm'd you
  5. New and used 22 inch wheels

    If you build a sierra, one of the options is to add 22inch black rims. I have a 2018 Denali with facoty 22s. Looking to remove all the chrome, so black rims are on my list. Would prefer oem rims in black.
  6. New and used 22 inch wheels

    you have 22 black rims from gm?
  7. 20 amp switched power

    quick question, if my 12 volt outlet is set to always on. does the empty slot still have power? i've included a picture
  8. I personally don't like the drop in liners, had one in my previous truck,
  9. Congrats on the new truck. My truck came with the spray in liner, i like it. but i also put in the bedrug, love it. especially the way it keeps debris from falling between the tailgate and bed. i also have the bakflip mx4. love it as well. seems pretty watertight so far and it's a breeze to open and close. also keeps an honest man out when the tailgate is locked. Hope this helps.
  10. 20 amp switched power

    Good point I'm still undecided where I'll put the battery. I do have a sub. I'm thinking behind the glove box, but am conserned about it over heating in the summer. Maybe behind the back seats. Is the power on the passenger side switched? Also whats the Rap power on the drivers side? Sent from my H8276 using Tapatalk
  11. 20 amp switched power

    I just upgraded my dash cam to the blackvue drs900-2ch i was using the power magic pro to control power so the battery would not drain. i'm now going to use the blackvue b-124 battery. it requires a 20 amp fuse to tap into.
  12. Hi all. I'm looking for some help. I have searched and can't seem to find a 20 amp fuse that I can tap into for a blackvue battery. I'm in Canada to cold to be outside,so can't wait for spring. Has anyone found/used a 20amp switched fuse? Or has anyone found a way to hardwire a blackvue battery? Tnx Sent from my H8276 using Tapatalk
  13. i know it's an old post, but can someone show what fuse you tap into on the passenger side?
  14. guy's using catch cans, do you use single valve or dual?
  15. yeah, seemed to happen after driving on the highway with the windows down, i'd put them up and they would close and then open immediately. had to get them up after i was off the highway. think the wind was moving the vent enough for the window to think there was an obstruction.

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