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  1. Yes I have. I just get a red message saying "Service System" Does anyone have the diagnostic steps for this?
  2. Its hard without being able to hear the noise. Any chance it is a vacuum leak? Something get disturbed while working on it?
  3. How do I reset the brake pad life monitor on my 2019 Sierra 1500? I turned it off when it first came on because I was unable to get brake parts. Pretty frustrating that my local GM dealer was unable to get rear brake rotors. I was told they were back ordered and they had no idea when they would get them. Apparently they have been backordered for over a month. I guess we are expected to buy a new truck when the brakes are worn out? I had less then 45,000 km (28,000 miles) and the inside of the rear rotors were completely rusted away. After many calls my wife was able to locate the parts at another dealer in another town. The rear pads, rotors and brake life sensor have been replaced but when I turn it back on the dash it says "service system". This has been a very frustrating experience. All of my other new vehicles have gone at least 90,000 km before needing brakes. It also obvious that my local dealer was not interested in selling me the parts to do this job myself. I can't imagine that they wouldn't be able to look online to see what other dealer had the parts in stocks. I know I can turn the brake life monitor off again on my dash but it bothers me to have something that isn't working. I think my wife said it best "I will defiantly take this into consideration when we replace her van in a few months"
  4. I did the install in my 2011. It took a full day. I did everything except the top of the center console. I really needed 3 hands for that. I took it to interior shop and he did it for $20.
  5. This occurred on my truck too. I pulled the wheels and the sensor is cracked. Very frustrating. I turned off the brake life monitor because I couldn't justify doing a brake job with such low mileage. Not very impressed...
  6. Is it possible to retract the rear calipers for brake pad replacement without a scan tool?
  7. Any update on this? I have the "Service Brake Pad Monitor" message now on my truck. 32,000 km (20,000 miles) on it. The Brake pad sensor reprogramming was done before I took delivery on it in 2019. I don't want to go to the dealer unless they are going to warranty it. I will have to pull the wheels off tonight to check the brakes but I wouldn't expect them to be anywhere close to worn out yet.
  8. I'm just throwing this out there. If the suggestions for hood/ door locks don't help you may want to try other models of battery tenders. Many of the more sophisticated ones I have looked at have m multiple charging strategies intended to help revive damaged batteries. This usually involves pulsing the voltage output in some form or another. This may be causing issues with how some of the vehicles modules function.
  9. What part is actually damage? The red part in the photo is just the secondary lock to keep the lever from being opened to disengage the connector. Unless the lever is moving that is not the cause of your issue. Is the connector properly seated? Did any pins get bent? What wires did you connect to?
  10. Why not run the wires inside the truck? You should be able to remove the door sill plates on one side and run the wires through there.
  11. How did you install the pads? A bit more detail may help. Any idea what DTC's are set?
  12. I too love my truck. I have had a couple of engine light/ no start issues that seems to be fixed after the last reflash. My only really concern is the sliding rear window leak. I got almost a year before the first leak. A new window has been installed and is so far leak free but I have real concerns about how long I can keep this truck. I had my 2011 Sierra for 9 years but if this thing leaks again I will probably trade it in and go with something else if GM can't prove this is resolved. Paying out of pocket to fix a window leak would not be cool...
  13. I peeled the stock tires of my Elevation in he first week and installed a set of Goodyear Duratrac's. This is the 3rd set I have owned. I'm very happy with them and they are snow rated so I they cover my requirements for insurance (we get a better rate if we have snow tires) I still plan to get another set of rims and a dedicated Snow tire but due to Covid I don't drive to work everyday so that can wait.
  14. The thought that we should eve have to change the sliding rear window for a solid one is ridiculous. I have not used the slider in mine but I still would easily give it up. What about resale value? I personally have just had my first (and hopefully last) repair. I waited a month for a replacement glass. If it continues to leak I will look at trading it in.
  15. Well I have been waiting a month for the replacement window to come in. I'm losing faith in GMC. I will let you know how it turns out. I have a bad feeling there will not be a happy ending to this story...
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