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  1. I have a Trail Boss but did what you described. I had a 2” rake before the swap and now have a 1” rake, meaning difference in height from the floor to the fender. Looks perfect for my taste. A member on another forum sent me their blocks from an older truck, so I can’t help you with part numbers. Check pre-2019 trucks because that’s where the 1” block probably came from.
  2. Might want to compare a mono tube shock to a twin tube. Each has its pros/cons.
  3. Could you have paid a few bucks to have the other side lifters replaced? Maybe they would have just charged you for the extra parts but I guess they would have to pull the other head.
  4. Well, I prefer the color output of Halogen bulbs, so that’s what I have in my Custom TB. The H11 can be upgraded to an H9 but you’re stepping outside of what’s legal in terms of brightness. I did this on my wife’s Toyota and find it a great improvement without blinding oncoming traffic. I replaced my TB 9005 to 9011 HIR in the high beams, and also like the improvement. Both upgrade bulbs have about 1/4 the life versus stock, but I can manage that. In your case, I guess you would have to get lenses from a Custom. Not sure it’s worth it but I guess it’s an option. My eyes do better with the incandescent light at 3000K or so than the very white or blue light from LEDs. I did have HID on my Challenger and really liked those, which were probably around 4000K.
  5. Looks good. Maybe an inch lower on the front if you want to keep the back where it is. Otherwise, 2/4 would probably look pretty sweet too.
  6. @skully85 When looking at trifold, keep in mind how the last section, which is closest to the cab, is propped up. Bakflip has it rest on the rear of the cab with the prop rod pushing it against the cab. Other manufacturers have the prop rod fix it vertically and not leaning against the cab. Just something to consider it you envision using it in that position. The nice thing about having the trifolds and having that last panel come up is that it protects the back window when loading longer items. But you lose rear view visibility. So, I had a G2 Bakflip and liked it. I did go with the Revolver so that I have some rear visibility but it doesn’t feel as sturdy as a good trifold.
  7. Correct, L82 with the 6 speed and -$50 (credit) for not having AFM. I drove the L84 with the 8 speed and was not a fan, which had AFM and start/stop.
  8. I bought my TB without AFM from the factory and am just north of 2000 miles with a build date in July of 2021. Very curious about this topic as well. I know that it has been said that these engines still come with the collapsible lifters on 4 cylinders but I would still like confirmation from an actual engine tear down. I just hope it won’t be mine…
  9. I’m happy with the Go Rhino RB10 because they hug the bottom sill of the vehicle and I liked the one-piece mounting brackets. The RB10 are 6” wide all the way across and don’t stick out too far. They already catch a good number of rocks that fly up so hopefully they reduce lower door chips. I liked the RB 20 like someone posted but they are something like 7.5” wide at the front and taper to around 6 or so in the back. I think the design fits the Silverado a bit better than the RB10, but I was worried that the extra 1.5” width up front would stick out too much. You get a wider step for the front passenger and a bit more rock protection. I looked at what I wanted for a long time and really wasn’t thinking about flying rocks from the tires until someone posted it. So that and a step that isn’t too low made me go this route.
  10. That looks really good. You might need to adjust your headlights so they point down a bit.
  11. I had good luck with cryogenically treated rotors from Frozen Rotor and Hawk LT pads, the green ones. It was on an older Honda Ridgeline, which had average brakes. The combo above really improved stopping without any change in size of rotors, etc. They dust more and got a bit noisy after 20K miles but what an improvement in stopping power. I had 6 piston Brembo calipers and 2-piece rotors of a Challenger Scat Pack. 4 piston in the rear with a 1-piece rotor. Awesome brakes but obviously a very different vehicle but also on 275 tires. Overall, I’m satisfied with the stock brakes on my TB, short travel and good bite - at least at 1700 miles.
  12. I agree that it’s more about the rake. I prefer a close to neutral rake rather than a big rake or a rear squat. I understand why they come that way from the factory, but my use case doesn’t require it. I kept all of the original hardware and would swap the 2” blocks back in if I ever end up towing anything meaningful.
  13. That sounds right to me but does that mean different lifters as well? I have an L82 without AFM (-$50 credit). Having all 8 all the time… priceless.
  14. It references L84 and L87 engines, but not the L82. Why?
  15. No problem. There is an easy way to replace the blocks without taking the wheels off. There are some YouTube videos on it but basically you lift on the leaf spring after you loosen the U bolts.
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