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  1. Well done narrative, thank you for your thoughtful input! Kudos!
  2. I had the dealer install the door keypad to unlock or lock the truck when either I don't have the keys on me or want to leave the keys in the truck when I go kayaking or road biking on various trails. I think it works great! I vacillated about the location but went with the usual install and, since I have black window trim, it looks fine.
  3. All I can think of still goes back to WAMS to find out if they somehow changed those options. I did most of that through Autosync and BTDiesel dongle.
  4. What did you have WAMS program with your modules? I mean, if you already had everything, what else did you need?
  5. For that, you'll have to ask WAMS but I wouldn't think it would have effected it unless you replaced the BCM or HMI module. Give WAMS a message ... I'll check his user name in a minute.
  6. Then, you should have those settings under comfort and convenience as @Ravenkeeper mentioned. If you don't, I guess, consult your dealer?
  7. Unless your power fold mirrors were a part of the seat memory package you won't have those choices.
  8. Washed up today, good weather and no rain for the next few days. (and. yes, there is always a cat) Result:
  9. Just a new pic of the truck with a few more mods.
  10. I had the dealer install tow mirrors a while ago and they replace the door harness at that time. I installed power fold tow mirrors last weekend along with the proper mirror switch for power fold. Installation was plug and play. What I was looking to do is get the auto fold working but my truck isn't equipped to do such. Power fold - no issue; auto fold, too much upgrading required.
  11. Yeah, Ive watched videos explaining that setting but mine doesn't have that, commensurate with @pgamboaemailing me this is a part of the seat memory module function and resultant programming of the BCM.
  12. Which vehicle settings do I set? I've been through the infotainment settings and all of the BT Diesel/Autosync settings and I can't find a way to enable auto-fold.
  13. Nice, @Ravenkeeper(all of it)! Indeed, @jpinoy, the VanTru 4 dash cam is great! As far as the auto-fold power mirrors, I emailed with @pgamboa(awesome and quick responses) and he mentioned this function is in the seat memory module and resultant programming so I'm leaving it to be manually activated. It's just a tap of the switch fold out or in, so I'm good with that.
  14. I went from HIDs to these, they are a bit brighter but not spectacular so. I mainly went for the look. BTW, @jpinoy, you have a very impressive mod list - well done!
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