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  1. you Sir are my new best friend. This worked perfect. Your help is appreciated. Thank you…
  2. I agree. Ground issue. It’s using the other bulbs ground, that’s why that bulb is lighting up also…
  3. I love this comment… you are also commenting on a four year old thread…. and now so am I…
  4. Thought I’d throw this out for you guys. I sent my ECM out to get the AFM/DOD delete. All went good with that. for what ever reason I decided to remove and clean all the carbon from the throttle body after success of new V8 power. ( it was horrible from almost 200,000 miles). After reinstalling and starting the engine the idle would never be the same, it was all over the place from 800-3000 with no rhyme or reason for a steady idle even after many idle relearn procedures, battery disconnects and test drives. I came across a video where the guy says to not clean the throttle body or you will ha
  5. I had same issue. Both of those lines go up further and disconnect. the fuel supply into a steel fuel line and the bigger into a vent/canister of some sort. I was able to get mine out with a few choice words and needle nose pliers. They make repair kits for the fuel tank support/crossmember. A cheap eBay no name fuel pump module is still working. I removed the bed for access to all this…
  6. If the bell housing comes off the “new” transmission and it’s missing the very top bolt and a smaller input shaft, you have a 4.3L V6 transmission
  7. very true. If it only does this for a few minutes in the AM I would bet it’s this…
  8. I swapped in a 25797978 navigation unit into my 2011 Sierra everything works except Bluetooth. When I hold the phone button down I get a “beep” not a “ready” like my factory radio did. I say “Bluetooth, pair, phone” all this comes back as “not recognized” I can however say “radio help” and get a response. My guess it the unit I got is from an earlier (07-08) truck and Bluetooth wasn’t an option until 09. Can my older unit be flashed with a TECH 2 for Bluetooth. Any help on this is appreciated…
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