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  1. Just how handicapped is the 5.3? I always believed a tune would wake it up a bit, but how much?
  2. If you think it's low, don't take it. Sell it yourself, or try CarMax or Give Me The VIN and see what they offer. Also, check both NADA and Kelly for blue book. Sometimes, they are very different. The dealer will use the lowest one he can find.
  3. I have a non heated black leather with red stitch wheel in the garage as well. Anyone want it? Came off me old 15 Sierra SLT All Terrain. ( I miss that truck, damn drunks!). I swapped to a heated wheel before it was totalled, so this one is perfectly fine.
  4. If I read the text above correctly, no. The ball joint will be too small for the hole I the knuckle. You MAY be able to change the ball joint to the larger one and make it work.
  5. I guess they decided to pay the fee to be on the list.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking front drive shaft, or axle end joints as well.
  7. Don't do that. Bleed the brakes. Get friend and do the pump and bleed method, or go get a pressure bleeder or a vacuum bleeder and do it yourself. You should be able to get bled out well enough to have brakes. If you do have air in the abs module, you'll need to take it in and have them bleed it out. It requires a scan tool that will activate the abs while bleeding to get the air out of it. Don't forget to buy a couple quarts of new fluid and make sure the mc reservoir never gets empty.
  8. In my opinion Kumho only made one tire worth buying, ever. The V710. It was a good and very fast tire for auto cross. I'd never buy anything for the street from them. You should look at the Goodyear Duratracs if you want a very aggressive tire that works.
  9. Did you check your fuses? Can you test the new bulb to make sure it actually works? Did you test for voltage at the dome light?
  10. When you say all speeds, does that include 0? It if only happens when you are moving, then I agree, look into the rear diff. If it also happens at a stop, then it could be something else.
  11. The 4L80 in the 3/4 ton truck is a great tranny. Don't why away from it. Not sure exactly when the 6 speed came out, but probably newer than you will be looking if you want to stay under 15k for 3/4 ton. That said, I would NOT try to talk you out of a 3/4 ton. In my opinion, the brakes on the older 1/2 ton trucks just won't handle bigger loads. The brakes on my 2000 1/2 ton are not great. My 18 1/2 ton have great brakes.
  12. I've used Pilkington before and it was good. The OE glass on my 2000 is looooong gone. So I can't tell you who made it. If I'm not mistaken, guardian is the only remaining US glass manufacturer. If you OE glass lasted12 years, get another one. Around here we have to replace glass every year or 2, there is that much gravel and big rigs to kick it up on the highways.
  13. I bet the dealer didn't even see the roof when they took it on trade. Now they are way too deep in it and have to try to pass it off for too much money. Probably hoping prospective buyers won't see the roof either. I'd run away. There is no way they could drop the price far enough for me to consider buying. I wouldn't pay $24k for that thing, let alone $34k. Keep looking, good ones at reasonable prices are out there.
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