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  1. Superchips Flashpaq F5

    I’ve heard it’s bad because the cylinders on a truck “gum” up or sieze up and cause a lot of damage because they aren’t ran all the time. This statement is definitely from an inexperienced person(me) but I’ve heard several shops say it’s bad for the truck. So definitely look further into this haha
  2. Rim & Tires

    The people at Fuel off-road were very helpful when I ordered my wheels. I told them what truck I had along with the leveling kit. Then asked the same questions. What offset do I need? Can I run xxx tire? They were able to answer all of them. Not saying you have to order from Fuel but they were very helpful! Hope this helps
  3. I'm considering purchasing running boards for my truck and I can't find very many pictures of trucks with different ones. So if you have aftermarket running boards, could you post pictures of the whole truck? (not just a close up of the running boards)
  4. Which Tuner?

    Where can you find this "Lew" that you speak of?
  5. Which Tuner?

    Okay, let me repeat my question. What is the best tuner that #1 turns off AFM. #2 adjust for 35" tires. #3 saves gas. #4 a descent tune for towing. Thats the main things I'm looking for. Anything more than that will be a bonus. I'm not trying to mod my truck out, just want these simple things in my tune. Any suggestions for a tuner with the options above? Thank you
  6. I'm looking to buy a tuner that will turn off AFM but also give me different mappings, tire size adjustment, etc... Anyone have a good tuner that they would recommend?
  7. I'm trying to give my truck a slight "grunt" to it without spending a bunch of money. I really want the next step up from stock as far as sound goes. Any opinions?
  8. I'm about to order a Zone lift kit and wondering where the best place to buy from is? (best being price, customer support, fast shipping...etc)
  9. Lift kit help

    Also, why is BDS almost $800 more than zone? It seems people say BDS over Zone and BDS is more expensive but whats so much better about it compared to zone?
  10. I'm about to purchase a lift kit for my 2014 1500 and I'm trying to figure out what size and brand. I'm leaning towards the 6.5" zone because there are so many people saying how good zone is. I also was wondering how much adjustment there is in the lift if anybody knows. Would there be enough to drop it down to 5.5" if I wanted too? Does anybody wish they would have gotten the 4.5" vs the 6.5" or vice versa? Any input would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I just replaced rotors and pads on mine, It seemed as both inside break pads on the front were dragging almost non-stop causing the brakes to wear uneven and trash rotors from the heat. I've seen some people simply grind the edges (barely) so they slide a little better in the slots. Be careful not to take to much as you will get a loud rattling sound from the pads bouncing. Hope this helps to prevent it from happening again soon.
  12. Sounds like the hose just popped off of the connector? I don't think it'll leak until you engage it. I would start by following your hose and checking it.
  13. I recently purchased a 2014 Denali with a rebuilt title that I had to replace the AC condenser due to a common leak issue around the weld that a lot of GM vehicles have problems with. After replacing, it was filled back up with freon and worked well for about 2 months. Now, all of the sudden it stopped working. Checked to see if I had any leaks, none. The compressor still kicks on and off like it's low on freon but I have checked the pressure on it and it's fine. Anybody know what could be the problem?
  14. Lift Kit Help

    Let us know how you like those shocks. I'm curious.
  15. Lift Kit Help

    Okay, I was just checkin to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I appreciate the help.

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