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  1. 4600s are good, for sure. And, yes, the Bilteins require a spring removal and reinstall. I never knew about the Ranchos. Seems like a great option!
  2. Yep, I did the same with Bilstein 5100s. (I'm not familiar with the HDs) Rear, no lift, but I did have the front adjustable 5100 put on at a 1" lift. The ride has been way better!
  3. Maybe there is a better platform for that. This just ain't it.
  4. This is a K2 forum for all things K2 related. Political discussions enveloped within irrational discussion will simply introduce irrational posts and suppositions while not helping one bit with the information being sought by those seeking solutions to a K2 issue.
  5. Oh, ******, are we really gonna turn this forum into a political tit-for-tat? If so, I'm just gonna see the door on my way out and softly close it behind me.
  6. Just keep going through the options online in the BTDiesel page. It's like peeling an onion - so much to do and test and then more to do and test. Just re-upload for each iteration.
  7. Here is my cost a year and a half ago at the dealer. Time for me to have it done again but I've only put on 8000 miles since the last change, so ... Also, mine is a a 6 speed so, maybe, a difference?
  8. Awesome! Now you get to find out all of the cool stuff this can do. Make modifications on your computer and download them to you truck via wi-fi! There are so many options - it ain't cheap - you have to unlock the different modules for you VIN, but it's well worth it!
  9. There is another post above it, however. Perhaps actually getting into the infotainment settings can make certain the teen driver mode is off. It's not dependent on the type of key, normally, and the 2018 has the setting for this in the infotainment system.
  10. Aftermarket lights? You'd have to contact the manufacturer for a solution.
  11. Still, being able to just touch a button to retract the cover ... best stuff ever! Oh, and an additional bed light - did I mention that? [See above a few posts]
  12. That's the previous gen. I'm unsure if this is possible but, first, you'd have to find a compatible mirror for that gen with power folding capability. From there, you can trace the pin-outs.
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