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  1. Finally got a letter in the mail from GMC saying my heated seats retro was ready and to contact my dealership to schedule an appointment.
  2. I just got the email for my Sierra saying it will be soon. It’s a start.
  3. Saw this article today. So hopefully really soon. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2022/08/2022-gmc-sierra-1500-heated-seat-retrofits-now-under-way/
  4. Have you seen this? I thought about it for my GMC but they say it won’t fit. https://stillen.com/collections/intake/products/2019-2020-chevy-silverado-trupower-by-stillen-cold-air-intake-scoop-tp403501
  5. I was shocked how easy it was when I found out how to do it.
  6. I got it. So it essentially would be a 2/2 drop on a non at4 truck. Any thoughts on lowering the rear another 2” to make a 2/4 drop?
  7. Can’t go wrong with the white and black setup look.
  8. Would look great lowered with some 22’s.
  9. So you used bell tech 2” front spindles and rear shackles for a 2” drop all around and then got the extra 2” from the bilsteins?
  10. I love everything about it. Any issues with it ?
  11. Bed covers should help improve aerodynamics. Unless it’s installed wrong I don’t think it would affect gas mileage.
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