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  1. At least for me, that description does not provide enough info on the specific situation to answer accurately. But my guess is, " depletion" means stock. Meaning the stores should sell out the old part number first. I have no idea if the new part is better, or just slightly different.
  2. It's doing what it's supposed to do. Remote start does not work it the e check engine light is on. You need to get the code history read to see what's been causing the light to come on and then fix it.
  3. After you tune out the AFM, remove it mechanically with a full delete kit. You could even up the cama bit while you're at it and really wake it up.
  4. That was a sarcastic comment. Sorry I didn't make it more obvious. Sometimes people have to earn the hard way that chrome don't get you home. I've owned 4 early LS engines, and my experience matches yours, never a bad coil in over 600 I miles combined. However I have seen a bad coil. I've also seen what the MSD coils can do, they are pretty amazing. He did state his own fix, stock wires, so the rest of this is just for fun anyway.
  5. True, but they look cool. My guess is, your coil packs are still stock and 17 years old right? Look into the MSD multi spark coils. I bet your stockers are getting weak. You might also want to put an ohm meter on the fancy wires. Sometimes they actually have higher resistance than the OEM.
  6. You could clean up and file the ones you have and then paint them to help prevent a relay of the issue. That spot should be lightly greased with high temp brake grease as well. If that wasn't done, or done with the wrong grease, it may have contributed to the return of your issue.
  7. You might try some good fuel system cleaner lime BG44K and we I that will clean up your combustion chambers. It sounds like you may have significant carbon build up. You might also try a tank of premium fuel and see if stops.
  8. Well, my next guess would be a wheel speed sensor. Do you have any ABS codes?
  9. You didn't touch the elements on the O2 sensors as you installed them did you? Dirt, grease or oils from your fingers can destroy the new sensors.
  10. Some discount tire locations do road force balancing and some don't. You just have to ask. Hub centric rings will NOT fix your vibration. As long as the wheels have the right bolt pattern and the center hole fits over the hub extension, your problem is in the tires or a bent or out of round wheel. If you watch them spin the wheel tire combo on the balance, you can watch the edge of the wheel and the dogs of the tire and see if they are running true.
  11. If the spare is a different diameter, get the tire fixed first. I'm not talking about wheel size or tire width, just overall tire diameter. It sounds like it might be seeing the different wheel speed and freaking out the traction control.
  12. The front shock replacement probably should have been followed by an alignment. The 08 has the coil over design, not just the separate shock right?
  13. The only way I know is to plug in your phone and use Google maps.
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