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  1. Ive had my 17 with 50k miles in two times for injectors. The comments Ive read all you can do is run seafoam or injector cleaner thru at regular intervals or oil change time. While it is direct injector so wont help valves. The notion is that it may help the injectors to stay clean and keep them from leaking or sticking. From that video the job looks doable by a competent wrench.
  2. Speedo correction wont make more mpg. It will read correctly on dash and I believe my trans TC shudder issues cleared up after correcting using hptuners. Rear is actually lowered and front raised - leveled with bilstein shocks. I have Michelin defenders LT275/65R20 crammed into the wheel wells which are ~10% larger than stock and 53 lbs each. There are several ways to get the speedo corrected either diy or take it to get tuned by someone reputable. If you do a lot of stop and go traffic a lower gear ratio may help your mileage a bit also. tall heavy tires on tall gear you must use a lot more gas pedal to get things moving.
  3. First thing you need to do is quantify the speedometer error from the tall tires. That error will also be the MPG error so it is nice to know. so for a 10% speedo error your actual mpg would be 12 + 10%,1.2 = 13.2mpg Use a GPS or the Waze app on your phone to get the true speed on highway and note the dash speed difference. I believe that correcting the speedo differential will also help the trans some dealing with the larger heavier tires. The trans functions on torque loads and rotational speeds to calculate all sorts of things. I have the same truck with max tow and get in 13's pulling 10k trailer at moderate speed with large diameter road tires.
  4. Why not ask/pay the dealer to do the install while in there? ...I mean they are just shocks? They should be happy to do it and make a few bucks.
  5. I pulled the vacuum connection next to the tb on a 6.2 and I got a rubber vacuum cap that fits the quick disconnect. Drill a tiny hole in the rubber cap then slide it over the CRC straw and shove it on the open vacuum connector. Start the engine and no vacuum leaks, then just bump up the idle and spray away. I posted a pic in another thread here somewhere.
  6. If you pull out the shutters assy you'll see that you can unsnap a bunch of the shorter ones from the frame and remove them without getting a CEL. the longer ones stay in attached to the actuator. This will let a bit more air in even with the shutters closed. For thermostat get yourself a camaro,vette or caddy tstat and Youll see there is a small flattened dimple on the disk where a 3/16" bleedhole can be drilled. This is an old Chevy trick that will drop the temp just a bit more. if you have one, flip the trans cooler tstat over to lower the trans temp about 30 degrees. Are you running premium 94 in that 6.2 when you tow? If you go lower grade the engine will detune and likely heat will go up. My guess the main heat issue is the speed you're running. With a large load and tall gearing there likely is some knock and lots of timing is being pulled. from the logging Ive done the stock 6.2 tune has timing pretty close to the edge for the 91 gas available around here. Grumpy recommended Water Wetter ...i wouldn't touch that stuff. Google "Brown Gunk". that stuff breaks down and gets a nasty brown oily color i found out the hard way myself.
  7. Try a different USB stick they are not all the same. a 128gb Sandisk Cruzer from Costco formatted Fat32 works for me. You can also try using the SDFormatter app or or sandisk formatter to wipe the media then copy the files back on. I have repaired unusable thumb drives with that tool before.
  8. Unlike an FM station that broadcasts an uncompressed audio signal (music) over a frequency modulated carrier. HD is a highly compressed proprietary digital transmission scheme and as such any interruption of the signal degrades the audio rapidly as the decompression algorithms struggle to reconstruct audio from missing data. Most people mistakenly believe HD is higher standard audio but it is not. It was created to be able to squeeze more stations into the available broadcast frequency range and make more money for the broadcasters. HD costs a lot to license and was really slow to implement and amost went bankrupt many years ago. All things being equal FM and HD can both sound good. Any perception that HD is a lot better than FM is more likely due to poor FM tuner in the receiver or a far away station or FCC mandated broadcast power constraints. Where i live just a couple FM stations sound good and the HD's are talk radio with odd chirps and buzzing sounds randomly mixed in. Unfortunately due to the OEM radio also controlling the other vehicle functions you cannot just go buy a replacement radio of audiophile quality like the old days.
  9. put an 2x8 or 2x12 across the back of the bed into the slots that are there. Then throw a couple 40# bags of sand back there. That and having compliant suspension that squats a bit under acceleration will help shift weight onto the rear wheels. Good tire suggestions are Michelin. Raising the front or lowering rear (leveling) will also help.
  10. My 17 6.2 is in right now for injector/s. This is second time in 5k miles and as far i know it is under extended warranty ~40K miles. they will bill me $100 for the job.
  11. I don't know the part number they just told me it was the high pressure fuel lines needed with injector replacement on 2017 6.2l. With Millions of these units out there it is baffling to me they don't have parts somewhere? Reading other threads about failing injectors makes them high volume parts that should not be just in time ordered.
  12. Does anyone have any inside info when warranty parts will begin to show up at dealers? Had injector fail and it has been at the dealer a couple weeks. They don't have the fuel tubes to complete the repair and had no ETA for the part other than "Maybe when the strike is over"
  13. On the new truck you may want to look at getting a catch can early on. the gunk you'll drain from the can will not be on the TB or valves.
  14. If you have any kind of decent filter that is not dirt/dust from outside IMO. That looks like oily gunk from the engine. The light volotiles go through the engine leaving oily film behind. A catch can or as suggested venting thru a filter to atmosphere would help IMO. Try one of those and you should quickly tell the difference.
  15. If you go to the Camaro, Corvette or Cadillac forums you'll see similar complaints. The off throttle response is like a hay hauler. GM wont spend an extra nickel to refine throttle response of factory performance cars that could cross to our trucks. And with your attitude you prove them right not to do so.
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