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  1. It’s really terrible to see more and more people having this issue with there trucks. I’m glad I was able to get mine repaired so quickly and without any hassle from the dealer or gm. I think having a good service department really helps and having someone there that can back you up instead of trying to make other excuses is a serious plus. I think that’s where I may have lucked out in my situation, my service writer and service manager were instantly on my side from the minute they saw what had happened, especially coming from just having the recall done. I think going forward to be on the safe side I am going keep my defrost fuse pulled and would recommend to anyone else as well. Even with the freezing temps and snow we get up here I rarely ever have issues with a iced up rear window anyways. Good luck to everyone with this problem!
  2. Yes that is correct, they pulled the fuse on my first visit and then a week or two later I went back to have the repair that gm issued done, I never checked the work they did inside my truck but the paperwork said something about buss bar cover. Even the service manager was surprised it happened and didn’t give any explanation, they replaced the window and that was that.
  3. After talking to the service manager at my local dealer he sent a request to GM for the window to be replaced, they called me the next day to book it in for the replacement. From start of claim to repair was only a couple days. They originally told me they wouldn't have stock on a window but they were able to get one that was supposed to go on another truck (I guess the other trucks window wasn't broken so they prioritized my truck first). They replaced it for free, and I just had to have it re-tinted on my dime. The service manager here has always been awesome when it comes to issues like this so I am grateful for that and hopefully I won't have anymore issues. Hopefully anyone else with this issue can get it rectified easily as well.
  4. I have a 2015 sierra hd (had since brand new) with the rear slider and the recall/repair was done before Christmas, its been around -40c with the wind chill this past week in Alberta, Canada and on Wednesday I came out to my truck after it had been remote started. I opened my back door to put my bag in the truck and my left window panel was shattered, still held in with my window tint luckily. I contacted my local dealer immediately and they told me to come in the next day to see the service manager, talked to him and I guess they have to contact GM directly and hoping it will be covered. Was also told these windows are back ordered currently and it could be weeks or a month or so before I can get one. They handed me some strong tape and pulled the fuse again and sent me on my way...I'm glad I didn't have anyone else in the truck and its still holding itself in place. I was told they haven't had other people report this issue since the recall repair was done, I will see what they plan to do with it. I looked in my settings as well and I can't turn my auto defrost with remote start off unfortunately Kinda wish I didn't take it back in for the repair and just left the fuse out.
  5. I replaced my chrome ones with black textured last year, it's pretty easy actually, I'm going off memory, but you need to tilt the top mirror all the way out on the top and slide/push it up and out (it feels really tight but will release) and then the bottom mirror pulls straight out (also feels like it'll break doing so) but pops off, then there are a few screws (I think 4 or 5) on the outside perimeter that hold the trim ring on, remove those and the caps should pretty much fall into your hands.
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