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  1. Pcv Catch Can or delete?

    Alright, I was just curious if it would still catch oil if the valve covers were vented to atmosphere. Only one to find out i guess lol. Thanks again man!
  2. Pcv Catch Can or delete?

    Hey sorry to bother ya again, but I just received my elite catch can and was wondering will it even pull a vacuum if the other ports are connected to my vented catch can?
  3. Pcv Catch Can or delete?

    Thanks for all the good info!
  4. Pcv Catch Can or delete?

    Is 600whp roughly the max for the factory fuel system?
  5. Pcv Catch Can or delete?

    Thats awesome to hear, some guys say their kits are cheap and so I was somewhat concerned. Currently running a tsp cam with +32% fuel lobe and getting 375whp with 4.88 gears and 37" tires. But i'm looking for some more get up and go lol
  6. Pcv Catch Can or delete?

    Sweet! I seen your name mentioned on another thread about having an ON3 turbo kit on your truck, care to share some info on it? I've been looking at their single turbo kit for some time now and curious on if it is a reliable kit.
  7. Pcv Catch Can or delete?

    This is what I have set up right now, and I have an elite catch can on order to put in line with the pcv system. I asked my mechanic to install a catch can and this is the style he put so I only ordered the 2 port can from elite
  8. Pcv Catch Can or delete?

    Got any pictures?
  9. Wondering if anyone has done a pcv delete and run a breather style setup on an l83/l86 engine? Seen it done on older ls stuff and guys talk about a much smoother idle. Recently had a cam swap done and looking to keep intake and valves clean lol.
  10. Will let you know as soon as I get the truck back! Its getting tuned in the next few days.
  11. I ended up going with Texas Speed for that reason. They were trying to sell their product using facts and numbers instead of telling me that so and so’s was no good
  12. Superchips Flashpaq F5

    Thanks for the tip
  13. Lakewood Traction Bars on a 2014-2018 1500

    Thanks so much for your help. With that being said would I just be better off going with the rough country version? https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-traction-bar-kit-1069.html
  14. Lakewood Traction Bars on a 2014-2018 1500

    Whats the advantage of a theeaded end? I know adjustability, but once they’re on they won’t need to be adjusted
  15. Lakewood Traction Bars on a 2014-2018 1500

    6.5” lift and 37” tires.

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