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  1. Post your 2014+ wheel/tire set-up

    Question, what is your offset? Im looking at set of 17x8.5 with a 10 offset wonder if they will poke or be flush, thanks.
  2. Picture attached explains it, basically an adjustable closed end pipe that keeps the drone out with magic haha but it really does work you adjust it based on your final gear Rpm/speed on the freeway and adjust it till you hear little to no drone, mine came pre adjusted with the kit
  3. I tried the “keep the factory flapper” with a aftermarket muffler that claimed “no drone” however the 4cyl sound was horrible so I think our factory muffler also plays into how it sounds in 4cyl...I went with a cat back system from Solo Performance and I couldn’t be happier, sure there is still a bit 4cyl noise but not bad at all...Solo incorporates a J pipe before their muffler to deal with drone and it works very well.
  4. Guys i really really need your help. So recently i purchased a set of power tow mirrors from AutoBoost. My truck just has the standard power mirrors nothing fancy, so i bought the standard power tow mirrors to replace them. So last Saturday i get around to installing them everything is going great till i go to test them. I get the passenger side all bolted up and plug in the connector. I start playing with the mirror switch and all directions work but UP. Thought that was strange and maybe it was because i didn't have both installed? So i move on to the drivers side. Now after plugging in the drivers side its doing the same except when going left with the switch it will now move the passenger side and not the drivers side! I was loosing my mind trying to figure out what could have happend! I made sure everything was connected properly and made sure no wires were stretched/pinched ext... Anyone have any ideas??? I even took a video of what was going on and sent it to Autoboost. They told me they quality check every set they send out and it must be something i did.....Again ive gone over everything and still they don't function properly If anyone has any ideas i would very much so appreciate to hear them! Thank you
  5. What’s the part # on your rancheros?
  6. Got the Solo Performance exhaust on today, so far I’m in love! Short start up video https://youtu.be/p_fbk1pZWIQ
  7. Showed up today should have it on by tomorrow evening
  8. Hmmm My 2018 gives me a bit of a bounce but i think that's the lane on the freeway, have yet to feel this vibration and hope i don't ever feel it.
  9. I will for sure, supposed to be here this Thursday hope to have it on by the weekend
  10. So I just pulled the trigger on a system from Solo Performance, check it out... Go to there website as well they dont list our trucks but it is available https://solo-performance.com/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Chevrolet-Silverado-1500-GMC-Sierra-1500-Pickup-Dual-Exhaust-System-2014-2017/263786973113?hash=item3d6aedc7b9%3Ag%3Aw90AAOSwa~BYSyng&_sacat=0&_nkw=2017+Silverado+exhaust+solo&_from=R40&rt=nc&_trksid=m570.l1313&LH_TitleDesc=0
  11. Oh believe me I know ive had lots of trucks but im just at that age (36) where i dont want something annoying the crap out of me that i have to drive every day. There is always going to be drone its just depends on what you are willing to tolerate and everyone is different... This cherry bomb vortex when on the freeway is not horrible but its still there..turn on the A/C and the radio and boom its gone... I do about 40 miles a day on the freeway and here in California thats 70mph plus with the cruise control on which is prime speed for drone. On the streets no drone what so ever just the freeways.
  12. Had the Cherry Bomb Vortex put on yesterday. Had the resonator at the end removed and had them keep the 4cy mode valve/flapper. Not to happy with the sound, has a bit of rasp not sure if that's the tip or the muffler making the sound. Under 65mph you cant even really tell its back there, anything above 65mph you do get drone and that might just be because i have a 6 speed so around 70-75mph im nearly right at 2k rpm. Strange thing is i still get a bit of chop in 4cyl mode. Im wondering if they messed something up with the flapper valve. I have a Corsa system sitting in my shed from my 2015 Canyon that I had before the Silverado. Im thinking i might just take that Corsa muffler and have it put on ha. Oh well the trial and error continues for the elusive perfect exhaust...
  13. Oh man sorry to hear that, I picked up a Cherry bomb Vortex muffler, hoping to have it put on this afternoon and do a short video. Having the muffler shop keep the factory valve in front of the muffler as well as the rear resonator for now.. If it doesn’t drone and still sounds good I’ll keep it, depending on how you feel about the SLP
  14. This! Thank you I’m wanting to know the same thing...seems like a decent exhaust but can’t find any real world useful reviews of it...

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