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  1. Hey guys, I'm trying to determine if an l86 intake bolts up fine to the stock l83 heads? Reason i'm asking is I have a chance to get a blower kit at a crazy deal from local shop but its for a 6.2 truck. I'm not worried about tuning as it will be dyno tuned, just wondering if I'm going to run into issues with ports not lining up or if they'll even bolt together. Thanks in advance
  2. I've looked at turbo kits and the cheapest ive found is the on3 kit but reviews are all over the place. Is there a good kit out there thats not going to involve a lot of labour to make things fit?
  3. Biggest reason I thought about going blower was the price of turbo kits seem to be waaay higher than a blower lol. And I already have headers.
  4. I'm planning on going with a built bottom end and tsp cam. Along with sending my heads out to be ported. I'd love to go turbo but blowers are a lot easier install. still debating on whether to go magnuson or procharger
  5. I'd love to get a 6.2 block but where I'm at they're hard to come by. I found a complete 5.3 with a bad lifter for a steal so I'm making plans to build it strong for boost.
  6. People have done it to a gen v lt1 just interested to see if anyone has in a l83.
  7. Wondering if anyone as put a 4.00" stroke crank in a stock l83 block?
  8. Alright, I was just curious if it would still catch oil if the valve covers were vented to atmosphere. Only one to find out i guess lol. Thanks again man!
  9. Hey sorry to bother ya again, but I just received my elite catch can and was wondering will it even pull a vacuum if the other ports are connected to my vented catch can?
  10. Is 600whp roughly the max for the factory fuel system?
  11. Thats awesome to hear, some guys say their kits are cheap and so I was somewhat concerned. Currently running a tsp cam with +32% fuel lobe and getting 375whp with 4.88 gears and 37" tires. But i'm looking for some more get up and go lol
  12. Sweet! I seen your name mentioned on another thread about having an ON3 turbo kit on your truck, care to share some info on it? I've been looking at their single turbo kit for some time now and curious on if it is a reliable kit.
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