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  1. Best Wipers

    No I do not. I will try that first. I mean they are 3 year old wipers.
  2. Best Wipers

    Its that time to change my wipers on my 16 silverado. I live in upstate ny and see a lot of snow and rain. I'd rather hear some real life experiences people have had with certain brands and models. Thanks for the help.
  3. Did you notice significant increase in power with adding headers?
  4. Need some advice with tuning

    I would get eh custom tune for the summer with my other tires. How is the canned performance tune, does it clean up the shifting? Thats the only thing I cannot stand with my truck is the transmsission. SOmetimes I lean towards the dyno because each vehicle is different and could be tuned with data they get with mods I have.
  5. I have a 2016 silverado 1500 with 5.3 and have a AFE CAI and catback exhaust that I have owned since new. I am wondering if I would be better with a diablo intune or there is a couple reputable shops close by where I can get my truck dyno tuned. The problem that I have is that in the summer I run 305-45-22 instead of my 18 inch stock duratracs in the winter. I am looking to clean up the transmission shifts because as of right now in my opinion it is awful compared to past GM trucks I've owned and if I can gain some hp that would be great as well. From what I have read dyno tune is way to go but curious if the changing of the stock tires will through the tune off. Hopefully that is not a terribly idiotic question. Thanks for any advice in advance.
  6. Superchips F5 or Diablo I3

    I am struggling with the same issue. I have same mods as you stated and my warranty is up this coming May and am leaning of getting a dyno tune. Nothing crazy because it is my daily driver. I feel that my 16 5.3 with mods would get beat by my 2002 4.8 with same mods due to the shifting being god awful. I am Chevy through and through but this transmission has made other brands a possibility, I want to see first what dyno tune will do to clean up shifting.
  7. Debating putting headers on same 2016 vehicle with exhaust and AFE CAI. I live in the upstate ny and Im worried about corrosion on headers. What is realistic gains with headers before tune? I understand a tune needs to be done, but imo headers are expensive and without decent gains I will just get tune.
  8. Ive contemplated the TSP header. Do you think the gains were worth it and did you get a tune?
  9. Black z71 emblems

    Sorry meant 3Mtape
  10. Black z71 emblems

    I have used Plastidip before but my question being the Z part in red in recessed. If I just spray will the plastidip get in that part? SHould I take the emblem off or do on vehicle? Also, if where would I get #M if I went that route?
  11. Black z71 emblems

    I just want the z71 part black.
  12. I would like the red on the z71 on my midnite edition to be black. Does anyone know where I can purchase these?Thanks for help in advance.
  13. Let me know if you end up getting these. That price seems to GOOD to be true.
  14. More and more you guys are leaning me to putting headers on my truck.
  15. Anyone ever used these?

    Noticed those were short tube. RIght now I am leaning towards the Texas Speed. I have read some good reviews and are about half the price of ARH.

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