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  1. I feel your pain. My ‘18 6.2 cuts out before 100. I know the reasons why (tire speed ratings & driveshaft critical speed) but I feel it is an unsafe way GM does it. When you are driving on a 70mph road & someone is going driving erratically, weaving, doesn’t maintain a set speed & often drops under 60Mph, when you finally get to a passing zone without traffic coming the other way you punch it to go around, but before you finish the pass the limiter kicks in cutting off the power until you drop down a bit. Sometimes the other driver speeds up as you’re trying to pass. And other cars are coming at you head on. Your only option is to get back behind this dangerous driver. GM governors have been like that for a long time. The best solution I’ve found is to let up & maintain the speed just below the cut off until you are able to return to your lane. My Mom’s old Mercedes S-Class with the governor set at 130mph would let you get to the governor, but instead of cutting out it simply maintains the speed at 130.
  2. Flush the transmission & put the new fluid in that’s listed in the TSB. If you’re still under warranty your dealership should do it.
  3. I had the shop cut out the old muffler after the flap since I’m keeping AFM & weld in a bit of 3” straight pipe, but kept the resonator. Big difference in sound when you get on it, but not too loud. You’d probably prefer to cut the resonator out.
  4. Also had an impromptu run with a lady in a convertible C7 Corvette on the way home. We were side by side at a light. It was a stick shift and she started rolling forward a bit before the light changed, so I gunned it on green. I had her until 55. My lane was ending so I shut it down to let her fly by. LOL I know it wasn’t really a fair run, but she was definitely in it. Neither one of us had any time to prepare. I usually turn TC off, switch to 4Hi & engage tow mode, but leave it in D. When I do that it launches hard enough to piss off my fiancé. Makes me look forward to installing the blower I bought last month
  5. I picked up my truck today from the dealership. I also used the MyGMC points that I’ve been accruing to order the lockbox for the center console while I was there. The drive home was weirdly smooth. I had gotten used to the shuddering a little too much.
  6. I took mine in to the dealership to get the 2nd oil change & the 8 speed transmission fluid changed out. The truck has a little over 13,900 miles on it. They gave me a 2020 AT4 loaner. It’s nice, but only has the 5.3L.
  7. Just got home from taking the family on a trip to New Mexico for Spring Break. Got some impressive fuel economy during a flat low super stretch. 2018 Sierra Z71 6.2L crew cab 6.5’ bed with an eBay intake, muffler delete, & cheap bed cover as the only mods so far. I’ve been using the highest octane available at the pump which ranged from 93 locally to 90 out there.
  8. I just use a backpack under the Rear passenger seat in my crew cab.
  9. The reveal is currently scheduled for 5/20/2020
  10. You’re making too much power & torque. Should’ve bought a Ford
  11. Is the AFM working? What make, model, & size tires does it have? Do you have a bed cover?
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