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  1. @pgamboais always a font of electrical information when it comes to these trucks! I have bought a few harnesses from him and he's very responsive and helpful. harnessdr.com
  2. Thanks for the update, Rock, glad you got it sorted!
  3. Sure. It is barely noticeable. This pic is taken from my eye level when driving.
  4. If the TPMS sensor is bad you'll get no reading at all. If the TPMS system has been relearned properly, the readings will be correct from the start. More likely, your TPMS system has a stored code which needs to be cleared with a scan tool hooked to the OBD2 connector. Happened to me when I went over railroad tracks a bit hard a few weeks ago - TPMS said there was an error on the dash light but the pressure was right on the sensor supposedly not sending. I got out my AuTel MaxiSys and reset the codes which fixed the issue. I figure the TPMS sensor got a jolt and lost connection for a millisecond or so thereby setting the code. It's worth going back to see if they can get it sorted. I've needed one new sensor, so far, since 2017 as I couldn't get one to relearn and it was determined to be bad - most likely a dead battery on the sensor.
  5. No, I didn't do a post-up on that but the install was a bit of a pain to swap over the bottom color matched lower piece of trim. They are the Morimoto XB headlights for 2016-2018 Silverado 1500. The wind deflector I bought from American Trucks. Link here: https://www.americantrucks.com/silverado1500-aeroskin-lightshield-color-match-hood-protector-summit-white-753123-gaz.html
  6. Update on the Gator Trax MX electric rolling bed cover and a bonus! New hood wind deflector with lighting.
  7. I haven't installed it, yet, it's still in my front room just waiting. Planning on getting it done this weekend. Work has just been crazy!
  8. I use Apple Carplay and have tested two different wireless dongles. They have to connect via WiFi. I prefer my iPhone to be connected to my truck's Wi-Fi hot spot so I just went back to plugging in my phone. Also, with any dongle connection for wireless, there is a slight delay in response and the audio quality, to me, isn't as good. My Linkswell 12" screen will, also, do wireless but it's the same thing - has to connect via Wi-Fi.
  9. The cheap $200 tail lights aren't worth it. I've gone with Alpharex and Morimoto. However, they are more expensive than $200. @bigdoug42I have stock tail lights - let me know if you want them - just pay shipping. They're just taking up room in my storage shed and I doubt I'll ever reinstall them.
  10. It has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. It has wireless connectivity ability for both of them but I prefer the wired connection since the wireless connection uses wi-fi on the phone and I prefer to leave my phone wi-fi connected to my truck's 4G hot spot.
  11. Overall, I like it. Disappointed in the start up time and connection to my iPhone. Still, once it's up and running, it's great. The biggest issue I had is an Echomaster camera setup and I lost everything but the stock backup cam. The unit comes with 3 camera inputs, for front, right and rear. I had my Echomaster inputs for the front and bed camera changed over to a coax connection since this is what is required. So, now, I can select those cameras when I want to see them. I'm good with it since I lost my left and right mirror cameras when I installed my power fold mirrors - I wasn't sure how to route the wires through the mirror housing (I think it takes a full disassembly).
  12. Sorry, double post, one without quoting the original reason for my reply.
  13. Yes, there is. Takes some cutting with sawzall and relocation of a the bumper bracket but if I can do it, you can certainly do it! A 6" lift will barely fit 37s without some trimming. Rears will be fine, the fronts are another matter. Really, I've thought a long time about going to 37s - heck, I thought a long time about going to 35s from 33s. I measured it all up, trimmed a bit on the inside wheel well liner, had the shop put them on so I could inspect clearance and said go for it! 37s? Ain't gonna work unless I want to go for a lot of trimming, new rims and a bigger lift. Really, I don't need a bigger lift, I'm happy with what I have, most of the time. Had this when I was in my 20s...
  14. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you can get a true 6" lift with 22s due to clearance of the UCA and the knuckle. I managed it with other methods. I think 22s are too big, even with 35s. I stayed with my 18s and 35s. If you look at all the new trucks coming out for off-road, they all have 18s - Raptor, Raptor Bronco, Chevy ZR2, Chevy Bison, etc. There is a reason for that. If you're serious about ride quality and off-roading, it's the way to go - IMO. (unless you're just looking for a pavement princess?) BTW, I have a 1.5" body lift. 35s with 18s and a 3" level, 1" Bilstein shock lift, 1" rear spring block and a 1.5" rear spring lift.
  15. Hey, @JimCost2014, I replaced all of my bulbs on the rear cab with LEDs. I just reused the existing gasket - it rains a lot in Florida - nearly every day this time of year, and no problems. I'll do an update on it soon .
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