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  1. Dealer's around the state are starting to two tone pick-ups (usually with a wrap) ala 1980's. Wonder how long before we see the big utes?
  2. Has anyone moved up to a bigger tire wheel combo on the 2021/22 Yukon AT4? If so, please post a pic or two....thanks!
  3. (See my previous updates and suggestions to GM) Five thousand miles since last update. Only one gremlin popped up. Towards the end of a 700 mile Texas road trip, the cruise control would not engage and the TPI warning light came on. Scrolling thru to the Tire Pressure screen showed all four were OK and no alerts via text from Onstar on the low tire pressure. Arrived home and the next morning all was well. It was due for oil change so had dealer scan for codes but nothing showed up. Issue(s) has not occurred since. Have 2022 Yukon XL AT4 on order. Am moving up to 6.2 in spite of being impressed with the current 5.3 and the new transmission.
  4. Have an order in at two different dealerships for 2022 AT4 Yukon XL. As of now, still no production week(s).
  5. Be sure you can leave the vehicle while the entire download happens....dont turn off or on unless instructed. As above, it will eventually force you...better to choose on your time where you can wait for it...also park outside so no issues with interference.
  6. Thinking seriously of going back to XL from current 2021 AT4 Yukon (always drove the longer model since mid 90s)? Anyone have good info on when 2022 production is scheduled to start?
  7. Rolled over 17,000 miles this past road trip. AT4 continues to roll on with only a few minor (corrected) issues. From previous posts there were the too short pigtail wire and a couple of issues fixed with software updates. Beyond that, nothing....not even a rattle. Am always hesitant to buy first year new design but it has been rock steady. Gas mileage is finally back to where my 2017 Denali XL with the 6.2 was. Last highway trip (cruising in the 75 to 85 range) was over 18 mpg. The 5.3 with the new transmission is responsive and more that up to the task. Was worried stepping down from the 6.2. As advertised, the third row seat is now usable for everyone and not just 5 year olds like the old way before the IRS. If anyone from GM is reading, a couple of real world suggestions for improvement. 1) The hanger hook in the rear seat is way too far forward. If you hang anything you cut off your over the shoulder blind spot vision. Add to that the tiny hard to see blind spot indicator in the mirror and you are flying blind. The blind spot indicator light gets totally lost in the Texas sun and even at night, its tiny. Its a huge mirror...make it bigger and bolder and forget the symbols. The blind spot indicators on my Cayman are inside the car on A pillars. Two bold red strips on both sides that can be seen easily when looking down the road. 2) Continued complaint is the placement of the power window controls on the drivers door. Too far forward. 3) Why hide the Auto Shut Off override button down and below the steering wheel? 4) The retractable running boards retract too fast. If you open and close the front door they retract before you can even open the rear door. 5) Not a fan at all of the 1950's Chrysler push button transmission. Am finally used to it but come on. Appears to be a change for the sake of change. Had a neighbor back into the rear drivers door and also the dog leg so AT4 is being repaired. Insurance rental is a Expedition Limited MAX so have been driving it for a few days. The V-6 turbo is not up to the task, feels sluggish until you get some serious momentum going. Turbo kicks in above 4000RPM so def not in the everyday power curve. Controls etc just seem old design compared to the AT4. Ride is great but steering is very heavy and boat like. Having driven Suburbans, Yukon XLs and now this Yukon for the past 25 years, I can say I am not impressed with the Ford.
  8. UPDATE TWO - I let the update run and when done, battery was dead. Used OnStar for service call to jump and then took to dealer to check. On the way vehicle was throwing every error message including "Service Steering Column". Dealer fully charged and checked battery and reset to factory settings. When I put in park at home, the update message came on again (see below). So I let it run. Checked back in an hour and there was a sucessful update message (see below). Vehicle started right up no issues so all good. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UPDATE - Yes it is a software update....message came on radio screen.....do you want to start now (60 minutes). If so, turn ignition off. Vehicle is now updating...will check back on it in an hour to see if finished and shut down. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Has happened a couple of times. Turn off the ignition and exit the vehicle. The dash and dome lights as well as the radio stay on. Open and closed the door(s) a few times but still on. Locking with key fob shut everything down. In searching forums this has been an issue with other GM trucks/SUVs in the past. Most frequent solution is the system is updating and will shut off when done, especially when hooked to wifi. Will monitor more specifically.
  9. What is the wheel/tire combo....looks great...as many specifics as possible please!
  10. Is there a way to get to the camera screen (where you can choose from all the views) without going to settings and then camera?
  11. Owners manual says they auto learn....Discount Tire told me the same thing...but dealer used tool to reset when they all read zero on my 2021 AT4 Yukon.
  12. Rolled over 7,500 miles on my 2021 AT4 Yukon. Have driven Suburbans/Denali XLs for years. This is my first Yukon/Tahoe model. Issues are none. To date, a reset of the TPI and the too short pigtail wire under the driver's seat have been the only issues. Impressive for new model. Finally use to the push button transmission. Still not a fan but don't have to think about now. It took this long to adapt. Gas mileage continues to climb but still not equal too or better than my 6.2L 2017 Denali XL. A couple of suggestions for the GM folks on how to make this model ever better: 1) The climate control needs a slower initial speed. Even on low, its a pretty good blow and sometimes you just want less. 2) The turn signal "clicker" is loud....needs to be muted. Sounds like a cheap Hertz rental car. 3) The Black Chrome surround of the front grill seems to chip easily. Disappointed in the number of chips already. Had Xpelled the rest of the front end but the grill would be hard to do because of the curves. 4) Move the power window switches back on the drivers door. The natural reaching motion for them means I always seem to open the rear window instead of the driver's window. 5) Move the override button for the auto stop feature to somewhere easier to get to (hidden below and to the left of the steering wheel). 6) Slow down the retractable running boards. If you open and close the front door they retract before you can even open the rear door.
  13. You are entirely correct on turning off the "Exit Mode" in the settings....I have never been one to read Owner's Manuals and am old enough not to be able to figure out this new fangled technology...THANKS!
  14. Rolled over 5,500 miles this weekend. A couple more observations to my 3,500 review (link below).. 1) Have you noticed the front wheels sit to the rear of the sheet metal arches....looks odd when viewed straight on. Wonder why not more centered. 2) Suggestion to GM...the LED lights on the three seat heater A/C buttons are on the outside of the switches. If the full seat heater is on, it is hard to see the LED lights from a normal seating position. Move them to the inside side of the switches for an easy read. 3) Fuel mileage continues to climb. Did a 526 mile roundtrip (highway driving averaging 72 MPH overall trip) and saw 17.9 MPG. 4) The automatic Intermittent wipers need alot of moisture on the glass to wipe. Find myself manually turning wiper on to clean misty rain off the windshield. 5) GM has got to do something to be able to set the road height (with the air ride) and have it set. The constant up and down is aggravating. I would leave in the down position except when at the ranch. Seems like all that huffing and puffing is going to lead to issues down the road. 6) Overall still highly recommend the vehicle. Continue to see lots of Denali's but to date have only seen one other AT4 (white XL with black wheels). 7) Still have not played with the rear entertainment system. Just started to play with apps. See my 3,500 observations here...
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