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  1. I get 24 highway at 75mph. Ltz, z71, 6.2, 89 octane. Killer setup.
  2. Lol, have you driven one. Way better truck all around. By the way, a K2 was just a GMT900 2.0
  3. Tried to run my wood router with it and it didn't work. I was really bummed. Not much good but for tool battery chargers while driving to the job.
  4. Why is it stupid? Customer loyalty goes a long way. These shops are so busy that they are more in the business of making customers happy than making money on warranty.
  5. I am pondering another set of wheels for winter and really like the transport rims some trucks are shipped with. Anyone use them?
  6. I rotate the tires every oil change or 6000 miles. They stay in good shape that way and do not wear unevenly.
  7. Cost per year is always cheaper for me to buy when paying up front.
  8. Swap for sure. Your local will be the one doing the warranty work. It is only fair and ethical to buy from them.
  9. Good to hear you are making progress. I wonder how they gain access to the sensor?
  10. There is no way these are worth $1200.
  11. That sounds hideous. Haha. I understand you wanting good storage.
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