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  1. What's your concern with AFM? If you're worried about lifter failure, a tune or Range device doesn't remove that risk. You'd need a full DOD delete (in the thousands of dollars) to be sure. If it's been working fine for 170k miles, I wouldn't worry about it. Just change your oil.
  2. I'll commend Chevy for designing a centre stack that matches the exterior. Not quite Ford's "myriad of grey plastics" ugly, but certainly a step backwards from the previous generation.
  3. Great job going way off topic and scaring off OP, guys. You say your truck runs fine, and you're not in a hurry. I'm of the mindset that if you're happy with what you have, why spend the money on something that might be a bit more comfortable, but really accomplishes the same thing? Save your money for when your existing truck no longer meets your needs. They'll keep making trucks, and there'll always be discounts. And for what it's worth, extended cabs always look better than crew cabs.
  4. If you're only installing two new tires, it's generally safer to install them on the rear as it promotes understeer. That way you can see the ditch coming at you, as opposed to going into the rhubarb backwards.
  5. Short answer: Yes. If you're really concerned, take it for an alignment check. Many places do this for free (though you probably get what you pay for...)
  6. Google "Carolina squat" and prepare to be disappointed in humanity.
  7. The Carolinas would like to have a word with you.
  8. Your LD is the previous generation. You're going to want to head over to that section of the forum. Plenty of folks have the RC leveling kit. I've found it's easier to find the right parts if you search for parts for a 2018 Silverado.
  9. Am I the only one who thinks this is way more complicated (and warranty-adverse) than unplugging the steering position sensor?
  10. Oh thank god. I was feeling left out that we pickup truck drivers didn't have screens that looked like tacked-on afterthoughts like every new car coming out nowadays.
  11. Sometimes it's easier to engage 4 low while rolling really slowly. Like "come to a complete stop on almost flat surface, shift the transmission into neutral, shift TC to 4 low, then take your foot off the brake and roll slightly" slowly.
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