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  1. Well I'm at 80k now and while washing the truck this weekend I noticed the RR axle seal leak is really getting bad. Short history here... at 16k it completely let go. Warranty fixed it and since then it's been slowly "sweating" and the dealers argued with me it's not bad enough to be a leak and I have a 100k warranty etc. So being the fortune teller that I am, when I see a slow leak I know it will only get worse..... Here we are. It's worse. And needs addressed. I also have the 75mph + shakes in my truck. And during the arguing around 50k miles with the dealers they warped my RR rotor with all the "inspections". So I've decided to get a set of Yukon axle shafts, new Timken bearings and axle shaft seals. Do it myself. And I'll do a rear brake job while I have it apart. Going to gamble here and hopefully fix the vibration and leak once and for all. Call me crazy, but I think the rear vibration and the leak are related. Probably a poor quality axle shaft. While I have it apart I'll check the R&P backlash as the TSB indicates so look for essentially a warped R&P set. I stumbled upon a good read from another site. GM donated two of these buy-back vibros to a tech school. When they pulled the rear axles apart the pinions has zero preload. On a 10 bolt axle with used bearings you need 14-19 inch/lbs of pinion preload. So at the end of the day Until I personally rebuild this whole axle you just don't know.
  2. KO2 Tire, 20k mi review

    I really need to find a good LT load range C. The E range is pretty rough riding.
  3. How-To: Remote Spin-On Transmission Filter Kit.

    Yup. Still working great. I'm at 80k. I've been doing the filter change at least 1x every year.
  4. I never took it to the dealer. I'm out of warranty at 80k and 4yrs. Not worried about it, it can't break again if it's still broken.
  5. I'd just use the Prestone Dexcool premixed 50/50 stuff from Walmart. That's what I did.
  6. 80k here on the factory brakes. nothing replaced. The RR rotor is warped because the dealers were impacting the wheel on/off when I had the axle seal issue a while back. I could probably get to 100-120k if I wanted. But with the rear axle leak needing addressed again, I'm doing Yukon shafts, seals, bearings, rotors, pads etc. The whole enchilada.
  7. I'm looking for a factory replacement fuel tank. The other option is do a fuel tank with a 12V pump in the bed. I don't fill-up any equipment at work, so I really don't need a transfer tank in the bed. I drive mainly city so I'm averaging about 14mpg. So it's about every 300 miles per fill-up. Every 4 days. If I'm towing or doing extra trips/errands it's about every 3 days. This is one more item the F150 has over the Silverado. dammit.
  8. Does anyone know if there a company out there that makes a larger fuel tank replacement for the 2014+ 1500's? Everything I googled was for 2500 Diesels or 2500 Gas trucks. I wouldn't mind a 35 +/- fuel tank on my truck. I drive a lot for work and seems like I'm always filling up with 18-20 gallon fill ups. Lot of the ford guys at work have brand new '18 F150's and they have 34 or 37 gallon tanks. I rather replace my gas tank vs. drive a ford. But at some point, the ford trucks are offering the right options on the lots... i'm fighting the good fight. Need a larger fuel tank.
  9. How-To: Adding A Coolant Filter K2.

    Good read. Looks like the paper element of the fuel filter was coming apart on him. The alternative is to run a bronze sintered type fuel filter. After my "extensive" coolant flush and overflow bottle replacement I removed my coolant filter setup. The cast iron base was starting to rust, inside where the filter attached, in contact with coolant. The same setup is still on my '89 K5 with Green coolant; no corrosion on the filter housing of any kind. So I am not running anything now on the Silverado, just the K5. After the flush and removal of the big filter setup, I ran an inline fuel filter, sintered type for about two weeks in the overflow hose. Was clean as a whistle. I removed the filter and put the OEM barb fitting back in. I bought something similar to these, cheaper, to run for 2 weeks after the flush and fill. https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Earls-AT230103ERL-Fuel-Filter-Sintered-Bronze-Element-5-16-3-8,272675.html
  10. I have the Airaid intake TUBE only. Factory air box. Running a WIX K47 "High capacity Z71" air filter. When I had the air box out I also noticed on the part that goes through the fender, what looked to be stamp outs for more or bigger holes. So I used a 1" Paddle bit, twice and dremeled it clean to match the punch lines. Turns out I was on our forum a few days later and it's the 6.2L air boxes that have those knockouts cutout. So basically I have a 6.2L air box, K47 GM code "high capaicity" WIX filter and the Airrad MIT pipe. LOVE IT. I refuse to run foam filters. For filtration and MAF cleanliness, Paper filters are king. Yes you can hear my intake clear as day when on it.
  11. NHT is the code for the larger radiator. It's the max trailer package. I did find the part #, you can find it easily enough online with a GM parts lookup and it will give you two part #. No, I never did the swap for the NHT radiator. Can't say I've had the need. I've used the truck extensively in the 76k miles I've owned it and live in Florida. Truck never has gotten hot. I've pulled 30' trailers and all kinds of stuff. Just no need. I figure if I still own the truck when the radiator finally goes out, I'll swap in the NHT version then.
  12. Pics... The thermostat was clean, housing was clean. Everything looked clean except the plastic fantastic tank. Not only did it have build-up, but the plastic turned yellow. The tanks when new are WHITE/see-through plastic. I think the tanks are basically a 'serviceable item'. Becuase the Cap went bad also, i was loosing coolant and couldn't find the leak... it was the cap.
  13. Important info. our 2014+ Thermostat bolts call for 89 Inch/Lbs of torque. Credit to new dude.
  14. Thermostat came early! It is definitely a different part # than what my '14 originally came with. Did the Tstat and Coolant tank today. Topped it off, good to go for 3yrs/50k.
  15. Good update man. This is why I bought the $35 updated thermostat for my truck.... delivers Monday. I got the new coolant tank today in the mail.

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