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  1. So the MX4 for the short bed is only 3 piece? Damn. I had one on my old standard bed and it was 4 piece. Really nice having 75% of the bed open without having it up on the window. Does anyone make a 4 piece folding cover for the short bed?
  2. My 18 LTZ has the center console sub. About the only time I really notice it is when I use XM. Regular radio etc I can't really tell it's there. Maybe it's the way I have the eq set up? IDK.
  3. If you get a Harbor freight jack, better get a heavy duty plastic bag so you don't ruin the carpet when it leaks.
  4. That dipstick and a B&M pan with extra volume and a drain looks tempting. Just pricey.
  5. Speed and wind seem to make big differences on my bone stock 18. I get bad mileage normally because I like to go fast.
  6. Wind direction, grade, engine temperature may all contribute, but it looks like you found the sweet spot of your set up. We have a highway here that seems pretty flat, but going south, I get 16.x and going north I get 21+. Same speed both direction with the cruise set. It must not be as flat as it seems.
  7. So now we need an extended warranty on the ABS unit to cover premature wear from using it in normal braking? Seems like yet another band aide to me. That Corvette electric pump is looking better and better.
  8. I have a GMC wheel and clock spring if you are interested. It took it off my 15 shortly after I got it and replaced it with a heated wheel. I had the All Terrain so it has red stitching. It's in near perfect shape.
  9. I have to agree, even the smallest, lightest car at 80 would do more than that. This is what mine looked like when hit at about 60.
  10. I believe the rear most angled hole is a shipping tie down point. I don't know what the others are for.
  11. I understand what you went through. I'm glad you are ok. My 15 was rear-ended by a drunk late last year. I was stopped at a stop sign and he hit me hard. It was a 55 mph road and lady behind him said she saw no brake lights. Truck was totalled but my daughter and I walked away. No air bags deployed in my vehicle either. But we were not pushed into another vehicle. My driver's seat was bent backwards so far I couldn't reach the radio anymore. Needless to say mine was totalled and I would assume yours will be as well, even if you have an 18 Denali. Don't take the insurance companies first offer, they can and will do better if you fight with proper comps and book values. Good luck and hopefully your aches and pains subside quickly. These trucks really are amazing at how well they protect the passengers, at least in a hard but from the back, we can both attest to that.
  12. Replace the bearings and seals. They aren't very expensive and you'll kick yourself later if you have an issue and have to rip it all back apart again.
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