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  1. The wife's 18 CTS-V gets about 23mpg if you keep your foot out of it. I would suggest that that engine will make so much low rpm torque that it wont be bad mileage at all as long as you soft toe the pedal. Just tip in the throttle and let the trans do all the work.
  2. Do you have magnaride shocks? it is my understanding that the damping is variable and that changing the height can throw them way off. Last guy with a similar question it was riding like stone.
  3. I'm not buying the hygroscopic bit. when up to temperature the fluid will get hot enough for any moisture to vaporize and leave the same way it entered. And mine started the chuggle @~25k miles and a few weeks after returning from a 5500 mile trip towing a huge trailer. The trans would go over 200 degrees at times and i live in dry hot Arizona with almost no moisture to condense in the trans.. I don't believe the chuggle is causing permanent damage. The reason is that the issue itself is a clutch that is having trouble maintaining a consistent slippage %. So it is meant to be slipping and it is modulating between too much and too little that is all ...it just gets "Grabby" not really destructive. slipping the clutch smooth and consistently is not as easy as it sounds. The grab point is at one pressure and the slip point is at another. The computer has to control the clutch actuator between these two points without you feeling it. The properties of the fluid are being adjusted to hopefully address some sort of breakdown in the fluid. So an increase in Viscosity and maybe a bigger dose of friction modifier? I figure the fluid may just last longer than before to get GM out of the warranty period.
  4. At the end of the day it is a personal choice and I respect the ones voiced. However IMO you can address the 6.2 shortcomings for heavy towing like mushy springs/payload and have a great DD. If you go 6.0 that gets horrible mileage and rides like a brick when not towing you cant fix that.
  5. the 6.2 with a trifecta tune can run regular gas and not lose much performance due to knock. Payload of a 1500 can be increased by adding helper springs or IMO a better option airbags. I lowered/leveled the back ~2" so once the trailer is hitched I air up to original leveled ride height. So @ ~60PSI they neutralize my trailers tongue weight and so restore full payload and it rides like a dream. The airbags aired down for no load and the truck rides great for dd.
  6. a truck rated to pull X ...will pull X plain and simple. IMO The 6.2 is a beast and with some suspension tweaks will tow very confidently tp its max.
  7. If you tow a lot # and want to have a confident feel when you do it with a 1500 max tow. Bilstein shocks at least in the back. Air bags pressurized to regain normal ride height once loaded. Eibach rear sway bar WDH for bumper pull Bumper pull, Make sure your hitch receiver fits snugly. Mine was very sloppy loose so I "Fixed" it ...nice and snug now for minimal sway The shocks dampen the bouncing, the Airbags efficiently support the additional load, the sway bar stabilizes the rear and the WDH moves the weight forward of the rear axle. other than the TT trying to sway the truck it is rock solid pulling at its maximum rating 12k+ lbs and bumper pull. 5th wheel will more inherently easier to achieve stability.
  8. I got the S-Type on my 6.2l and the V4 sound was not that noticable. Because I tow distances though and the engine is working a bit harder the sound pressure level was bugging me a bit during a trip. I followed a suggestion in another thread and had a Borla stubby muffler welded in front of the S-Type muffler and it took the edge off of the towing sound. Very happy with it now.
  9. +1 what grumpy said. for the heat we get here In Arizona I chose the Summit 180 degree t-stat. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-366-180/overview/year/2017/make/chevrolet/model/silverado-1500/submodel/ltz If you don't want to spend an arm and a leg a CAI and a tune ...or go the cubic dollar route and just get a blower
  10. scissor jacks are too much work to crank up and really unstable once deployed. A HF bottle jack and a stack of 2x10 lumber cut into 10" squares to use as height adjustable solid base as needed.
  11. My concern would be that if the hitch area got bent up it may now have diminished towing capacity. Force them to get a new frame with safety concern or take the reduced value and trade in. Good luck.
  12. 2017 GMC 6.2L AFM

    I usually drain ever other month and get a few ounces but YMMV. ...what i suggest is you drain into a container you can measure how much and with the interval get an idea how often it needs it. I don't think the idea is you get better mileage or performance ...you just wont lose mileage or performance when the valves get all loaded up with carbon. It is a preventative measure.
  13. 2017 GMC 6.2L AFM

    I have the UPR dual with the larger check valves installed in default location off the brake booster. The connections and hoses are primo and I did have to modify slightly when not connecting it to the stock air box. The AFE CAI being different than OEM. Other than that i smile every time i drain the chocolate milkshake gunk out of that thing that otherwise would have been baked on my valves.
  14. +1 on the tire pressure. Having 285/65/20 michelins able to go to 80psi I keep them at 45 and they roll incredibly well. As far as mileage ...plain and simple every POUND or KILO for some of you, you add takes more fuel to accelerate. So if a Tonnaeu weighs 80 lbs it takes X more fuel to set it in motion from a stop. If the aero it adds at highway speed is not enough to make up the difference it is a net loss of mileage. My own observation has been that the shorter bed on my current 17 has much less Aero issue than my old long bed Ford did so my guess is a cover lowers mileage slightly. During summer I also drop my spare tire in the garage and get a small mileage bonus also. To correct your mileage without tuning for tire size take the truck to highway speed ~75 and look at a GPS and note the ACTUAL speed and divide the two numbers GPS/DASH. Example: 79mph GPS / 75mph DASH = 1.053 (5.3%) and multiply your dash estimated mpg by that number for true MPG. ...this is BC with larger tires you are traveling farther than the dash is reporting.
  15. Not sure I'm buying GM's research 100%. Living In dry Arizona and towing a trailer I've seen the trans fluid heat up over waters boiling point. under these conditions i find it difficult to imagine how the dry atmosphere will not absorb water vapor boiled out of the tranny fluid. Yet my truck developed the shudder @25k and I am feeling it ever so slightly coming back occasionally just shy of 30k. IMO the new fluid is all about friction modifiers. With a TCC designed to almost constantly slip ~10% you are really beating up on the fluid. And similar to a limited slip diff it can chatter without the correct additives to stop it. Even with the correct additives package is the slipping TCC just beating the snot out of the fluid? is it just breaking it down too quickly?

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