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  1. Finally got my bell tech 2” rear lowering shackles installed. Loving the way it looks so far.
  2. I love that new blue color. Glad to see them offering some different color options now.
  3. Yeah I wasn’t aware you could get that with the custom TB but still not my cup of tea. Something likes this is more what I would like them to offer.
  4. Yes, I had an 06 TB SS and loved though seats as well not too mention the engine.
  5. Heck I’d also be happy if they just offered the 6.2 as an option in a Custom.
  6. That’s why they have the trail boss. I thought the ZR2 was supposed to be something special. Like GM’s version of the TRX or Raptor.
  7. I would love for GM to come out with an SS version. Maybe something based off the custom but with the 6.2 or better and with slightly lowered suspension and so forth. Anyone else think that would be sweet or buy one?
  8. I like the look of the new Tundras and their new power train. They will get a serious look next time around for me.
  9. The ZR2 should have come with a supercharged engine not just the same old 6.2 to really separate it from the pack.
  10. Nice color. Still not sure about the bow tie placement though.
  11. Cyber truck if it ever comes to be may gain a look.
  12. I actually prefer the pre-refresh Sierra front end more. I think the new grill looks like it has a big smiley face now but looks are subjective and it may grow on me. I’m also not sure about the bow tie logo up so high on the grill of the new Silverado. Something looks off to me on that. All the other changes are great though.
  13. This is just a street truck for me. I don’t tow and haul only normal items. I will be lowering the truck as I like the look. Again the 2.7t felt quicker than the 5.3 when I drove both so I went with it. I don’t think I could get the 6.2 with the elevation package or I would have gotten that and that was the look I wanted.
  14. I have driven both and thought the 2.7t to be quicker off the line and better for city driving. I don’t know what the quarter mile numbers are though.
  15. Don’t see a choice for the 2.7t? Would choose that over the sluggish 5.3 all day.
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