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  1. Looking for recommendations for a hard cover tri fold bed cover for my 2020 LT Trail Boss. Any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. ??P
  2. Has anyone replaced their reverse taillight bulb with a brighter LED? If so, what did you use? I was looking at some on amazon.
  3. Just got a 2020 LT Trail Boss, and would love to add the auto dim rear view mirror. Can someone help me out with some options and ease. Thanks, ??
  4. Is it possible to add a front camera system into the truck? Not sure if that makes sense? ??
  5. Picked up my new 2020 LT Trail Boss. It has 5.3, but what can I do to get a little more rumble in the exhaust. I want something that sounds smooth but nothing loud or drones at all. ??
  6. So the wife wanted to get back into a Tahoe. Found her a 19 Premier she liked, and well I ended up with a 2020 LT Trail Boss. Love it. do have a question, I need to get some running boards or steps. Is anyone running power running boards? I have a little that requires me to put her in a car seat and it would just make things easier but I love the clean lines. ??
  7. Curious, I have a 2017 SLT the crome 20 inche snowflake wheels, they have 5,000 on them. I was thinking about trying to trade for a set of the 20 or 22 Denali wheels. Any thoughts or recommdations on it. Thanks
  8. So just got back from taking the wife and little tot to get some ice cream. I noticed something and maybe someone can help me out with it. So for example at 50mph my truck goes for v8 to v4 and there is a terrible drone like sound. Anyone ever heard of this or had this issue??
  9. That being said, could I just swap the mufflers out or am I going to have to do a whole new system??
  10. Too much invested into medical school and residency. ?
  11. So, took my 2017 Sierra To the local exhaust shop told them I wanted something that sounds good but nothing loud. So we agreed on basically a flow master muffler with duel exhaust. $400 out the door. Seemed fine, got the truck back and it sounds great to me. The wife on the other hand absolutely does not like it. Considering she bought the truck for me, I have "thought" about going back and just redoing everything to a single pipe. My question is how much of a difference will that make??
  12. Those are sick! I'd love to have something like that one my Sierra.
  13. Thanks for the reply - I am definitely comfussed now on what to do now. Haha. How are the Bilstein shocks? I have Factory Rachos now, also how do I determine what size blocks to get for the rear?
  14. What leveling kit should I go with? I have a 2017 GMC Sierra 4WD and should I consider replacing the rear blocks? Sorry for all the question, it's he first truck I've leveled. Thanks
  15. Does this sit flush with the bed rails and tail gate? Any pics?
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