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  1. I am getting ready to do an upgrade to the sound system in my truck. I am unsure if the truck has ANC or not. It is a 2022 Silverado LTZ 1500 5.3 rwd crew cab with the bose system. LLJ customs said that there would be a microphone above the rear seat in the headliner if I have ANC. There is not a mic in the headliner above the rear seat, but I do have a mic above the drivers seat and passenger seat in the front. I also attempted to contact chevrolet customer service and they had no clue what ANC is. Can anyone confirm whether or not the refreshed LTZ crew cab has ANC or not?
  2. I put the flowmaster outlaw on my truck and I'm happy with it. It uses a super 10 muffler. If you're anywhere near Houston, you can check it out.
  3. Does anyone know if there is any difference between the pre refresh and refreshed back seating area/ floor? I am looking for a subwoofer box to go under the rear seat of my truck. I found one that says that it will fit the 2021, but not the 2022. A friend has a 2021 and I don't remember any difference in the rear seating area/ floor of the truck.
  4. Update on mine. Since the phone would charge fine when turned off, but sporadically when turned on, I figured it might be the software on the phone (pixel 6 pro) causing issues. I also started having issues charging wirelessly with my pixel stand 2 and another wireless charger. I recently upgraded my phone to the Pixel 7 pro and now the wireless charging works fine in the truck. The phone sat on the charger for an hour while I was driving this weekend and there were no issues.
  5. When I first picked up the truck, the wireless charging would not work with my phone (Google 6 Pro). Over the next few days, I put my phone on the charger and it would work occasionally. For the last week, it has been working (although it charges very slow). Yesterday, it stopped charging my phone again. After playing with it for a while, I found that the charger will not charge my phone if the battery gets low (30 to 40%). If I turn off the phone when the battery is low and drop it on the charger, the charger will start working again. Is anyone else experiencing problems with their wireless charging?
  6. I have some parts from my old truck that I need to get rid of. Prefer local pickup (Houston, TX): 1. RollBak G2 aluminum retractable cover (fits 88 - 2013 with a 6.5' bed (regular bed). It's in good condition, just dusty from sitting in my shed. $500 obo. 2. Center Console (complete with cd tray. ($50) 3. Airraid intake with a airaid throttle body spacer. $50 (pic to follow). 4. Underseat storage tray for a 2019 - 2022 crew cab silverado 1500. (I plan on installing subs under the rear seat, so I have no use for the storage tray). (Pic to follow)
  7. I think the 12v socket is part of the refresh interior. I'm going to have to add one myself to power my valentine 1. I prefer the pre refresh front end. The placement of the bowtie looks akward to me. It's too big and needs to be moved to the center. The truck did come with the ventilated seats and the heated steering wheel even though my sticker says that it did not. The only thing that is missing is the parking assist and the steering column lock. Unfortunately, it has DFM. Chevrolet customer service assured me that no v8 trucks would have it when I ordered it, but they were wrong.
  8. Overall, I like the truck. Just a little disappointed that threre is no 12V socket and no aux port.
  9. So the dealership is saying that the retrofit may happen at the end of the year. The truck should arrive at the dealership on Friday.
  10. I saw the info about the blower motor. The sticker says "not equipped w/ front seat cushion ventilation" (includes later retrofit (-50.00). Too bad they could not take the DFM chip and add the ventilation chip (or whatever is missing).
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