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  1. Just got a new wt for road work. It requires a full time LED warning light on the roof. The cig plug turns off with the ignition. The 27 to 28 fuse spot doesn't work like most trucks because it is only three pronged. Any ideas besides running a wire?
  2. Just got a new 2022 wt and we put a cap on it. The rubber seal on the cap hits the tailgate cap/spoiler ridge in the rear. Anyone have a source for a flat cap/spoiler? BTW, the aluminum cap by A.R.E. looks like crap on this style truck. Too tall, too wide in the rear. I hate to even put it on the road, but it was $2,500 cheaper than fiberglass. Ugh
  3. Do it yourself. The rise in insurance cost is not worth it.
  4. Looks nice. I like that the DRL and the turn signal used the same light. Now it turns amber for turn instead of off and another light for the turn signal. I am really disappointed about the console shifter in the LTZ. I use my truck for work and that is going to be a pain. Also the lack of wheel well opening protection is kind of ridiculous.
  5. I think the exterior refresh is nice. The console shift is going to suck though. Ugh. I like bucket seats but still work my truck. Right in the way of a lot of stuff.
  6. I run midgrade (89) it still spark knocks when getting in the throttle, but it works.
  7. I would go get it changed. With that few miles driven it could be a lot of short run times which translates to moisture from condensation in the motor. You may find 6000k miles is more realistic for an oil change with modern synthetic oil they use.
  8. I think a bit is ok. Let a car pass just the truck and I bet you feel it. The trailer just magnifies it. You will get used to it in a couple hours.
  9. Good question. I felt 65 was fast enough. Just experience on the weight. I hook up without the WD bars first. Squat the truck about 3 or so inches. Then use the bars to take 2 or so inches of squat back out. Don't try to get it level. For some reason people have a hang up about levelness. I just want it to pull well! Let is squat an inch or two!
  10. It is really all about tongue weight as others have said. Also higher weight rating tires with lots of air in them. It is tough towing todays travel trailers. They are often heavier on one side because of the slide outs and sit so stinking high because the slides have to clear the tires. Wind really catches them. I have towed a '33 TT with my GMT900 and it was fine with lots of tongue weight and a early design WD hitch with separate sway control.
  11. I really like my stock antenna because it serves as a gage for parking garage height. If it scrubs a beam, pipe or sign, I know I had better be aware.
  12. I don't mind squatting the truck at all. The more tongue weight the better. I would say there is 3" of squat here. Total weight is about 9000 lbs. The motor and trans did very well. Never got over 182 degrees in 500 miles in Northern Michigan.
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