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  1. Have a broken brake fluid level sensor on my 2011 Silverado 1500 with active brake control (JL4) and i'm wondering what the difference is between the available sensors. PN 22672096 is the sensor for JL4 brake control and PN 25818508 is the non JL4 sensor with a price difference of about $50. As far as I'm aware they're just switches that open or close based on fluid level and they appear to be interchangeable. Whats with the price difference? Why wouldn't I be able to use the cheaper non JL4 sensor on my truck?
  2. Well it desperately needs a rear brake job. Pulled the drums off for a quick inspection and had a seized shoe on the left drum, no friction material left one of the pads. Had to cut the brake hardware so I could remove the drum. Surprising there wasn't any noise! Also needs wheel cylinders, axle seals and park brake cables on both sides. Going to flush the brake fluid at the same time. Front brakes are good, looks like they were done recently.
  3. Oh yea it's bad, trust me it looks even worse up close. It needs a cleaning real bad. There's no evidence of flooding and the history report doesn't show any so I think I'm safe there. I'll definitely keep an eye on the oil consumption. I'll also run a compression test when I get around to changing the plugs and wires.
  4. Here's some pics of the truck. It's the auction pictures so I blocked out the watermark.
  5. Hey great question and I definitely should have mentioned what my plans are. So my current truck is an old 1990 Jeep Comanche which has been a fun little toy for hunting, tinkering and anytime I needed a truck box for something. That said, it's still a small 30 year old truck and I wanted something more modern that can handle an open car hauling trailer and potentially a snow plow in the future. I was in the market for a used 3/4 ton truck for that purpose, so I really just bought this Silverado on a whim without properly inspecting it or anything. Figured it'll either be a good bridge truck until i can find what I'm looking for or it'll be a dud and it's not a big loss I may have lucked out though. Perhaps my search is over since I looked at the rpo codes this morning and it's got G80 + GU6(3.42 axle), K5L(HD cooling package) and KNP(HD trans cooling) so it appears it'll be up to the task! Hey, thanks for the response. The body is a pretty good shape, only has some minor rust along the back wheel wells but nothing serious. I still have to raise the truck to take a better look at the frame but i rolled under it where I could and not much rust. We don't salt our roads here in Alberta and I'm grateful for that. I've heard of the troublesome AFM on these trucks, i know you can disable them through an aftermarket OBD2 plug(which it doesn't have). Is there anyway I can confirm if a kit was ever installed?
  6. Hey all, first time poster. Recently picked up a 2011 Silverado 1500 5.3 4x4 with 250k miles real cheap from an auction. Overall it's runs and drives great, no engine ticks and shifts great during a quick test drive. I gave it a quick once over and it seems to have been neglected a bit, fluids are quite dark all around and a laundry list of minor repairs to do. It does need some big ticket items such as tires, windshield and a steering rack(leaking out the boot). Im planning on changing all the fluids, filters and maintenance items starting with engine and trans. I understand I definitely am taking a risk on this truck so I want to ask you all what are somethings I should look into or consider before I sink too much money into it
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