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  1. Nah, just like a big screen for 4K and quality. My other screens are a 23" monitor and a 17" laptop/ You should see my official office set-up! 4 screens. one for file explorer, another for AutoCad, another for email and one for internet. Also, I'm an idiot. But only relatively so ...
  2. I have the 6 speed transmission with (from my build sheet): G80 - AUTO LOCKING REAR DIFFERENTIAL GU6 - REAR AXLE 3.42 RATIO Z82 - TRAILERING EQUIPMENT PKG INCL: AUTO LOCKING REAR DIFFERENTIAL and it performs quite well when towing. To be fair, I haven't attempted a trailer as large as the OP has in mind.
  3. Which part are you seeking? Start here: https://www.chevroletonlineparts.com/
  4. You're still gonna need a harness to make it work properly. For me, I always stick with stock, other than some @pgamboaharness mods. And, AutoSync, BtDiesel, level, shocks ... umm, never mind. Let us know how the install goes and, please, keep us updated!
  5. WiFi in my truck is great, I use it all of the time even though my iPhone is on unlimited data. I don't have to think about hot-spotting my iPhone to my iPad as it automatically connects to the truck WiFi. I pay $30 a month for unlimited and not throttled as far as I can tell. My AutoSync dongle on the OBD connector connects automatically for updates and mods I've done on the BTDiesel website. Also, I just received an update from Chevrolet for the rear camera hitch guidance. In addition, with On-star, I can start or stop my truck, lock it, unlock it, etc. through the myChevrolet app, o
  6. Heck, sorry to be off-topic, but I have a 75" screen on my desk home office...
  7. Chris, don't you know you're supposed to take Sunday off and not work? Maybe there is a fan speed church somewhere and your fan speed control decided to attend that Sunday service.
  8. The 3" front level is achieved by the spacer on the top of the shocks. As mentioned, you'll still need a rear block lift as I don't see rear shocks in the kit. The UCAs create a better angle for the 3" level at the control arm ball joint.
  9. That kit should be fine. However, I would, also, get a rear 1" or 2" block lift.
  10. I think I've posted this about 5 times now. I went with a 3" Motofab level, a MotoFab UCA and 1-1/2" Zone rear spring lift, as well as a 1" MotoFab rear block lift.Also, I did a 1-1/2" Zone body lift and a 1" bilstein shock lift. 35's fit fine. I'm thinking of going to a full 8" lift and 37s but, for now, I'm happy with what I have. BTW, stock 18" rims though upgraded to black polished ones. Why would I want to go bigger? this is my old C-10:
  11. Yep, the grass always seems greener on the other side, but, really, it;s not always true.
  12. If you're ever stranded on the side of the road, or helping another person stranded, the AutoSync dongle has a great strobe feature! I had to check it out with the new headlights - works great! Oh, and BTW, the AFM disable and light mods (all lights on at unlock day and night) still work even after removing the dongle because it's a BTDiesel reprogram of the BCM. The HMI reprogramming sticks, as well, without the need for the dongle, but, there are items which only work when it's plugged in, as well as getting updates to the firmware. (I only remove it to get my truck status over the m
  13. I posted this a bit ago. Even with the 2" level, on stock rims, you'll need to replace the UCAs. I used Motofab UCAs and, even with my 35s and a 1" extra lift from the Bilsteins as well as the 3" Motofab level, and a rear 1" block and 1.5" rear spring lift and a 1.5" body lift, the 35s fit comfortably. As mentioned by @mikeyk101, 33s will fit on a 2" level, but, you will get some rubbing if you don't replace the UCAs. (with 33x12.5s)
  14. It's definitely a whiter and brighter light. As to "was it worth it?", that's a subjective thing but. for me, it was as I have a very distinctive truck to set me apart from all of the other K2s on the road.
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