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  1. I have tried other gas stations and same result. This is ridiculous. The amount of money you pay for a new truck and two years old and gas gauge does not read correctly. I offered to take tech to gas station and said they did not have time.
  2. They did scan it and said there were no issues but the gauge is stillnot reading correctly.
  3. I have a 2019 TrailBoss and brought my truck to dealer other day because last couple of times I have filled my truck up it does not read full. I have had 5 silverados and fill them up once a week and never had this issue and I am ocd about clicking them several times to make sure it is full. Took it to the dealer and said they scanned it and no codes popped up. Filled it up yesterday and here is a pic of the gauge. Anyone else ever have this happen or suggestions to dealer what to look for?
  4. I would like to paint my exhaust tips black and have been reading up on this. At this time I don't really want to get into taking exhaust tips off. Do you think high temp grill paint or engine paint would work?
  5. Does anyone make a kit for the Chevrolet Trailboss grill? I would love to put cajun red led in chevrolet in front of grill. Way above my skill set but curious if they make a kit?
  6. I want to put one on my TB so badly but the posts I have read on them scared me off. I have ALWAYS put a leveling kit on my truck and it is annoying me to not put one on, but I plan on keeping for a while and don't want issues down the road.
  7. Mine screen was black for my whole ride home. I have taken videos and showed dealer and even called gm to no avail. I love the truck but this is bothering me badly.
  8. Thanks just found some other threads stating this. Doyou think GM ever comes on the forum and read some of its customers concerns?
  9. Anyone have their stereo just freeze or screen go dark or have the control not work? I have brought mine to the dealer to no avail. I even have videos of this happening. Love the truck but i'm getting frustrated with this happening.
  10. Had Weathertechs in last couple trucks and like my gm ones a lot better.
  11. This had sparked my interest. I have always put a RC level kit on all my silverados and badly want to put one on my TB in the Spring but I dont want to take chance of hurting factory equipment. Like I said I want a leveling kit badly but not $500 badly as the cost of the readylift leveling kit.
  12. ANyone? Went to dealership and they were clueless and called gm accessories directly.
  13. So I am looking at the GM all season mats for my 2019 Chevy Silverado Trail Boss that does not have center console. I am not fond of the middle interlocking piece. Does anyone know if I buy the front mats that are for a center console if they will fit the like they should or do I have to buy the ones for no center console (that have interlocking middle) to get the correct fit. I really want the Z71 ones so any help would be appreciated. https://accessories.chevrolet.com/product/interior/first-row-interlocking-premium-all-weather-floor-liner-in-very-dark-atmosphere-with-z71-logo-(for-mo
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