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  1. I see it under at4, but you have to add like 6k in other packages. Ugh.
  2. They did. People buy sensors for aftermarket wheels. It helps people not get dead.
  3. Doesnt look like they adjusted the latches to close correctly front and back. You may want to check it out.
  4. Look a bit closer, I bet it is one bolt.
  5. Just FYI, This truck could have been sitting on the lot since outside since August 2018.
  6. Next time drive the truck and research before you buy it.
  7. Dear GM, this is stupid. Quit nickel-and-diming us to use stuff that should be free.
  8. Wow, you are one of very few I have heard that from.
  9. The 4 cylinder turbo is a powerful motor and you can hear the turbo which is fun! Love my 6.2 though. Tons of power.
  10. Those are not designed to protect from mud. They add aerodynamics by cleaning up the turbulent air around the tires.
  11. Have you tried center only in the front or floor only to see how the rear behaves?
  12. This may correspond with the announcement of making an electric truck at the Hamtramck plant in 2022. After seeing the Tesla trying to tow on TFL truck, I can't see it happening... maybe ever.
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