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  1. You’re making too much power & torque. Should’ve bought a Ford
  2. Is the AFM working? What make, model, & size tires does it have? Do you have a bed cover?
  3. Today, after over a year of ownership, I finally used the truck to tow something for the first time. Naturally the 6.2 handled it with no problem. The roads were wet & the winds were gusty. I initially had it in 2WD, but I gassed it a bit turning onto the road & the back tires broke loose.
  4. eBay lol The company does sell billet door handles also. eBay, but mine was more of a brushed finish instead of the full polished. I actually just received a full polished full tailgate handle (like this: https://amistyling.com/billet-tailgate-handle-polished-953cm ) but I think I’m going to just stick with the brushed one. So, if anybody is interested in the full polished one, PM me
  5. The yellow tinted fogs is something I’ve thought about & will probably do. I love how it looks on your truck!
  6. I installed a billet tailgate handle today. In the past I used to hate chrome & even dechromed the window trim on my 96 Impala SS, but I’ve actually added a little bling to this truck with this & the center console lid handle.
  7. Can I ask where the info for the critical speed came from? My truck sounds like yours, but has 3.23 gears.
  8. Thank you! My Dad has been wondering about the Escalade. He hasn’t been too happy with his 2015. He still Mainly drives his 2000 3/4ton Suburban with the 8.1L big block. It’s got over a half million miles on it...
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