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  1. I run my drivers seat all the way down. Tell them to get over it. Haha
  2. I think where the 6.2 shines is when it is breathing heavily. Pass a car from 55 and it is scary how fast 90 approaches.
  3. This is an easy one. Get the weathertech no drill flaps. I have them on two truck currently. Running them since 2007. Good stuff
  4. What is the voltage with it running? Should be 13.7 to 14.7.
  5. Nothing wrong with getting an alignment as soon as you want. They are often out of spec in my experience. Wish I would have done it with my 19. Tires are not wearing evenly with a 6000k rotation interval. Always worked before.
  6. White gets my vote. Stays clean looking for a long time. Even whiter once it is washed. lol. This is my fifth white truck. Had navy blue once because it was ultra cheap.
  7. Nothing is safe. Don't leave anything unattended at night and avoid crime prone areas.
  8. Very nice. Did you remove the 6.2 badge?
  9. Don't take delivery of a truck with a scratch.
  10. I think you have to be about 3' from the truck in my experience.
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