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  1. 08 Sierra Denali, bought it new November 2007. 14,200 miles
  2. I have the undercover flex and am very happy with it. The quality is very good and it is a low profile installation. It allows full use of the bed and protects the rear window from cargo when it is folded to the fully open position.
  3. haha, I had the exact same experience with the bent bracket and wearing off that top tab. As well.. it doesn't SEEM hot, guess we'll see when it starts getting cold around here. Same here, lukewarm fluid plus the bracket bent when the dealer removed the old unit. The bracket is a bad design; it's meant to act like a spring but only made from mild steel. I removed and reshaped it so that the Aphatherm clipped in, then reinstalled both as a unit.
  4. Did you go to the dealer for the ONSA programming and ESN# after getting it back from Chris White?
  5. How about the voice navigation, is that a function added with the new VCIM?
  6. If this happens to me, I'll probably try back once or twice more over the following days to see if I can luck out and get a more cooperative Onstar rep. Then if GM still doesn't want my money, I'll cancel the service. I don't understand what other Gen8 Onstar features you think you'll be getting if you have canceled the service? My VCIM just arrived yesterday from White Auto and I'll probably try to install it again this weekend. So far the feature I like the most is the voice activated Navigation....you store Navigation points "Nametags" and then using voice only you can activate the navigation.....my 2007 didn't have this. The voice activated Bluetooth search of my iphone contacts is also very nice which I didn't have before either. I hope you have better luck then me with OnStar. Thanks again for sharing your Onstar saga with us. Let's hope that Onstar has a change of heart at some point. I have an 08 Denali and I don't think I have voice navigation, is this a feature that is added with the new VCIM? If so, can you tell me where to find the the operating instructions fo it? If I don't want to have Onstar when I install my Bluetooth VCIM, is there any benefit to having Chris White program it?
  7. We definitely all owe you a big THANKS! for all the time and effort you are putting in to this, I sure hope that it pays off. My truck's a 2008, I wonder if that makes any difference, does anyone know when was the GEN 8 Onstar first introduced?
  8. I would agree that if you have a green Onstar light, that means White Auto has done their part correctly. Interesting about the lack of ESN. I could swear mine had an ESN number - I wrote down all the ST ID, etc. numbers off my VCIM and took a picture of the VCIM label for good measure - I'll have to check and see if mine had one when I get home. Still waiting for it to be returned by White Auto from my 2nd attempt at reprogramming. As for Onstar still working in an emergency without a subscription, I found this posted on another forum - no way to authenticate the claim but thought I'd share: "This is not true. I work for OnStar, when the subscription ends, the system is deactivated soon afterwards, and the physical ability for OnStar to receive the airbag notification from the vehicle is disabled. I cannot explain for certain the circumstances under which the person on the other forum site had their call go through, but please do not gamble on your, or your family's, safety upon a lapsed OnStar subscription to still maintain emergency services." Thats probably true but I find it interesting that all my 3 (HF Calling, Blue, Red) OnStar buttons work yet they dont see an ESN......the ESN is clearly printed on the old original VCIM that I removed from 2007 vehicle and no where on the new Generation 8 VCIM is there a ESN......could the ESN be one of the other numbers perhaps? Im off to the dealer this week to see if I can find the ESN....I will report back if anything changes So will the Tech 2 session overwrite the programming from White automotive? I checked the new module I bought and it does not have an ESN either. Anyone know whay an ESN is? It's too bad that there is nor real way to let GM know of our dissatisfaction with the lack of support for retrofitting Bluetooth. My guess is that it's an Onstar / verizon contractual issue. But having yet another phone number just for the truck never did make sense to me.
  9. you need steering wheel controls to start and stop phone calls I have an '08 SD with steering wheel controls. It was mentioned in an earlier post that there is no need to replace the steering wheel buttons other than to have the phone logo, but do I need to order the steering wheel switch # 25851951?

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