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  1. The GM ones are much better. I have had many sets of weather tech. The GM ones are more pliable and clean up better. Perfect fit and they were actually slightly cheaper.
  2. Just use the fog light to trigger a relay. The relay can switch power to the light bar. #30 to Power #85 to ground #86 to fog light switched power #87 to Light bar
  3. Check the owners manual to see what fuse would power the 12 volt outlet and check see if the fuse is missing.
  4. Mine is very easily scratched as well.
  5. Here is how I taped into switched and constant power in the passenger side fuse panel.
  6. I bought a higher end Thinkware cam for less money and wired myself as shown in the thread. Very happy so far.
  7. I think there are threads showing guys cutting the head off the bolt with a reciprocating saw and then using a new bolt from the other side to secure the new hook.
  8. Well the dealer said it needed the BSCM reprogrammed. But he didn’t sound too confident when I talk to him. We will see.
  9. I went to the store this afternoon and because of Covid you have to wait in the parking lot got them to bring your order out. I was parked about 2 minutes with the engine idling and it stalled. The display said Reduced Engine Power and Service ESC. The truck wouldn't crank over. I scanned it with my code reader and it has U0100 Lost Communication with ECM. After about 5 minutes my order arrived and loaded up and the truck started up. Engine light is still on. Anyone had this occur? The engine light came on a few months ago and went out before I could get an appointment with the dealer. Shortly after there was a recall so I had that performed. I guess I will call tomorrow and find out if I can get it in. Not sure what the service is like here in Ontario with Covid-19. A lot of business are closed... 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation 5.3
  10. I had them on my last truck. Did the leather conversion with heated seats. Had them for almost 8 years. Very happy.
  11. I only have experience with Line-X. It was definitely worth the extra to get their Premium one. It hardly faded in the 8 years I had it. Friends that had the original one looked terrible with the amount they faded. Of course how much this matters to you will depend on how long you plan to keep the truck..
  12. I looked into having a silver one in my 2011. At that time the owner of our local Line-X talked me out of it. 1: it costs more and 2: he said the colors never really look right. After having it sprayed in black I was really happy. Glad he talked me out of it. My Pacific Blue Sierra has a black one as well.
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