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  1. I'm just throwing this out there. If the suggestions for hood/ door locks don't help you may want to try other models of battery tenders. Many of the more sophisticated ones I have looked at have m multiple charging strategies intended to help revive damaged batteries. This usually involves pulsing the voltage output in some form or another. This may be causing issues with how some of the vehicles modules function.
  2. What part is actually damage? The red part in the photo is just the secondary lock to keep the lever from being opened to disengage the connector. Unless the lever is moving that is not the cause of your issue. Is the connector properly seated? Did any pins get bent? What wires did you connect to?
  3. Why not run the wires inside the truck? You should be able to remove the door sill plates on one side and run the wires through there.
  4. How did you install the pads? A bit more detail may help. Any idea what DTC's are set?
  5. I too love my truck. I have had a couple of engine light/ no start issues that seems to be fixed after the last reflash. My only really concern is the sliding rear window leak. I got almost a year before the first leak. A new window has been installed and is so far leak free but I have real concerns about how long I can keep this truck. I had my 2011 Sierra for 9 years but if this thing leaks again I will probably trade it in and go with something else if GM can't prove this is resolved. Paying out of pocket to fix a window leak would not be cool...
  6. I peeled the stock tires of my Elevation in he first week and installed a set of Goodyear Duratrac's. This is the 3rd set I have owned. I'm very happy with them and they are snow rated so I they cover my requirements for insurance (we get a better rate if we have snow tires) I still plan to get another set of rims and a dedicated Snow tire but due to Covid I don't drive to work everyday so that can wait.
  7. The thought that we should eve have to change the sliding rear window for a solid one is ridiculous. I have not used the slider in mine but I still would easily give it up. What about resale value? I personally have just had my first (and hopefully last) repair. I waited a month for a replacement glass. If it continues to leak I will look at trading it in.
  8. Well I have been waiting a month for the replacement window to come in. I'm losing faith in GMC. I will let you know how it turns out. I have a bad feeling there will not be a happy ending to this story...
  9. I had mine in last week. They told me they had to order a window and would call once it arrives. It has been raining here all day. I'm sure my truck is a fishbowl right now. I'm not impressed.
  10. Well I though I might have got lucky with mine and got one that didn't leak. 2019 Sierra Elevation. Build date 7/19. I have had this truck for almost a year and yesterday it started to leak. After raining most of the day I saw a puddle on top of the seat. Not looking forward to this repair.
  11. This alert can be modified in Settings I believe. I have keyless start and mine is set to do this if I exit the truck with the engine off and the keys left inside.
  12. Are you using the remote start? These can e programmed to come on with remote start. Once you get in and press start they will go back to normal manual control. This can be changed in the Settings.
  13. The GM ones are much better. I have had many sets of weather tech. The GM ones are more pliable and clean up better. Perfect fit and they were actually slightly cheaper.
  14. Just use the fog light to trigger a relay. The relay can switch power to the light bar. #30 to Power #85 to ground #86 to fog light switched power #87 to Light bar
  15. Check the owners manual to see what fuse would power the 12 volt outlet and check see if the fuse is missing.
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