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  1. I take that back. I replaced the EVAP purge solenoid on the intake manifold. Noise is still there. I can hear hissing at the base of it so there’s a leak. But the sound is near the rear of the motor and stops when I unplug the solenoid. Any thoughts?
  2. I dunno. Coasting in neutral above 15 mph it doesn’t do it but when you slow down or stop it does. But it does it in park when you rev the engine. Also only does it when hot not cold. I’ve been under, on top and all over. It seems isolated to the corner where the brake booster hose goes into the manifold. I’ll keep hunting
  3. Can anyone figure out what this noise is? I know what the ticking is just not the sputter Started after towing our camper two hours home. Definitely on the driver’s side. Using a broomstick to listen, it seems to be top of intake manifold at the rear. Only happens at operating temperature and goes away when throttle is applied.
  4. Sounds like the driver’s side catalytic converter so far
  5. Can anyone figure out what this noise is? I know what the ticking is just not the sputter Started after towing our camper two hours home. Definitely on the driver’s side.
  6. Control arms were just replaced and fixed a different sound. The clunk from the TSB is the forum famous “my truck clunks when I shift from drive to reverse or vice versa”. The standard driveline slop
  7. I’m experiencing a small thud when I brake or accelerate. I can feel something shift and it’s not the driveline clunk from the TSB. That’s different and I can identify that. I also hear a metal noise going over speed bumps or angled driveways like metal hitting metal but not every time. Shocks are all new, spare is secure, and nothing is rotted or rusted through. My suspicion is the bushings for the leaf springs are shot causing the shifting. The springs are not broken. 2005 Silverado crew cab 4x4 175,000 miles
  8. Actual issue. AC Delco failed when finding a part via VIN on their site. The orientation of the float location has the float hitting a baffle in the tank. Ordered Delphi which is proper. Not my photo but you get the idea.
  9. So I replaced my fuel pump with an AC Delco M10101 which indicates 143.5 wheelbase VIN T. It did not come with the float and sender so we used the old one which was working just fine hours earlier. After its all back together, truck thinks it is empty. My only thought is somehow the new pump doesn’t like the old sender? Anyone have any ideas? Google doesn’t seem to produce a similar situation. Thanks. 2005 Silverado Crew Cab 5.3 LM7 4x4
  10. All motor mounts were replaced 40,000 miles ago when the motor was replaced however I’ll look into them. A friend of mine suggested transfer case chain slop. While pulling my trailer this weekend, I slowed down and upon acceleration I heard the same clunk. I was able to recreate the noise with no trailer by slowing down and then pushing down on the gas I heard it but it wasn’t as significant.
  11. I’ve got a shift into drive and reverse clunk which I know is somewhat normal. However it clunks when resuming cruise on the highway. It looks like the front of the driveshaft is the culprit. I’ve attached a YouTube video.
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