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  1. Rolled over 7,500 miles on my 2021 AT4 Yukon. Have driven Suburbans/Denali XLs for years. This is my first Yukon/Tahoe model. Issues are none. To date, a reset of the TPI and the too short pigtail wire under the driver's seat have been the only issues. Impressive for new model. Finally use to the push button transmission. Still not a fan but don't have to think about now. It took this long to adapt. Gas mileage continues to climb but still not equal too or better than my 6.2L 2017 Denali XL. A couple of suggestions for the GM folks on how to make this model ever better: 1) The climate control needs a slower initial speed. Even on low, its a pretty good blow and sometimes you just want less. 2) The turn signal "clicker" is loud....needs to be muted. Sounds like a cheap Hertz rental car. 3) The Black Chrome surround of the front grill seems to chip easily. Disappointed in the number of chips already. Had Xpelled the rest of the front end but the grill would be hard to do because of the curves. 4) Move the power window switches back on the drivers door. The natural reaching motion for them means I always seem to open the rear window instead of the driver's window. 5) Move the override button for the auto stop feature to somewhere easier to get to (hidden below and to the left of the steering wheel). 6) Slow down the retractable running boards. If you open and close the front door they retract before you can even open the rear door.
  2. You are entirely correct on turning off the "Exit Mode" in the settings....I have never been one to read Owner's Manuals and am old enough not to be able to figure out this new fangled technology...THANKS!
  3. Rolled over 5,500 miles this weekend. A couple more observations to my 3,500 review (link below).. 1) Have you noticed the front wheels sit to the rear of the sheet metal arches....looks odd when viewed straight on. Wonder why not more centered. 2) Suggestion to GM...the LED lights on the three seat heater A/C buttons are on the outside of the switches. If the full seat heater is on, it is hard to see the LED lights from a normal seating position. Move them to the inside side of the switches for an easy read. 3) Fuel mileage continues to climb. Did a 526 mile roundtrip (highway driving averaging 72 MPH overall trip) and saw 17.9 MPG. 4) The automatic Intermittent wipers need alot of moisture on the glass to wipe. Find myself manually turning wiper on to clean misty rain off the windshield. 5) GM has got to do something to be able to set the road height (with the air ride) and have it set. The constant up and down is aggravating. I would leave in the down position except when at the ranch. Seems like all that huffing and puffing is going to lead to issues down the road. 6) Overall still highly recommend the vehicle. Continue to see lots of Denali's but to date have only seen one other AT4 (white XL with black wheels). 7) Still have not played with the rear entertainment system. Just started to play with apps. See my 3,500 observations here...
  4. I ran Nitto Grapplers (OEM size) on my 2017 Denali XL 4x4 and put nearly 30k miles on them...no visible sign of wear at that point. My use for off road is Texas ranchland so not rock climbing, mud bogging etc. Appear they would be great in snow as well (I grew up in Wisconsin). Tires were exceptional in my off road use. Road noise was surprisingly quiet. I immediately swapped out the OEM POS Goodyear tires on my 2021 AT4. Same size as factory.
  5. The red grew on me and matches the tow hooks and center caps on the wheels...I also found some red framed plate frames.
  6. I debadged my 2021 Yukon AT4....the AT4 logos on the front doors and the YUKON type on rear tailgate. I like the cleaner look. May still remove the AT4 logo from the tailgate, not sure yet. Easy to do with the old hair dryer, fishing line and 3M spray automotive adhesive remover. Took about an hour total including the clean up and waxing were they were.
  7. Noticed this on the passenger side of my Yukon AT4. The molded dash is too close to the interior door panel and is leaving an imprint on it. Not a problem now and hopefully not in the future. Driver's side leaves no imprint.
  8. There is now an official recall versus the service bulletin when you first had this problem.
  9. Some background, have owned and driven Suburbans and Denali XLs since 1995. Have owed 16 of them. Bought a new AT4 (Yukon...not the XL) on Halloween. Have since put 3,500 miles on it. Some observations: 1 - Even though this is the first short wheel base (ie Tahoe - Yukon), I do not notice a difference is drivability other than having the extra garage space. 2 - The new transmission is a huge improvement over by 2017. No more hard downshifts from 2nd to 1st that could never be fixed. It is smooth and you are not aware of any up or down shifts. Even with the smaller 5.3 (versus my old 6.2) the new trans has plenty of power and I do not miss the 6.2. Have not towed yet but based on ratings, the smaller engine can tow more weight. 3 - Fuel mileage is still lagging my old 6.2 but is getting better as the motor breaks in. Last highway trip averaged 16.3 MPG (at an average of 75 MPH). 2017 would average nearly 19 on the same trip. 4 - Two minor electrical issues (both fixed). First, the infamous air bag warning light caused by a too short wire pig tail problem. When I had the issue there was only a service bulletin and handled by dealer quickly. There is now an official recall on the issue. Second, all four TPI sensors disappeared one by one. Dealer reprogrammed and working great. Note the 2021 models are suppose to programs themselves. Didn't happen. 5 - The new rear suspension really improves the ride when empty but not really noticeable when carrying a fair amount of cargo. The extra heigth in the rear cargo space is usable and noticeable. Same with the third row passenger comfort. 6 - The inserts on the seats really break up the blackness of the interior and a unique touch. Nice. Likewise, the LED lights on the bottom running boards work well. The 2nd row cupholders (on the rear on the console) are a huge improvement over the 2017 model that had them in the doors. I can now actually see the HUD wearing polarized sunglasses (not 100% but readable)...before the HUD would disappear totally. Have not tried out the rear entertainment screens yet. The all around cameras allow my 5'0" wife to drive the AT4 and feel comfortable navigating it in small spaces. 7 - The air suspension puffs up when you approach and deflates with several "burps" when you walk away. Takes a bit of getting use to. 8 - Never been a fan of dark colors but bought my AT4 in the dark blue. In some light (ie my garage) it looks black, but a brilliant blue in the sun. Great color! 9 - Have yet to see another AT4 Yukon on the road. I live in Texas where there are lots of Suburbans and Yukons. I like the exclusivity of it. 10 - Suggested improvements to GMC? Move back the power window switches on the drivers door. The natural reaching for them means I always seem to open the rear window instead of the driver's window. Move the override button for the auto stop feature to somewhere easier to get to (hidden below and to the left of the steering wheel). Give an option to set the air ride in a position and have it stay there. The retractable running boards retract too fast. If you open and close the front door they retract before you can even open the rear door. Mark me 100% satisfied to date!
  10. Issue popped up on my 2021 Yukon AT4 after 450 miles. Dealer repaired (hopefully for good) and picked it up today. Here is the service ticket which replaced part 13530533 (inboard airbag pigtail connector) under service bulletin #PIT5759H.
  11. Let's try this again....it is Monday. Here is more info to take to your dealer. The RPO (AYQ) are the standard airbags.
  12. #PIT5759A - Service Safety Restraints System With DTC B14DC SYM 1B and_or 13.pdf
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