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  1. If you go to the Camaro, Corvette or Cadillac forums you'll see similar complaints. The off throttle response is like a hay hauler. GM wont spend an extra nickel to refine throttle response of factory performance cars that could cross to our trucks. And with your attitude you prove them right not to do so.
  2. In another thread look for Soler Engineering throttle body. They take a stock throttle body and modify it to remove the part throttle lag No tune or black box needed. Ive done 2 vehicles now and both run silky smooth in what used to be laggy area.. Plus the company has been responsive and great to work with. They say the 5.3 tb is being worked on.
  3. I'm definitely not on meds or hallucinating. A new 18 CTSV From a stop or coasting at zero throttle you push for some power and get a momentary hesitation and then abrupt power as you push a bit more waiting for it to "HIT". That sort of response is not expected on a top of the line car. say what you will but smooth crisp response is what I got. The truck not as big of a deal but still part throttle was lazy. Maybe that refinement is lost on the types that see the throttle as an on/off switch.
  4. To People that scoff at disabling AFM, Using heavier oils or replacing thermostat with lower temp. This is exactly why we do these things... I'll probably get scoffed at for saying so All machines break down, It is the nature of nature and no manufacturer is immune from it . Especially as the machines complexity has gone through the roof.
  5. I put mine on yesterday morning in 10 minutes. As was said by OP the lazy part throttle operation is gone. The main purpose of the mod is a refinement of part throttle response. Large TB just has an inherent shortcoming that this mod fixes no tuner needed. I first put one on the supercharged CTSV on the strength of the posted literature. It completely fixed the muddy drivability it had so got one for the truck wit same great result.
  6. On 17 LTZ I replaced the rear OEM with Bilsteins a year ago and did the fronts last week ~40K on them and they are not harsh riding. The OEM were more mushy but when hitting a good bump they would hit hard and bottom out much easier. The new ones are more firm but when hitting the same bump definitely do it with less of an abrupt jarring thump. I am impressed with the ride they give and expect them to get a bit better after break in.
  7. I put one of these on the wife's 18 CTS-V and it does work well. Stock the car had a small hesitation at tip in and the light throttle cruising felt really lazy then would come on all at once if you pushed a bit further. The hesitation is gone now and light throttle is much tighter, smooth and responsive. This is not a go fast part it is to make part throttle more linear and refined and reduce abrupt transition into moderate throttle which IMO it does. I would like to see someone on here test it on their truck.
  8. the Borla site has sound clips. Starting up and taking off down the road. I got my Borla for free for letting them make a video. If you tow you may want to stay away from the more aggressive mufflers as the additional rpm the exhaust is really working and can be loud on a longer drive.
  9. I do agree i loved my first build book that was for a 454 with lots of glossy photos. you can thank the internet for not finding one. As was said the builder geniuses are in the forums and they'll help you if you ask nicely. No big glossy paper book needed.
  10. its simple, modern paint electrically deposited protects the metal very well, the liner protects the paint from rock chips that will let the salt get behind the paint. You're better off with the liners in even if they are covered in salt
  11. If you want to optimize for road handling or towing you may want to do front and back sway bars. Eibach makes a good set i installed and work great. A rear bar will also help stabilize while towing. I also installed a set of bags and when not towing and aired down i almost don't know they're there.
  12. ...you'll be driving along happily and fart ...the display will switch to a commercial about Gas-x and a button touch asking if you'd like your nav system to take you to the nearest store that carries it. You decide that's a great idea and accept. En route the stereo unexpectedly mutes your favorite track and Alexis's voice firmly states ..."please slow down Dave or i will be forced to contact the local authorities and your insurance carrier". ....Ummmm No thanks., Can you please just make a better stereo? the Bose is a good start.
  13. Its not just the tire size but also the weight difference. Larger heavier tires require more torque and the stock trans is calibrated for stock tires.IMO It will help if you went up 5% in tire size and 5% in weight to also calibrate your tire "Rotations per mile" down by similar value. Wont the dealer also adjust it for you? ...they do sell lifted oversize tire customs with warranty.
  14. If what you're after is additional amperage then additional voltage in tow/haul probably will not do you any good. The added voltage is there to keep the lights from dimming when the added harness length and lights/accessories of a trailer is present. These smartly controlled alternators output current to meet demand dynamically. If your continuous total current demand is higher than the max alternator output you should look for the HD version alternator like they put in tow trucks or maybe X500HD. Additional battery is a good idea if you just need to cover transient amperage demands.
  15. I'm sure your data on 0w20 says its great stuff. But 5w30 10w40 and 15w50 also is great stuff no?. 0w20 was created to attain increased fuel economy and It represents the minimum viscosity with a minimum of anti wear additives that will work in a modern engine in good condition. Then you add in additional heat with a higher tstat and go so far as to add variable louvers in front of the radiator to control how much cool air enters the radiator. again to drive up heat and efficiency. your motor is a running symphony till something goes a little wrong. Say you get some oil dilution with a leaky injector or a little extra blow by thru the rings or one of the collapsible DOD lifters doesn't UN-collapse when ordered to do so. then on your way home you get stuck on the I-10 for 2 hours in a traffic jam with the AC on max and the outside air temp is 114 degrees, pavement 140 and your thermostat is 206. Right about then it may strike you. If i had a little cooler thermostat and more stout 10w40 in there with a bit more wear additive the mechanicals under the hood of my mobile crematoria might have a bit more safety margin. Heat is a double edged sword. It can drive up efficiency but it also accelerates breakdown of all things. Simply put Heat accelerates entropy. Entropy being complete chaos which all things move toward. This is the reason light bulbs burn out and cars break down. Keep your heat high and use light oil like it says in the manual...its fine for you but I'll opt out.
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