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  1. No problem. There is an easy way to replace the blocks without taking the wheels off. There are some YouTube videos on it but basically you lift on the leaf spring after you loosen the U bolts.
  2. Maybe a very slight improvement but honestly, not really noticeable. With the bed being empty most of the time, I didn’t want to get anything stiffer like Bilstein. Supposedly the gas charge on the RS7MT is somewhat less than Bilstein, which is why they are a bit softer. Here is the difference in length.
  3. Here is a picture of what my TB looks like now in the back. I replaced the 2” block with a factory 1” from an earlier generation, which took me from a 2” rake to a 1” rake. I also replaced the original rear shocks with the RS7MT because they are about an 1” shorter. The originals would probably work because the bump stop limits the total compression. And the new shocks are black… I did use new, shorter U bolts from a Max Trac set that I bought. The factory U bolts from a non-TB or non-AT4 would probably work best.
  4. Awesome! Thanks for checking on it. Do you know if it’s possible to get an engine build sheet?
  5. There is also a heavy duty AC Delco, UPF63R.
  6. @Firehawk99 Thanks for checking on these plant codes. I have K121193, so it looks like a July 12 build but where??
  7. Can’t help you but I’m also interested in that cover.
  8. GoRhino RB10. I liked the 20’s but they stick out a bit more and I didn’t want that.
  9. I’ve been trying to find information on the stock Rancho Trail Boss rear shocks. Rock Auto has them as AC Delco replacements, but no mention of the type of shock although the answer to gas charged is “no.” Rancho has mostly twin tube like the 5000, which is the closest to what I can find to factory.
  10. I think that the Fox shocks are mono tube and the 9000 are twin tube. The mono shock typically has a higher gas pressure than a twin tube, so they are usually stiffer. So my point is that they are different and could be expected to ride differently. The OP mentioned bouncing and bucking, so that could be due to the stiffness of the rear shocks, especially if running empty. My suggestion was to consider a different type of shock like a twin tube that by design, will function differently. Different leaf springs impact the ride as well, so another variable. Hard to know what the ideal setup might be without some trial and error.
  11. Nice looking truck. Curious how the new leaf springs will work versus stock. If they are softer and more compliant, then you might give up some payload. That’s always the balance or give and take. I’m looking at some adjustable Rancho shocks for the back, their 9000 series. They are a twin tube design like the factory from what I gather so I can dial them in for when without payload and crank them up when I haul or tow. Twin tube versus mono tube is an interesting comparison and worth looking into if you haven’t already.
  12. I just ordered some 1” blocks and Ubolts from MaxTrac. Not sure if they had a 1.5” but they had a good selection. I’m leveling my Trail Boss by lowering the rear end and reducing the rake. If I like the look, then I’ll replace the rear shocks to better match the new suspension travel. I’m thinking about adjustable Rancho 9000 if anyone has an opinion on them that they want to share.
  13. Yeah, but for me, the 18’s are a good compromise between mostly street and occasional off-roading.
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