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  1. Well, people buy Toyota and Honda like crazy, I believe it's because they THINK they are reliable and well built. It sure as hell isn't because they are cool or have the latest gadgets.
  2. The "Catch Can" Explained

    I agree completely. I am a mechanical engineer and understand what these do. I had one on my 15 an will soon have one for my 18 that I picked up new last Saturday. They work and they do help keep the intake and valves clean. Clean valves flow better. I also had one on my 08 Caddy CTS, it had on of the early direct injection engines.
  3. I understand your frustrations. Unexpected repairs and expenses are never fun. I also understand the manufacturers stance and why they don't warranty shocks, even magnaride. They simply wear out over time like brakes. Some may go a lot longer than yours did, others may have worn out sooner. You can try but I doubt you will get any help with this. I just wish they would spend their redesign budgets on real fixes and better design that will last and not just the next cool feature or restyling. Style doesn't hurt, but quality is what brings people back in the long run. Big touch screens and massage seats may be cool but they don't get you to work and back. In short, if they can't confidently offer a 10 year 150,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, the product isn't ready for market.
  4. I'd just look at the Bilstein 5100s or the Eibach set up.
  5. I agree rancho today does not seem to be the same as they used to be. I had 5000s on an 89 Cherokee they were fine. It just seems that the lower profile tires with stiff side walls coulpled with stiff shock makes for a crappy combo.
  6. My 15 Sierra head light sucked until I adjusted them up a bit. Then they were fine. I think the factory aims them in anticipation of a trailer connected or a load in the bed. My 18 has the LED and are brighter, but I think I will have to aim them up a bit as well. The driving lights are a big help on both of them.
  7. I've now had experience with 2 different K2s with ranchos. Oddly, they are not the same. My 15 SLT AT had 18" wheels and ranchos. I really thought it rode fine. My 18 LTZ Z71 has 20" wheels and ranchos. It seems to feel a bit nervous to me. My 15 I bought used at 28k miles and my 18 I bought new last weekend. I wonder if the sidewall height difference between the 18s and 20s are making a difference or if the newer shocks are just not as good as my older one were. I have Bilstein 4600 on my 2000 Z71 and they are fine, but I wouldn't rave about them. I also have Bilsteins on rear of my 2000 Camaro SS and Koni adjustables on the front. Talk about night and day over stock. The Camaro stock rode and floated like an old Caddy. Now, I autocross it and do track days. It's great fun and just feels right. Anyway, I'll give the ranchos on the 18 a while and see if they still feel weird or not. If they do, I'll be getting 5100s or fox 2.0 if I can afford them. No, I didn't vote because I don't know yet.
  8. First New Blazer In

    50k? Really? What's in it? For that price is better at least be fast.
  9. If they have already spent money to staighten it, you my be SOL getting a new frame. I was rear-ended recently as well. They totalled my 15 Sierra SLT AT. I just replaced it with a new 18 Silverado LTZ Z71. You should be getting diminished value from the insurance. If you just can't live with it, you want to trade it in for another new one once you get it back. Hopefully the trade in value plus diminished value will get you close to replacement price. The deals right now are pretty good.
  10. Bed lights

    You got 2000, they only gave me 1000 for signing up. The points for the truck purchase have not shown up yet.
  11. Bed lights

    What are Chevrolet points? Do you have a GM credit card or something?
  12. Bed lights

    Is the Amazon kit battery powered or does it wire in?
  13. Has anyone added the factory bed lights that go under the side rails? My 15 had them I used them a lot withe the hard tonneau. My 18 does not have them but I want to add them. I looked at gmpartsnow.com and it looks like the whole kit is about $115. If you've done this, is there a place to plugi the harness from the kit? It appears it's setup to plug in somewhere near the trailer hitch. I liked the factory set up because it worked off of the cargo light switch in the dash.
  14. Very nice and it seems to be a great price. I found 3 SLT premium plus with the 6.2 near me, but they were all over 52k. I gave it some thought, but I just couldn't spend that much. Plus, they were not the colors I wanted and they had sun roofs. I don't want a sunroof in my truck. How does the magnaride compare to your previous truck?
  15. Thanks, I saw you post as well and yours looks great too. I don't think the T1s are even little hope better. Certainly not in looks.

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