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  1. Agreed, looks like Slick 50. The particles in slick 50 were so large that the oil filter would filter them out before they did anything. After talking to a few machinists, that was the best thing about it. It made a real mess out of bearing journals and cylinder walls.
  2. I have them on my 2000 Sierra. Great tire. I use that truck for mostly bad weather driving and in Denver, that means lots of snow and ice. They work just fine. I've never been stuck with them. They now have over 60k on them and they still work well, but this will be their last winter. They don't look agressive at all but they drive very well and have never let me down. I bought the LT version, not the P metric.
  3. If it were my truck, I'd change it now so I know exactly my when it was done and what's in it. From there, with your apparent annual mileage, I'd change it every 6 months or 5000 miles. Otherwise, the advice above is very good.
  4. Their stage 3 level kit looks very interesting as well. Seems to be good stuff at a reasonable price. I may be reconsider my current plan of 6112s and 5160s and just get their full kit with ucas and fox 2.0s. Seems like I'd spend the same or more by the time I added UCAs and the rest of the front coil over parts to make the 6112s a complete replacement assembly. I wonder if they give the lifetime warranty on the shocks as well?
  5. Moog. They make great stuff and will likely be much less expensive than AC delco or the dealer.
  6. I have always assumed Sierra and Silverado were the same underneath. I have an 18 Silverado with an 8 speed/5.3L. Will this be any different than the Sierra with the same trans/engine? I have just over 20k on it and have been thinking I should do this service soon. It all seems to work well now, but I want to keep it that way, not wait for an issue.
  7. You mention something about a locator pin on the filter when installing, but you did not explain how to remove the filter. Can you elaborate a bit on filter removal and installation? Also, I've read a few posts that say the pan can be removed without removing the exhaust (yours does too) but this is the first one I've read that say to unplug solenoids to do it. Is this a model specific requirement, or all Sierra/Silverado? Sorry for the novice questions, but when it comes to automatic transmissions, I am not confident. Rebuilding diffs or engine swaps are no problem, but the AT is a bit of a black box to me.
  8. Did you look to see how much brake pad you have left on the wheel location? With my 25k miles, they shouldn't be work out, but metal to metal on the brakes makes a mess.of your wheels. You may have a brake problem the word out 1 pad prematurely.
  9. The only things that's based on is tank level and recent mpg. So either the pump at Sam's is shutting off early, or your recent mpg has been lower. Or possibly a combination of both.
  10. Have you had any recent work done to the truck, like maybe a new windshield? If so, maybe it's not installed quite right? Just fishing.
  11. It's not normal for there to be oil in the air box. Take it in. You either have a pcv problem or excessive ring blow by or possibly other intake issues. It's possible a catch can would help you situation, but it will cure the cause.
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