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  1. I had them on my last truck. Did the leather conversion with heated seats. Had them for almost 8 years. Very happy.
  2. I only have experience with Line-X. It was definitely worth the extra to get their Premium one. It hardly faded in the 8 years I had it. Friends that had the original one looked terrible with the amount they faded. Of course how much this matters to you will depend on how long you plan to keep the truck..
  3. I looked into having a silver one in my 2011. At that time the owner of our local Line-X talked me out of it. 1: it costs more and 2: he said the colors never really look right. After having it sprayed in black I was really happy. Glad he talked me out of it. My Pacific Blue Sierra has a black one as well.
  4. I was able to grab both constant and switched power in the passengers fuse box. I will try to find a picture
  5. Good plan. If they won't deal with it for you then maybe look into the emissions aspect of it. That may force their hand. Does you region having any sort of mandatory vehicle or emissions inspection? Make sure to get a copy of the repair order each time you take it in. My wife's Dodge van had a horrible noise on cold start. We took it to the dealer 3 times and left it overnight. Each time they called and said no noise noted. I called the dealer and asked for copies of the 3 repair orders and asked to be sure they noted mileage in and out (to prove they drove it) because I was going to contact Chrysler Canada and take it to another independent shop for diagnoses. Funny thing, they called my wife 8 minutes later and said they located the issue and would be replacing the transmission pump. It's ridiculous but the squeaky wheel gets the grease...
  6. Blue smoke is oil being burnt. Bad sign on a new truck. How is the oil level? I would take some videos of the smoke to document it before taking to the dealer...
  7. I put them in my 2011. They held up extremely well in the 7 years I had them. Seriously thinking about adding them to my 2019 Elevation.
  8. Most people will never use 4 lo. Off-road situations only...
  9. Here is my experience as a mechanic. You don't get 4 bad parts. Either there is something else wrong and they are replacing the wrong part and thinking its fixed just because it starts now (the issue is intermittent by the sounds of it). Or the part is failing. If the part is failing they need to determine why. Again you don't get 4 bad new parts. Is there a voltage drop on the supply or ground circuit causing it to not spin fast enough and short internally/ overheat? Or is there a missing shield that is allowing water or excess heat from something cause this. Have they ever actually been able to get to not crank while in their shop? It can be very tough to diagnose a fault that isn't present at the time but throwing another starter at it isn't likely going to get you any closer to fixing your truck. Try to note everything to happens when it wont start: Will the headlights work? Does the radio work, what is showing on the display? If you have a code reader connect it and see if you can retreieve DTC's during this time. Any additional info you can gather may help the technician determine the overall cause.
  10. Yes. I was pretty happy that my 2011 came with drums in the rear after seeing how the rear disk brakes were holding up on other truck. I guess time will tell how the do on my 2019...
  11. I would do my best to pull in front of the show room at the dealer the next time it happens and leave it sitting there with smoke billowing out while you go in, have a leak, grab a free coffee then make your way over to the service department. I have found in other cases when the public shaming is threatening there ability to complete other sales they all of a sudden are very interested in resolving your concerns....
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