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  1. I put the Cadillac Escalade engine cover on my Sierra and say I did an engine swap
  2. Are there any more of the less expensive switches out there or did y’all buy them all up already?
  3. Reading this thread gives me hope & pisses me off at the same time. My 18 Sierra developed the shudder early on. I took it to the dealer for the first oil change a couple hundred miles ago. They said I do have the shudder (duh), but they have several customers ahead of me “waiting on parts” & will contact me when they come in... It is just a thorough fluid flush, right?
  4. Now you’ve got my attention. What other screen names have you gone by? I’ve used AdioSS since I signed up on the impalaSSforum in 2000.
  5. Here’s my question. On the Escalade there are actual key locks hidden under the handle caps in case your keyless entry or battery dies. The little caps pop off fairly easily. Does that function the same when doing this mod on a truck?
  6. I hate that the windshield in my Sierra doesn’t have any tint along the top and the visors can’t move enough to cover the gaps where the sun comes. My 05 Silverado’s visors had parts that slid out & would tuck in behind the rearview mirror or almost all the way to the back on the door side window, if needed. And I hate that I didn’t get that “eyebrow” tint put in when I got the doors done. The transmission torque converter shudder is annoying. I wish my center console locked. The latch on it should have come in chrome like so many other GM vehicles. I really hate that 98mph speed limiter! I’ve got 420 horsepower! Let me use it!
  7. I noticed that the center console latch in my Sister’s Tahoe & my Dad’s Escalade is chrome, but the one in my Sierra SLT is black, so thanks to this forum I found the part number & ordered a chrome latch. I installed it tonight. Getting the lid apart for the first time was a bitch! I was sure i was going to break the plastic.
  8. I was actually wanting a RWD double cab with the long bed, but couldn’t find any with the 6.2. I went with the long bed because I think the longer bed looks better proportioned, especially with the crew cab I got. And occasionally I actually use the longer bed. This was like the third day after I got the truck.
  9. The only thing I’ve done that could make a difference on fuel economy has been the muffler delete. I also used premium fuel for most of that time, but did put in some mid-grade for some Highway only driving at a station that seemed priced way high.
  10. I’m happy with the fuel economy so far from my 2018 Sierra SLT Z71 6.2 CCLB
  11. Guess I should take my ‘18 6.2 8 speed Z71 GMC in to get the fluid flushed.
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