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  1. As the tires wear, the discrepancy will get larger (on the order of another 1 or 2 MPH at 60 MPH.) I assume Jetblack will have an aneurysm by then.
  2. Salesman said it was mandatory to etch the VIN on all the windows for "theft protection." Price? $800. This was on a $12,000 base Pontiac Wave (Chevy Aveo twin.) Funny enough, it was no longer mandatory as we were walking out the door.
  3. The Chevy looks like it was styled by a cross-eyed 7 year-old, while the GMC looks like it's the illegitimate love child of a Tundra and a Titan XD. Fortunately you can't see either from the driver's seat. Go with the 10 speed.
  4. What he^ said. Hit the media button until it says USB (or maybe whatever the USB's name is, I can't remember.) Then you can search by song/album/artist. You can also use voice recognition by saying "Play song" or "Play artist" then, when prompted, the name of the song/artist. It does a decent job of getting it right.
  5. I've got a 128 GB USB stick with all of my music on it plugged into the glove compartment. It never comes out except to take it in the house to add more music.
  6. Sure. And my truck is a regular cab because I sometimes only use the front seats. But when the kids come for a drive, then it's a double cab.
  7. The light bias limited slip function is a by-product of the design. There is a small amount of pressure on the clutch disks to prevent them from rattling around. This is able to transmit a couple of ft-lbs to the other wheel. Truly earth-shattering amounts of torque. But of course, GM and Eaton are quick to tell you it's not a bug; it's a feature. In reality, it's negligible until it locks up.
  8. I could see that being useful if you had a toolbox under the front part, but you'd need some long running boards for it to be even remotely accessible (unless you're 8 feet tall.) For me, I think I prefer being able to flip the whole thing up against the rear glass for stuff like picking up a load of topsoil. I like how quickly you can pull the whole Extang cover out, though.
  9. I don't believe so. You have to fold up from the tailgate, or send in a four year old like I do.
  10. Some of our work trucks have retractable covers, and they're useless from December to April because they're frozen solid. I've got a Bakflip FiberMax and aside from the seal freezing to the tailgate (easily peeled free), weather is not an issue. As far as leaking, I get nothing coming through the tonneau cover. Just a little bit of water coming through the sides of the tailgate when it's pouring, but that's not the cover's fault. I'll be adding weather stripping when it's warm enough to do so.
  11. Still nattering away in an attempt to deflect from you not knowing what diff comes in GM's most popular vehicle? Really says something about the quality of GM's 'world class' technicians. I don't think I'd be comfortable letting you check my tire pressures.
  12. I appreciate the offer, but the pay cut doesn't interest me. But for clarification, would that be your "real world" where Silverados have limited slip diffs, or my "fantasy life" where they have auto lockers? Check with the other real techs and get back to me.
  13. TIL "real techs" don't know the difference between a limited slip and a locking differential, but they're fine with that because they can make snarky comments on the internet to hide their insecurity. For the sake of pickup drivers in the Colorado Springs area, I hope the dealership limits you to the lube bay. Even there, I think you're still a liability.
  14. So the RPO code description is wrong. Just one of many. What's your point? It's still not a limited slip. I just hope I've riled you up enough that you go into work and start bragging about your internet argument to your coworkers, they ask what it was about, then you say that some salsa boy thinks the G80 is a locker. At this point, I REALLY hope someone has a camera to get a picture of your face when your coworkers ask "Yeah... And what do you think it is?" Please post that picture to this thread.
  15. Cool credentials, old man. Here's a history lesson: In 1973, GM introduced the Eaton ADL (Automatic Differential Lock) on the C/K series trucks under the code G86, replacing the Eaton NoSpin. In 1974, the Eaton ADL also replaced the Positraction limited-slip and took its option code (G80.) For those counting, that was almost 50 years ago. It's an automatic locker; has been for years. But yeah, you must know more than me because you don't use a screen name...
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