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  1. put an 2x8 or 2x12 across the back of the bed into the slots that are there. Then throw a couple 40# bags of sand back there. That and having compliant suspension that squats a bit under acceleration will help shift weight onto the rear wheels. Good tire suggestions are Michelin. Raising the front or lowering rear (leveling) will also help.
  2. My 17 6.2 is in right now for injector/s. This is second time in 5k miles and as far i know it is under extended warranty ~40K miles. they will bill me $100 for the job.
  3. I don't know the part number they just told me it was the high pressure fuel lines needed with injector replacement on 2017 6.2l. With Millions of these units out there it is baffling to me they don't have parts somewhere? Reading other threads about failing injectors makes them high volume parts that should not be just in time ordered.
  4. Does anyone have any inside info when warranty parts will begin to show up at dealers? Had injector fail and it has been at the dealer a couple weeks. They don't have the fuel tubes to complete the repair and had no ETA for the part other than "Maybe when the strike is over"
  5. On the new truck you may want to look at getting a catch can early on. the gunk you'll drain from the can will not be on the TB or valves.
  6. If you have any kind of decent filter that is not dirt/dust from outside IMO. That looks like oily gunk from the engine. The light volotiles go through the engine leaving oily film behind. A catch can or as suggested venting thru a filter to atmosphere would help IMO. Try one of those and you should quickly tell the difference.
  7. If you go to the Camaro, Corvette or Cadillac forums you'll see similar complaints. The off throttle response is like a hay hauler. GM wont spend an extra nickel to refine throttle response of factory performance cars that could cross to our trucks. And with your attitude you prove them right not to do so.
  8. In another thread look for Soler Engineering throttle body. They take a stock throttle body and modify it to remove the part throttle lag No tune or black box needed. Ive done 2 vehicles now and both run silky smooth in what used to be laggy area.. Plus the company has been responsive and great to work with. They say the 5.3 tb is being worked on.
  9. I'm definitely not on meds or hallucinating. A new 18 CTSV From a stop or coasting at zero throttle you push for some power and get a momentary hesitation and then abrupt power as you push a bit more waiting for it to "HIT". That sort of response is not expected on a top of the line car. say what you will but smooth crisp response is what I got. The truck not as big of a deal but still part throttle was lazy. Maybe that refinement is lost on the types that see the throttle as an on/off switch.
  10. To People that scoff at disabling AFM, Using heavier oils or replacing thermostat with lower temp. This is exactly why we do these things... I'll probably get scoffed at for saying so All machines break down, It is the nature of nature and no manufacturer is immune from it . Especially as the machines complexity has gone through the roof.
  11. I put mine on yesterday morning in 10 minutes. As was said by OP the lazy part throttle operation is gone. The main purpose of the mod is a refinement of part throttle response. Large TB just has an inherent shortcoming that this mod fixes no tuner needed. I first put one on the supercharged CTSV on the strength of the posted literature. It completely fixed the muddy drivability it had so got one for the truck wit same great result.
  12. On 17 LTZ I replaced the rear OEM with Bilsteins a year ago and did the fronts last week ~40K on them and they are not harsh riding. The OEM were more mushy but when hitting a good bump they would hit hard and bottom out much easier. The new ones are more firm but when hitting the same bump definitely do it with less of an abrupt jarring thump. I am impressed with the ride they give and expect them to get a bit better after break in.
  13. the Borla site has sound clips. Starting up and taking off down the road. I got my Borla for free for letting them make a video. If you tow you may want to stay away from the more aggressive mufflers as the additional rpm the exhaust is really working and can be loud on a longer drive.
  14. I do agree i loved my first build book that was for a 454 with lots of glossy photos. you can thank the internet for not finding one. As was said the builder geniuses are in the forums and they'll help you if you ask nicely. No big glossy paper book needed.
  15. its simple, modern paint electrically deposited protects the metal very well, the liner protects the paint from rock chips that will let the salt get behind the paint. You're better off with the liners in even if they are covered in salt
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