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  1. You mean the 8ft bed as the long bed, right? My 18 SLT Crew has the 6.5ft bed
  2. At the minimum tires, then upgrade the brakes. It might be cheaper to rent something like a Van or even a motor home for the trip.
  3. The additional length is between the cab & the axle. So, everything would need to be extended.
  4. I put in a set of the lighted GMC door sills & trimmed the mats to not cover them up. But I didn’t mess with the wiring part.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Years & years ago when the 4L60E was pretty much the only automatic transmission option for RWD GM vehicles someone figured out that the S10 spec converter was looser than the one specced for the B-bodies. So several people were able to get a “better” factory converter through GM dealerships, especially when they blew the transmissions & had them replaced under warranty.
  6. So, I’m sitting in my truck after getting home from work & I notice the mileage is at 16061. I think that’s cool, but I should set one of the screens to go with it. In scrolling I find that the Transmission Fluid Temp is at 162 degrees & think I’ll just wait for it to drop to 161 with the engine off. Now I’ve been sitting here a while watching that temp & it drops from 162 to 160. It flips between the 2 before settling on 160. I’m guessing it only reads in 2 degree increments? So, I crank it up & watch it go 160, 162, then 163, 164, 165... Hmm. I turn it off & watch it go back down in the opposite order. Then it goes to 158, 156, & is now at 154 after several minutes of sitting & watching... Kinda weird how it seems to only read in even numbers below 162, but reads every degree above that.
  7. Loaded the bed up with a pallet of cinder blocks to go with the pool we’re putting in.
  8. Dang, that’s dirty! I need to vacuum under there! And I watched the video which answered my question. No, these just slip on over the existing ducting & direct air over the carpet & up a bit. I’m thinking a quick fix could be a little cardboard or something until I come up with something more permanent.
  9. I didn’t even realize that my truck had vents for the back passengers. My fiancé’s boys always complain about how hot it gets back there & I usually run the AC super cold. After reading this thread I scooted my seat all the way forward to see that the vent seems squished in & is partially blocked by the Rear carpet. Do these extensions spread open the existing vents?
  10. I say go for the 4.10s! I put those in my 96 Impala SS with 28” tires. I originally put in 3.73s with the factory posi, but the posi blew up around The 100k mile mark. I drove the car another 65k miles with the deeper gears.
  11. I feel your pain. My ‘18 6.2 cuts out before 100. I know the reasons why (tire speed ratings & driveshaft critical speed) but I feel it is an unsafe way GM does it. When you are driving on a 70mph road & someone is going driving erratically, weaving, doesn’t maintain a set speed & often drops under 60Mph, when you finally get to a passing zone without traffic coming the other way you punch it to go around, but before you finish the pass the limiter kicks in cutting off the power until you drop down a bit. Sometimes the other driver speeds up as you’re trying to pass. And other cars are coming at you head on. Your only option is to get back behind this dangerous driver. GM governors have been like that for a long time. The best solution I’ve found is to let up & maintain the speed just below the cut off until you are able to return to your lane. My Mom’s old Mercedes S-Class with the governor set at 130mph would let you get to the governor, but instead of cutting out it simply maintains the speed at 130.
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