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  1. Your truck has a modern, direct injection motor. The regular air filter vs. a CAI will have next to no effect on fuel efficiency, except perhaps at high RPMs (but at that point, having only two valves per cylinder is a much greater hindrance.) If you're hitting the rev limiter on a regular basis, you're probably not concerned about fuel efficiency anyway. The trucks would most certainly come with CAIs from the factory if they improved fuel economy significantly.
  2. The vast majority of synthetic oil is created using chemically altered petroleum.
  3. Let's be perfectly honest: anyone who says they never bump into their ball mount when it's left in the receiver is a liar.
  4. The seat bottom and back come out as one (folding) piece, and pictures online seem to show different mounting brackets on the floor. I'm sure it's possible, but I wouldn't want to spend the time MacGyvering it to make it work.
  5. Sounds like my wife's Verano. My LD isn't quite so obnoxious. Direct injection is noisy, especially on start up. Mention it at the dealership the next time you're there. Under warranty, you've got nothing to lose.
  6. A 31.7" tire at 60 MPH rotates at 636 RPM. A 31.9" tire would be 632 RPM. My understanding is the G80 locks up at a difference of 100 RPM. You're not going to do any damage with such a small difference in tire size.
  7. Hopefully whoever's styling the new front end wears their glasses this time.
  8. Ugh. Dust... I'm not sure if the T1s are as bad as the K2s, but be sure to pick up some weather stripping to go around your tailgate. Unless you want everything in the bed covered in dust any time you leave the pavement.
  9. Where are you located? Retractable tonneau covers tend to freeze in place if you're anywhere that experiences winter. I haven't had a problem with my quad fold bakflip aside from the lip freezing to the tailgate (which is easy enough to pry off.)
  10. 98 litre tank at 9 l/100 km = 1100 km/tank Also note that (at least on mine) the fuel consumption is about a half litre more than what the computer says. Still, you did pretty good considering the mountains.
  11. I have. In fact, it's currently installed, along with another child car seat right beside it. Then there's normally a 60 lb dog in the backseat, too. No problems at all. Personally, I didn't want to spend the extra few grand to have the privilege of being the DD on golf outings while my buddies ride in comfort all the time. And extended/double cab proportions always look better than crew cabs.
  12. Unless you do long summer road trips, stick with the current rims and go with the KO2s. They look better on smaller rims.
  13. The turbo 4 and the Custom trim level are a match made in heaven.
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