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  1. Yes. Some vendors list the LD; some don't. If it's not listed, 2018 is the fallback.
  2. Those hurricanes were so strong they flipped the whole world on its side!
  3. Did trucks with the 20" wheel option come with a 20" spare? Considering all the cost-cutting, that surprises me. If it truly is a 275x55R20 spare, then it's only a 4% difference in diameter. Don't put it in 4 wheel drive and you'll be just fine. If you get a flat on the rear, your differential will be getting a little workout so maybe swap the spare to the front axle to avoid that if you're going to be driving on it for a while.
  4. You could check out Amazon for lug nut covers. Cheaper than new lug nuts, and with open-ended lug nuts, you won't have to worry about the finish peeling off or deforming.
  5. Pens don't fit in them; cell phones flop around in them; nobody carries coins anymore... What do you guys use your hashbrown holders for?
  6. A bit of a tangent, but... Saving wear and tear on the brakes by putting wear and tear on the transmission? These 6-speeds aren't exactly renowned for their reliability. I know which of the two I'd rather have to replace...
  7. LATCH has been mandatory in the US for nearly 20 years, so your Tahoe had it. (It's on page 1-65 of the '09 Tahoe owner's manual, if you're curious.)
  8. That's going to happen when the cars have a tendency to spontaneously burst into flames.
  9. 22" all-terrain tires = Mall-terrain tires.
  10. Should have seen your location first... In other news: https://driving.ca/auto-news/crashes/north-carolina-bans-carolina-squat
  11. Newer cars have been keeping the blower on for a bit after the AC was running to dry the evaporator and prevent mold from growing. Not sure about GM trucks specifically, but many cars do this nowadays.
  12. Any double cab from 2014 to 2018 should be the same.
  13. Keep in mind that trailer companies often list their weights the same way my wife does: optimistically low. The only way to be sure is to haul it over a scale.
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