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  1. Yes I just cut the underneath storage using a very sharp reciprocating saw and also cut in a few notches on my all weather mats.
  2. Got lucky and found a shop locally who had one that was custom built. I just needed to carpet it, then I added some extra pieces on the front so I could downward fire it. I thought it worked out pretty nice.
  3. Harness plugged into the Bose amp behind the rear seats. Super easy plug and play using the PAC LP7
  4. Just figured I would post some photographs and details about a recent Subwoofer install I did on my AT4 with BOSE. I noticed there is not a lot of information out there currently on adding a non factory subwoofer. Overall I found the process very simple especially since I purchased a wiring harness from A.I.S Audio which worked flawlessly. Loving the amount of extra bass now. Subwoofer is a JL10 thin woofer paired with a Kenwood Exceleron monoblock. Figured I would post in case anyone else is on the fence about this upgrade and wondering how to accomplish it.
  5. New to the forum here guys. About 1 month ago I purchased a 2010 GMC Sierra All Terrain. Carbon black crew cab w/ ebony leather. This is my first truck and so far I am loving driving it up here in Canada.
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