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  1. I hear ya. That's exactly what mine does. The local dealership is aware of the problem but didn't volunteer a solution. Also, I get a message sometimes when I go to engage the cruise control that says 'adaptive cruise control not available' . This is a little frustrating especially since I use it all the time, even in town.
  2. It's still under warranty. Got an appt. for next week. Just curious if others have had a similar problem with the lights. I will check the condition of the ground strap between the block and the firewall that's located below the battery today. I have heard of others having several problems that were resolved by replacing a corroded ground strap.
  3. I have a problem with pass side front turn signal, drivers side head light and both front fog lights not working. I have checked all the fuses and didn't find the problem. The relays seemed a bit warm. I started up the truck before checking the fuses with a probe style test light. Several fuses didn't have power on either side. I thought this was a little strange since every GM vehicle I've ever owned has had power at every fuse once the engine was started. I don't think this is part of the problem with the lights, just strange to me. I will be checking the ground strap next. What are your thoughts on this problem? 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali with 23K. It's lived in the NW all it's life. We hardly ever salt the roads.
  4. I had a 2021 2500 HD Denali that had a bed view camera, but it was accessed through the camera app and showed up on the in-dash display. I like the idea of a button on the mirror with the pic in pic display. It looks like it's much simpler to activate.
  5. It continues to be very sporadic. Sometimes it works and other times it refuses to initialize. I have a towing job this evening. Hopefully it will work then. I like having the profile of the different trailers that I tow because it will remember the brake gain settings and remind me to use the tow/haul mode. The light test feature is great as well. I love the way it's integrated into the blind spot camera so when I turn on the turn signal that sides blind spot camera come on automatically. It sure makes towing a lot easier. I would just like it to be reliable and not be so hit and miss.
  6. That's discouraging news. It's like they are in so much of a rush to get this to production that it's not thoroughly tested before hand. Then once it's out the door they are on to bigger and better so it's left in the dust.
  7. 6th try was the charm. The trailering app just started working all of a sudden. There must be a electronics gremlin lurking in the background just waiting to mess with my truck. I hope this is just a one-time event.
  8. I have a new to me 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali with 23K on the odometer. I set up various profiles for the different trailers that I tow occasionally. Today I was trouble shooting the lights on my small cargo trailer and the trailering app failed to initialize. I let it rest for a short while and tried again but the problem didn't go away. The third time the display said not available, try again later. Any thoughts anyone?
  9. PS, I left the original camera and harness in place should I every want the remove the cap. that way It would be really simple the unplug one camera from the mirror and plug in the other one.
  10. HOORAY!!!!! Here is the solution that's working for me. I purchased a complete 3rd brake light with camera on eBay for 169.99 and robbed the camera out of it. This gave me everything I needed to adapt the camera mount to my cap. I'll post pictures once the installation is complete. I tested the system by unplugging the truck camera from the mirror, plugging in the extension cable then plugging in the camera that I robbed out of the replacement 3rd brake light assy. It worked perfectly. I am currently in the process of routing cables and building the camera mount. 1. Purchased Male to Female cable on Amazon. This is available in various lengths. Bingfu Fakra Z Female to Male Vehicle Antenna Extension Cable. 2. Purchase GM 84486910 camera from eBay, GMpartsdirect or ??? FYI, my local car stereo shop would build me a cable for ******$. Gen5diy wants $78 for a 16 ft. cable but will build any length you desire. The cable is not very expensive on Amazon. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on an experiment. I purchased things I could return if it wasn't going to work.
  11. I wear progessive trifocal glasses. I absolutly love the rearview camera mirror feature. No refocusing or anything . It's a bright and clear image during the daytime and at night it's great except when car headlights are right behind me. Overall it's wonderful. I lost the feature when I installed a cap on the truck. I'm currently working on a way to relocate the camera to the rear of the cap to restore the feature. If you know of anyone who has done ths please let me know.
  12. I had a pulsating issue on the front. It only occurred when I was slowing down when exiting the freeway. It turned out to be a build up of paint or something similar. Cleaned the rotors and it was fine. Your issue seems to be a little more involved. It is like the brake fluid pressure isn't bleeding off all the way. I wonder if the piston on the brake caliper is hanging up? Is there a residual check valve in the circuit? Let us know once you figure it out. This is most interesting, good luck.
  13. I can buy a replacement 3rd brake light assy with camera and harness on eBay for less than $200. I'm looking into the wire harness issue. It uses LVDS technology. I'm not sure if that can be extended or not. If so then I would fabricate an enclosure and mount it on the rear of the cap. 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali
  14. I think mine are ATs. I'm sorry if I misled anyone. Thanks for pointing out my error.
  15. I have run Goodyear Wranglers on 3 different trucks. I have never experienced loud noise at any speed. Maybe my trucks have been well sound proofed? I live in NW Washington so my windows are always rolled up. Maybe that's why I don't hear them. They have performed well on dry, wet, snow and ice. The only down side for me is they need to be replaced shortly after 40K miles. They haven't worn down to the wear bars but they lose some traction ability and break loose going uphill on wet asphalt crack sealer. That has been a bit of a nuisance as the stabil trac kicks in as the truck searches for traction. The bottom line is that I'm very pleased with these tires and have been for quite a few years. 2020 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali
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