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  1. I have put a rc leveling kit on the front of my 21 1500 4wd. Has anyone ever put RC rear lift blocks in (2inch)without changing shocks. I really don't want to change shocks. The 1.5 rear block is for a 2500 apparently. Anyone know of a company that makes 1.5 rear inch lift blocks for 1500?
  2. Anyone know of any hood deflectors you can buy that are white or do I have to buy one then get it painted white to match my 2021.
  3. Did you trim your underneath storage? I have same set up with the storage and dont want to have to take whole thing out to put in sub.
  4. DOes anyone know if you can still buy the kicker sub enclosure from Walmart for the Silverado. I know in years past they were reasonably priced and interested for my 21 crew cab.
  5. WHat is everyone running for stubby antennas? Not to worried about reception as I listen to xm 99% of the time. Sick of hearing stock antenna hitting garage door.
  6. I have a pair of chrome side covers that are brand new. GM gets $100. I want them gone.$70 will ship.
  7. Just got my white mirror side covers from gm for my 21 but does not come with any directions. Anyone know where they can be found or have a how to on how to do it? Also, will have a brand new set of chrome side covers for sale if interested.
  8. Anyone have any good luck with badge on amazon or ebay?
  9. Looking for the Z71 badge in gloss black. Anyone have any good sites with good quality badging? Also, for the life of my I can't think of the name of the rubber blocks you can buy to cover up hole on top of the bed. Thanks for your help. Had the truck 1 day and the modding begins.
  10. I pick up my white silverado on Friday and am thinking I want the chrome on the front grill and bumper as well as chrome on rear bumper wrapped in white. Anyone have this done and if so how much was it? Have a vinyl shop by me and want to have an idea if I am getting a good price or not.
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