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  1. Replace the bearings and seals. They aren't very expensive and you'll kick yourself later if you have an issue and have to rip it all back apart again.
  2. Don't take the doctors word for terminal. FIGHT. Be as aggressive as possible in treatment. I was diagnosed with a very aggressive melinoma 4 years ago. I went through some pretty rough treatments and 2 surgeries. My last 4 PET scans have been clear. It CAN be beat. I am a firm believer in the power of attitude. Take the attitude that it will be terminal and it likely will be. Know that you can beat it, and you will. I never doubted that I could beat it. I can't explain why. I didn't get scared, I got mad. We will pray for you and I want to hear about you pushing the doctors to be as aggressive as they can in fighting it. If the one you have now won't fight with you,get another one.
  3. Sorry, auto correct sucks. TORX head screws.
  4. No, the large panel inside the tailgate, facing into the bed. There are a bunch of goes head screws.
  5. Are you sure it's locked? It may be the actuator rods. Pull the panel an the inside of the tailgate and make sure both the left and the right rods are connected to the center handle mechanism. I had one side pop off on a road trip earlier this year. Simple fix, but aggravating and I had no tools with me, I so I had to stop at a dealer before I could continue my trip.
  6. +1 for renting first. I will be renting one in August. This will be my first experience with a TT and also the first time I will tow anything that big. Right now, I have no place to keep a trailer of my own. Someday we may buy one, but I can rent one 20 - 30 times before I pay for a new one. Plus I get a new one every time I rent. If in the future we start renting several times a year, maybe it will be time to consider buying.
  7. 1/4 Mile Times 5.3

    Nannies are for babies, not men. Grow a pair and ditch as many of the nannies as possible!! You won't regret it.
  8. Unfortunately, in my experience, modding adds maintenance expenses. However, a Whipple supercharger would be great fun and make the 5.3 stronger than a 6.2. that style blower tends to give huge torque boost down low as well. It still won't be a D-max, but it might start to feel more like one.
  9. Maybe he has to pass emissions testing where he lives???
  10. L83 stock rwhp numbers

    Not sure what you are worried about, those are pretty good numbers for minor bolt ons. You're getting factory flywheel type numbers at the rear wheels! That's probably about a 20% gain. I say nice work.
  11. Long Term Carbon Deposits

    I don't know if they still do it, but Porsche was installing what amounted to a factory catch can on the 911's back around 2000 and maybe even earlier. It was plastic and considered a "serviceable" part that supposed to be replaced every 30k miles. I would really like to know what they do these days with their DI engines.
  12. 2018 LTZ Just died

    Good luck with it. I would bet it's one of the following: 1. Bad grounds, battery cables 2. Battery 3. Fuel pump It's obviously not impossible to have a bad ECU, but very rare.
  13. It looks great, and of course, it's the looks that kill. Just ask the experts who wrote the "assault" rifle bans.
  14. Loaner

    I have to admit, even though I think I know my cars and trucks, I can't tell one truck from another from behind at more than about 200 ft while driving. My eyes are quite what they used to be, but the differences are so slight when viewed from behind.
  15. I agree. The 6.0 might be the best overall engine GM has ever built. Incredibly reliable, port injection, no AFM and they make great power and low end torque. I have an original 6.0 in my 2000 GMC, it a transplant from a 2001 3500. It has over 300k on it now and still going strong. That 2000 will smoke my 18 5.3 in a race to 100 mph. The newer ones have variable valve timing and make a few more horses than mine does. The 6.2 DI motors are fun and make good power, but I think in the long run, the older design will win the longevity battle. The new ones just have too many gimicks and gadgets. Now mod a 6.2 to mechanically remove AFM and maybe it would last as long. I make it sound like I don't like my 18, but I really do. I just have no illusions that it will be around in 20 years like my 2000 is now. Hell, that one may still be around 20 years from now.

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