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  1. Thanks guys. I currently have the aluminum drive shaft, so I’ll be replacing it. But due to my longer wheelbase, I can’t find anything in 1-piece from alldrivelines.com. I’ll give the local shops a ring to see if they can help me out. Don’t have too many places around me in Delaware.
  2. Hey all, I’d like to find some information on upgraded driveshaft replacements for my ‘14 5.3 crewcab 6.5ft bed 4x4. I’d like to keep it one-piece, but it needs to be able to hold more power than stock. I’ve been slowly getting my powertrain how I’d like it. Making 394hp/401tq at the wheels now. Now I need to work on doing 4.10 gears & upgrading that driveshaft. Most places online seem to only offer them for the shorter wheelbase trucks, and most of the time it’s a two piece shaft. Any info? thanks! -Charlie
  3. Hey all, So I’m a bit surprised that I'm looking into fender flares for my ‘14 Silverado, as I usually do not like them. But I recently acquired some offset wheels that I’ve really taking a liking to, but they like to fling rocks. Since I park in a rock parking lot at work, I cannot avoid it. I like clean body lines & very little exterior add-ons. The bushwacker “oe style” fender flares have caught my eye, but I’m not totally sold on them for $350+. I’d keep them the basic black color, my truck is blacked out, with the plastic black handles, mirrors, etc. so it would actually match well. Can anyone help convince me for or against? Does anyone have these .75” flares on their trucks, and do they make a difference at all? I want to stay away from the bulky looking pocket style ones. Thanks!!
  4. Hello all, I’m looking to replace / upgrade tires on my ‘14 Silverado 4dr 4x4. It has 2” level kit with stock 18” wheels currently. I’d like to see what sizes will fit comfortably with this current setup. I will most likely be keeping the stock wheels, but I want a more aggressive tire that performs well on/off road. Mostly paved road driving, but I want it to preform well in snow & mud. I was looking at the offerings from Nitto, but unsure of size to go with. Thanks!
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