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  1. I sent a message on Sunday after reading this forum. I had a reply on Monday! Seems I have an All-Star package and Z71 suspension. I really got lucky on my used 2017 Silverado purchase, the build sheet is really long. Great response from Chevrolet media.
  2. I had a bed camera installed by the dealer and, then, bought a front camera to be installed by the dealer. The truck is at the dealership right now as they figure out how to get both to work - bought both on the Chevy web site. The cameras work with the infotainment system. Press and hold the back button, the bed cam comes on - works great. The front cam is a press and hold on the Home button - they're figuring that one out. The backup cam still comes as it should. Not sure if Chevy sells a camera for the infotainment screen that works for a trailer the same way.
  3. I'm subbed to an On-Star membership but I never had an inquiry for a survey?
  4. My guy at the tire dealership recommended strongly against putting on wheel spacers. I figure, like Farmer's insurance, he's seen a thing or two.
  5. I use a QuadLock mount with a suction cup attachment to the right side of the radio bezel since I don't have heated seats. In my BMW, I use one with a power head since I connect to the radio through a bluetooth adapter - it's a 1990, no choice - I keep it original. I don't need the power head in the truck because I still have to plug the phone in for Apple CarPlay - tried C2Play2Air, it wasn't good. QuadLock has many options - I have one on my bike, one on my arm band when I run and a few desk mounts with the charging head. All you need is the case and it works with all of the mounts. For me, it works awesomely!
  6. Thanks! As far as tires, I have BFG 35s bookmarked - still debating on that one.
  7. I had a local shop do my 3" front level and 1" rear block as well as a rear spring lift for 330 dollars, including alignment - I figured it was a good deal. Again, he didn't want to touch the body lift (1 of 2 shops I checked out.) Nice truck you got and you're getting great prices for install!
  8. Wow! No one in my area would even touch a body lift install - had to do it myself. That's a great deal!
  9. Posted over on the Summit White thread. Got the splash guards on this week and Zone body lift done on Saturday - minus the rear bumper bracket raise - I tired out by the time it was all on - got the front bumper lift done, though.
  10. 2017 1500 LT. 3" MotoFab front level and 1" rear block. MotoFab UCAs. i.5" zone spring lift and 1.5" Zone body lift. 33x12.5x18 BFG KO2s with stock wheels. Still gotta put the rear bumper bracket on - it was a long Saturday putting on the body lift and ran out of want-to to finish up with the rear bumper raise. I'll tackle that in a few weeks.
  11. I had my tow mirrors purchased from GM and installed by the dealership. Installed Phil Gamboa's harness this weekend and it works fantastic! I sent pics and vids to Phil and he is free to post them should he desire. Not sure how his harness will work on non-factory tow mirrors as the dealership replaced my entire door harness with a new one. I guess, if anyone needs a stock door harness for one without factory tow mirrors, I have them.
  12. I've already had the echomaster bed cam installed by the dealer and just ordered the front cam with dealer install. The bed cam was expensive but the front cam is only a $145 dealer install after the $209 front cam purchase. I used my Chevy points to make the whole deal, with tax, a $150 install. I'll update when I get it. The bed cam works great for when I have something in the bed with the bed cover rolled in.
  13. Hi, all! New here, but for 2021: 3" Motofab level kit and Motofab UCA with 1" rear block and a 1.5" Zone body lift as well as the Zone add-a-leaf. I've already added more than I can think of in 2020 - tow mirrors with factory harness, dealer installed, (just ordered pgamboa's harness for the turn signals), rear bed camera (dealer installed), trailer brake (dealer installed), rear under seat gun safe, chevy full floor mats, driver side grab handle, front illuminated bow-tie - all black bow-ties, color matched splash gaurds, roll bed cover, Chevy branded door sills - I think that's it.
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