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  1. All Terrain I have a Solo Mach series muffler along with the flap removed and I really like the sound. I picked up some seat of the pants improvement with that set up. Very pleased
  2. Coleman I agree,like the factory looking lines and connectors also. I did order a UPR can. Thanks to advise from forum members here I contacted Joe and he went out of his way to help me. Great service from Joe. Anxious for it to arrive. Jimmy
  3. Hi, Wondering if any vendors on this board offer a forum discount. Looking for one on my 14 Silverado and one for a 08 Corvette. Thanks
  4. Im going to order a catch can next week for my 14 5.3. I noticed most kits come with the rubber hose. Looks like it slips onto the engine (pvc) side port. My question is,where can you get extra GM ends that are on both ends of the pcv line? The ends that clip on. Thanks
  5. I bought mine due to Ozer and WaterFowlers advise. I feel it made a big difference in the drivability of my 14
  6. I would like to run some seafoam thru a vacuum line or port on a 5.3 engine. On all my other GM's I used the brake booster line. This truck has a different set up at the booster. Anyone have a suggestion as to where to add the Seafoam thru? Thanks
  7. Piggywutz do you notice any better throttle response with your new cat back? I have my eye on the same system. Didn't know they had a 10 % off sale.
  8. Curious as to the part number of the MBPR you installed. Thanks
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