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  1. If it's anything like the K2s, the heated seats are on the lowest setting when using remote start, and shut off when you put the key in (or, in your case, push the Start button.) Then you have to turn them on manually. I only really notice it on really cold days when the truck's been warming for a bit. Are your seats leather? Those take forever to warm up. The steering wheel only has one setting and heats up much quicker than the seats. That's why it's very noticeable.
  2. I agree with most of what you said, but let's not get too excited by an unknown, limited number of people putting down a fully-refundable $100 deposit.
  3. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/10/gmc-hummer-ev-leaks-ahead-of-official-debut/
  4. The stock tires on the Trail Boss Custom are just under an inch shorter than the regular Custom (32.08" vs 33"), so your rear axle is actually closer to the ground than a regular Custom. You certainly don't need a longer jack. Maybe there was a defect in the jack.
  5. As anyone who's driven a front wheel drive stick shift in winter will tell you, engine braking the front wheels in snow is a great way to lose all steering control. Use your ABS. That's what it was designed for. Now, if you're in 2Hi, engine braking on the rear wheels won't send you into the ditch backwards, but why bother when you have some of the latest technology keeping you pointed in the right direction? You're probably shouldn't be going fast enough to have to worry about brake fade. Does the 10 speed let you start out from a stop in 2nd gear? That's the real benefit to manually shifting your own gears on ice.
  6. You may no longer have safety and security, but vehicle diagnostics is good for 10 years. How else will they keep pestering you to go to the dealership for service?
  7. Just circling back after yesterday... After installing my fuel line magnets last night, I'm happy to report that I got to work 2 minutes earlier today! Real-world numbers, boys! That's some science! Straighten out those fuel molecules and you can see the benefits, too!
  8. I only change from Auto when I have the windows down (no sense burning gas for AC) and when it's around 5°C and very humid (like right after some rain) because the windshield fogs up. Aside from that, it works great.
  9. Remote start lasts for 10 minutes. If you want 20 minutes, just wait at least 30 seconds, then repeat the remote start procedure of locking the truck and holding the remote start button for a few seconds a second time. You can't do more than 20 minutes. Under the vehicle settings in the infotainment, look for "Remote Start Auto Heat Seats" and turn it to on. Keep in mind the heated seats turn off when you insert the key. Other than that, leave the climate control on Auto.
  10. Did you go for a drive this evening? I'm pretty sure I felt the Earth move. That must have been your CAI! But seriously, your CAI might have gained you a few horsepower at the top end. Guess what? A ten degree (freedom units) ambient air temperature change can change horsepower by 2%. Twenty percent humidity swing is another 1%. Wind, pavement conditions, fuel level, dirty filter, etc... There are countless things that can affect your 0-60 times other than a CAI, but if that one time you "scientifically" tested it with a $150 dongle and saw a "considerable" 0.2 second improvement gave you a cool story to brag on message boards, you have fun with that.
  11. OP is questioning the claims made by aftermarket part manufacturers, and rightfully so. I'm sorry you thought this would be a self-congratulatory echo chamber. Now, back to installing my Electronic Engine Ionizer fuel saver to achieve peak MPGs...
  12. I don't know what you want. I said there might be minimal horsepower gains at higher RPMs. I'm happy for you that you have the fastest truck in all the land. My stock 5.3 cowers in fear. My only consolation is that it's a truck and its purpose was never to win drag races in Iowa. I'd just like some proof that's more than anecdotal or obvious advertisement.
  13. I never said there'd be no horsepower gains. I said they'd be minimal at best. The 5 horsepower gained in the one video is on the order of a rounding error, and the 15 horsepower gained in the other needs to be taken with a truckload of salt given the amount of product promotion in the video. But if you're going to believe every bit of advertising thrown your way, I'll stay tuned for your report on the tornado air intake and fuel line magnets.
  14. You don't find it odd that the facts change based on how much sponsorship the video appears to have? One guy gets 5 HP, the other guy gets 15 HP. Heck, if they paid me, I'd probably get 50 HP!!!* *Actual horsepower gains may vary.
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