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  1. I got one for ya. I have to admit that I have not read this entire thread, so if it's already been suggested, I apologize. My 08 caddy CTS had rain sense wipers that were fantastic. I see it's still available on some Cadillac models. It would be great if it could be added to a K2 truck. Although, I don't believe even a Denali has it. Escalade might have it.
  2. This why I NEVER use that kind. You never know what was in there before you. Those spinning rag strips can be full of sand, dirt, grease and who knows what. There is one like that near me. I spoke to them once and they even told me a story about a pick up with a fuel tank in the bed that leaked and coated the brushes with diesel fuel. They were basically greasing cars instead of washing them after that. Basically, I always either wash at home, or use the pay and spray where I can do it my self.
  3. Get the clear bra before the front end looks like it was hit with buckshot.
  4. Were you in Auto or 4Hi? I can see this happening in Auto, since the clutches may have been slipping some creating heat. 4hi should lock it up and not create heat.
  5. Have you talked to Black Bear?
  6. Transfer Case Fluid

    I used the Amsoil ATF in my 15 and will do the same in the18.
  7. Thoughts on the Nissan Titan?

    I find them weird looking. Never been in one so I can't comment on the interior or how the drive. I hear the rear slider is kinda cool, goes down I think.
  8. If the AT is also a 6.2, get that. Otherwise I'd get the Chevy.
  9. Ok, maybe "lie" is too strong. They were slightly misleading. They specifically said no cutting and no welding. Just a minor trim and that it was reversible to see stock. I don't know that I would ever go back, but options are always nice. How tall is your roof line and what diameter tires are you running? My parking garage at work is 6'-9" and need to be able park there. I was hoping to go to a 34" tire and keep the stock wheels, at least for a while. Mostly because I've yet to find a wheel that makes me want to buy it.
  10. Well then CST lied to me when I asked that question on the phone last week.
  11. I've been researching and am also leaning towards CST. No cutting (maybe slight trimming) and no welding on their install and it is reversible back to stock. If I do it, I will get their 4.5" kit.
  12. 37" tires

    What do you use the truck for? Why do you want 37's? If it's just looks, go for it as is without gears. If you tow or use the truck off-road, re-gear and look to strengthen the drivetrain. 37's will break stuff off-road, particularly in the front axle. Also remember that the higher numeric gear ratios are not as strong due to smaller pinion gears.
  13. So you think this is a manufacturing defect? It sounds like they built all the 18's this way. Or at least a great deal of them. I would guess they would just tell me it's fine and that's the way they are. Particularly since mine is not rusted.
  14. My 18 is the same way. The passenger side is bright metal, no paint. I think the driver's side is painted because I never noticed it. The passenger side caught my attention because it's shiney. I think I will coat mine in car wax or sealant to help keep it from rusting. I don't recall this being the case on my 15.
  15. open or closed CAI?

    If it doesn't have a closed box, or at least closed when the hood is down, it's not a COLD air intake. It will be effected by engine heat.

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